Create Your Own Cardboard Climber with Catty Stacks BONUS GIVEAWAY

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

Here’s a fun new product that lets you create a customized climbing structure for your cats. It’s the Catty Stacks, designer cat house system. These super strong corrugated cardboard boxes can be connected in three dimensions to create all sorts of configurations for climbing, perching, playing, napping, and hiding. The nice folks at Catty Stacks sent us a set to test out and they were an instant hit. Here are Simba and Dee checking out the new play station:

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

The boxes ship flat and are really easy to set-up, just unfold and insert some tabs into slots and you’re ready to go. The special corner design allows you to clip the boxes together (clips are included) to create a nice sturdy structure. Once the boxes are clipped together, you can lift the whole stack to move it (just make sure there aren’t any cats inside!)

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

Holes on the side of the boxes allow kitties to enter and exit and connect from one box to the next. When two boxes are clipped together, you can remove a larger portion of the side panel to create a more spacious inner lounge area. When boxes are stacked on top of each other, the vertical access holes are staggered, making it easy for kitty to get her footing as she climbs up through the boxes. The thing I’m most impressed with is the strength of the double thickness cardboard. This is some of the strongest cardboard I’ve seen, so the Catty Stacks should last a long time.

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

There are a number of accessories you can purchase as add-ons for your Catty Stacks, including a crawl tube that connects between two boxes, special felt pillows for extra comfort, and an animation wand that connects easily to one of the accessory points and has a clip on the end to attach kitty’s favorite toy. Here’s Theo getting ready to attack the dangling toy:

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

The boxes come in light pink, chocolate brown, sky blue, pistachio green, and white, all printed with 100% soy-based inks. The cardboard used is also 100% recycled and recyclable. You can choose any combination of colors when ordering the boxes in kits ranging from one box for $17.99 US, to ten boxes for $129.99 US.

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers


Catty Stacks is giving away a six box set in the winner’s choice of colors! I guarantee your kitties will love Catty Stacks! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on July 12. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,230 Responses to “Create Your Own Cardboard Climber with Catty Stacks BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 1001

    As a freebie I’d love these, but I am constantly amazed at the high cost of cardboard cat beds/houses and scratching posts… do people have sweet little cats who don’t claw cardboard to bits in a matter of hours like mine do?

    The idea is great, and I now have something to do with the hundred or so book boxes I still have from our move…

  2. 1002

    Fun times!

  3. 1003

    so much better than the paper boxes i brought home from work!

  4. 1004

    ohhhh…my cats would love this!!!

  5. 1005

    I gotta admit this is a nifty idea–easy for parents and fun for critters. Having a number of furs who prefer (prefur??) cardboard for scratching makes these even better, since the boxes could be easily changed out after being mangled.

  6. 1006

    These are so cool!!! my Cats would go nuts for these!!!

  7. 1007
    Lana Kipling

    My cats would absolutely love these! I would love them too because they are so designed so well.

  8. 1008

    I plan on buying some of these! My cats love the boxes from Costco, and this would look much nicer!!!!!!!!

  9. 1009

    These are super fun. My cats would love climbing around in/on them. Plus they are easy to move and reconfigure, for endless variety and fun. Just hope they don’t pee or puke in them!

  10. 1010

    My kitties like it when i bring home a cardboard box for them. They would love this product!

  11. 1011

    These are amazing! Very mod, of course, but they are so much more functional than comparable cardboard-based play-structures. And I love that they come in multiple colors. I can just see my Jackson hiding in the tube!

  12. 1012

    Gosh, my 7 kitties would just adore these!

  13. 1013

    Looks like a lot of fun for the kitties! I love how customizable this is :)

  14. 1014

    I just tossed out my old cat tree. I’m so over the fleece covered trees. I think my cats would love to give this set a whirl.

  15. 1015

    Super cute. Looks like fun for the kitties!

  16. 1016
    Bashayer J.

    I would love to have them as much as my cat would. ;D

  17. 1017

    Love, love, love this design! My cats would go crazy over these boxes.

  18. 1018

    Would love to try out the sturdiness of these with my sweet boy.

  19. 1019

    Super fun. My girls would have a great time making different configurations for our kitty. Thanks.

  20. 1020
    Cissy Thorpe

    …another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas! Brilliant. My 2 girls are gonna love them!

  21. 1021

    Great ‘hidey-hole ‘ for my very shy Ragdoll!! She is always looking for new places to crawl into! These are very much the same idea as something Martha Stewart did on per program a few months ago…but her cat stacks pale in comparison with these!!!

  22. 1022

    Looks amazing!

  23. 1023

    Absolutely a fabulous idea. My cats would go crazy over these. Looks like hours of fun!

  24. 1024

    Am I the only one with kitties that think cardboard boxes are temporary disposable toilets?! I would love to give them something like this to play with but it would be peed on in the first 24hrs. I hope the winners have more use and time to enjoy!

  25. 1025

    I totally love this and am pretty certain my furballs will too! Thanks for another wonderful giveaway!! :-)

  26. 1026

    Very cool!

  27. 1027

    my cats love hiding place. he wants to be near her, and she wants some space. i think they’d really like a structure made out of these.

  28. 1028

    My cats would love these!

  29. 1029
  30. 1030

    Cute! My boys would love, love, love that!

  31. 1031

    Sloopy and Squeaks would love this!

  32. 1032

    Hope we win this one! Lots of love and purry hugs, George and Arthur X

  33. 1033

    My cats would go nuts over this :) I can’t bring a box into the house without them trying to turn it into a kitty castle.

  34. 1034

    Love it! My cat needs a refuge from the dogs!

  35. 1035

    Muffin would love these!!

  36. 1036

    so cute!! a surprise can be waiting at the top

  37. 1037
    Taryn Zychal

    As an eco friendly pet accessory designer myself, I’ve got to say, these are super cool and well thought out! I know my cat would love this!

  38. 1038

    Awesome customisable good looking cubby house!!!

  39. 1039
    Wendy J

    I like the catty stacks alot. I am sooo sure my cats would love them. They love to climb and attack each other through holes. The brown and green would go well in my house. Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope we win!

  40. 1040

    Boy, that looks like fun for kitties!

  41. 1041

    Three cats and six cardboard boxes equals nirvana!

  42. 1042


  43. 1043
    Karen R

    What a creative design my kitties would love.

  44. 1044

    I’m amazed at these and know that my babies (Maine Coons and Scottish Folds) would absolutely love them.

  45. 1045
    Beth F.

    These look super fun, but I wonder if kitties who like to scratch cardboard would tear these up?

  46. 1046

    I love this idea. Good for your cat and the environment!

    Hope I win!

  47. 1047

    love the design and the eco-friendliness!

  48. 1048

    All of my cats could play in a stack of these at one time–they’d love it. I love that they’re recyclable, too!

  49. 1049

    Cool – much better colors than plain cardboard!

  50. 1050

    My kitties will go nuts. My Ragdoll especially loves to hide almost everything, from the fridge to a shoe box.


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