Create Your Own Cardboard Climber with Catty Stacks BONUS GIVEAWAY

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

Here’s a fun new product that lets you create a customized climbing structure for your cats. It’s the Catty Stacks, designer cat house system. These super strong corrugated cardboard boxes can be connected in three dimensions to create all sorts of configurations for climbing, perching, playing, napping, and hiding. The nice folks at Catty Stacks sent us a set to test out and they were an instant hit. Here are Simba and Dee checking out the new play station:

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

The boxes ship flat and are really easy to set-up, just unfold and insert some tabs into slots and you’re ready to go. The special corner design allows you to clip the boxes together (clips are included) to create a nice sturdy structure. Once the boxes are clipped together, you can lift the whole stack to move it (just make sure there aren’t any cats inside!)

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

Holes on the side of the boxes allow kitties to enter and exit and connect from one box to the next. When two boxes are clipped together, you can remove a larger portion of the side panel to create a more spacious inner lounge area. When boxes are stacked on top of each other, the vertical access holes are staggered, making it easy for kitty to get her footing as she climbs up through the boxes. The thing I’m most impressed with is the strength of the double thickness cardboard. This is some of the strongest cardboard I’ve seen, so the Catty Stacks should last a long time.

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

There are a number of accessories you can purchase as add-ons for your Catty Stacks, including a crawl tube that connects between two boxes, special felt pillows for extra comfort, and an animation wand that connects easily to one of the accessory points and has a clip on the end to attach kitty’s favorite toy. Here’s Theo getting ready to attack the dangling toy:

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers

The boxes come in light pink, chocolate brown, sky blue, pistachio green, and white, all printed with 100% soy-based inks. The cardboard used is also 100% recycled and recyclable. You can choose any combination of colors when ordering the boxes in kits ranging from one box for $17.99 US, to ten boxes for $129.99 US.

Catty Stacks Cardboard Cat Climbers


Catty Stacks is giving away a six box set in the winner’s choice of colors! I guarantee your kitties will love Catty Stacks! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on July 12. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,230 Responses to “Create Your Own Cardboard Climber with Catty Stacks BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 1151

    Oh how my kitty would love to play and explore in these!

  2. 1152
    tung ton

    i wonder if my fat cat can fit in that…

  3. 1153

    Those are so cool and in a dark room, the brighter colors will make it look larger. Kittah will enjoy as well ;c)

  4. 1154
    Joana S

    Very interesting!! Sleek design, modern colors, and a great way to entertain and spoil my little loved one!! Love it – :)

  5. 1155

    I know my two would love these

  6. 1156

    these look awesome! xx

  7. 1157

    Moving soon and would love to use these in my new office!

  8. 1158

    These are really cool! I’ve let my cats play in boxes before, but these seem a lot stronger and more fun. I really like that the sides of the boxes can be taken off to make the interiors even larger.

  9. 1159
    Susan Rider

    This is such a great idea! Zucchini Rose and Sprout would have a blast chasing each other through the cubes!

  10. 1160

    Eco-friendly AND something I know the boys will love (they love cardboard boxes now)? PURRFECT!

  11. 1161

    This looks so cool!!

  12. 1162

    What a way to build fun.

  13. 1163


  14. 1164

    My cats would have a field day with this!

  15. 1165

    We have lots of rescue kitties that would absolutely love some furniture that they can climb and play on and not ruin! Fingers crossed for them!

  16. 1166

    I know my cat would love these. She currently owns a box that I got from the grocery store.

  17. 1167

    sweet! we’d love them!

  18. 1168

    love it!!!!

  19. 1169
    Aran M Cockburn

    Our cats would love these. We rescue cats from the local landfill, we did have ten cats yesterday morning, today we have twelve…lol
    Yesterday evening, Lyn who rescues feral cats and kittens and abandoned cats to find new homes for them brought me two kittens that had been abandoned in a box beside the road. A road crew almost ran over the box but luckily they didn’t. Inside were 2 beautiful silver and white tabbie girls… about 6-8 weeks old, just dumped like garbage beside the road…

    We always have cardboard boxes lying around for all our cats to play and hunt in.. they would love something like this..


  20. 1170

    What a great idea for the kitties!! Maxcy, Sophie & Missy would love to play!

  21. 1171

    My Merlin would LOVE these –and as a full-time student parent with a full-time student daughter, our budget only fits old boxes from Christmas, now….

  22. 1172

    Our Wally would love this! We are looking for a good play system for him now so he will stop climbing the 6 foot tall fake potted plant. Although he will probably keep trying to climb that, anyway.

  23. 1173

    My cats would like these.

  24. 1174

    Those look kinda fun. They look more durable than regular nylon cat tunnels.

  25. 1175
    Robin B

    My kitties love cardboard boxes — especially ones with holes to pop in and out of! I like the fact that the boxes can be reconfigured to keep things interesting and that they can be recycled should they get too damaged to use anymore!

  26. 1176

    how cute!My cats would love these!

  27. 1177
    Sarah L

    Our kitty loves cardboard. Those are too cute!

  28. 1178

    I love the colors! My kitty would love them.

  29. 1179

    Boxes! we love boxes

  30. 1180
    Rebecca O

    These are really awesome! Thanks for the chance. :)

  31. 1181

    Love the catty stacks and so would my 2 kitties.

  32. 1182
    Clare Forster

    Great product, and also environmentally friendly. My cat would love the fact that I could change it all round for her – she would never get bored.

  33. 1183

    Stacks of joy for kitty.

  34. 1184

    One of my babies loves cardboard more than catnip…. (she doesn’t think catnip is really “all that”) this would be her heaven on earth!!

  35. 1185
    Jennifer Simpson

    Clever idea! What cat wouldn’t love this!

  36. 1186

    This would be SO perfect for a FIVE cat household! Plus, they love boxes as much as they love food and catnip (and being pet/scratched/brushed and played with. I think it would be fun to have two each of the Snow White, Sky Blue and Tickled Pink.

    It would be great fun to see how the territorial dance would play out – and then to throw them a curve and change the arrangement !

  37. 1187

    My little guys would eat this up! I would hope not literally tho :P

  38. 1188

    My cats would love these. But I have a feeling my rabbits would love them just as much. Would be fun to watch all of them play in it.

  39. 1189

    What a fun idea – my cats would love this!

  40. 1190

    I can see my cats playing in these forever, right next to their cat tree! What a neat idea :)

  41. 1191
    marcella Norberto

    Babies would die for the pink pillow!!!

  42. 1192


  43. 1193

    I love these stackables and I know my cat Hera would like them too. These are so great!

  44. 1194

    so stylish & the cats would love them, too!

  45. 1195
    Norma Kafer

    These would keep my cats busy for a long time.

  46. 1196
    Laura Peil

    I love this idea! I would just flip to get a set of these. We have 3 older cats (11, 14, 15) and soon are getting 2 kittens. I believe young and old will enjoy!


  47. 1197

    I know my two kitties would love these boxes they love climing in and around things and seeing as we have 0 cat trees or loungers or anything i know they would be excstatic with these

  48. 1198
    Patruska Barreiro

    represent a non-governmental organization that cares for and houses 100 cats rescued from situations of abuse and violence, wonder if there is the possibility of giving this toy to the cats in our body? We are the Brazilian Association for the Protection of Animals and our shelter is in the state of Bahia. Thank you for your attention.

  49. 1199

    I would love this for my cats. especially Gin she loves to hide in places so I am always looking for things she can hide in. Cabinet, plastic bags, the the cats I have custom made have caves on them so she hides in them in the day and at night she is in the cabinet.

  50. 1200
    DJ Livingston

    My Neo (short for Neopolitan – a dilute calico) would absolutely love these boxes – she is crazy for cardboard (scratching, chewing, etc.).

    As a 12-year-old indoor cat with arthritis in her hips, her Catty Stacks would give her places to jump, hide and explore, without taking too much hip strain to get up off of the ground!

    As for me, I love the fact that they are foldable, renewable, flexible in set-up, and come in great colours. And the accessories would be a great addition. As girls, our DNA dictates that we must accessorize, after all …

    Heavenly – a product that we both would love!


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