New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

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Cat Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus

It’s time for another poll of the Moderncat readers! This time you’ll be helping the folks are Urban Pet Haus choose the top design for their new wall-mounted scratchers, plus they’d like to know what type of scratching materials you think your cats would prefer. Take a look at the designs below and then leave a comment on this post with the following:

  1. Which is your favorite design (Strip, Oct, Fall, or Circ)?
  2. What type of scratching material would your cats prefer (corrugated cardboard, sisal, carpet, other)?

One comment will be chosen in a random drawing on August 6 and the winner will receive a scratcher in the top design. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Thanks for your help!





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717 Responses to “New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!”

  1. 551

    My guys would like #3 (Fall) the best as they love to stretch out while up on their hind legs. Sisal would be their first choice to scratch upon!

  2. 552

    I like the Fall. There’s a nice amount of scratching space.
    Corrugated cardboard always winds up all over my floor, my guys don’t love carpet so the winner is: sisal!

  3. 553

    I think I’d like circ with carpet. My cats love to tear up our carpet, so it would be nice to redirect their attention to something made for scratching!

  4. 554

    We love the Fall!

    Mayya loves a nice, tight carpet. Threegood prefers cardboard.

    We both love sisal but mom hates the mess it makes and we wear it out too fast.


    Will refills be available? =

  5. 555

    I love #2 but not sure if my cat would like it. He would probably go for #3.

    Cute designs!

  6. 556
    Amy B

    my favorite is design #2—which is actually a hexagon.
    mrs who and mrs eaves like sisal.
    i hope i win! i really need a scratching post!

  7. 557
    Lisa Loo

    My heart went pitter pat at Strip. So unique and very cool. Reminds me of the old wooden phone booths at train stations. And since I have more than 1 kitty, there are enough spots for all of them to get their scratching done! Tight carpet seems to hold up the best for my ferocious beasts. Sisal is a close second but eventually they can rip it up and off whatever it’s attached to.

  8. 558
    Linda Shields

    Lucky and Taz say they would like circ 4 but they like Hemp Rope. Foxy says she’ll vote with the boys but she really likes carpet better. MOL

  9. 559

    Oct with sisal, hands down. I also like the subtle change in colors for the scratching surfaces

  10. 560

    I think the Oct. design is really attractive and my cats would probably prefer cardboard.

  11. 561

    I love Oct, and carpet or sisal for the scratching surface. Refills would be a plus!

  12. 562
    keli aiello

    It’s all about Fall…………Tall With the ability to stretch out!
    Love it……I think they would go nuts over this,,,,,,,,,,!

  13. 563

    I love the fall design, but the strip looks interesting too, we wish it had better pictures! We like the long surfaces to stretch out on too, and we think the green materials that show up on the picture are the prettiest! Sisal wins for design but I think cardboard would come in second, mom worries about a mess though like all the other moms out there. We can’t wait to try it!

  14. 564
    Leslie B.S.

    I definitely like Fall the best. And I’d go with their corrugated cardboard or carpet – it would be cool if the corrugated cardboard was replaceable.

  15. 565
    jadedea jade

    i like 3 fall cause i have 3 cats, though i doubt all three of them would simultaneously use it in some fashion.

  16. 566

    Fall is best for us, and Alice LOVES sisal to scratch on.

  17. 567

    I like #1 and my 3 boys all like cardboard….these are really neat!

  18. 568
    Angela Cash

    I love the minimalist design of the Strip scratcher. My cats adore both sisal and cardboard.

  19. 569

    I prefer the Oct design, and Niko would prefer a cardboard scratch area. These look wonderful!

  20. 570

    My favorite design is Strip. My cats would like the corrugated cardboard best, probably.

  21. 571

    1. fall–my cat won’t use his circular scratcher
    2. cardboard, fo’ sho’

  22. 572

    Given a choice, I would get some of the circular scratchers for my boys. I looove the look of those.
    Btw: I don’t think the strip scratcher is practical – how is the cat supposed to comfortably scratch when the thing is perperndicular to the wall?
    Akira likes only sisal and Ryuichi uses anything he can get his claws into…. So I don’t buy any carpet-based scratchers as this might give him the wrong idea! And I agree with one of the previous comments – it would be a good idea indeed if the scratching material could be replaced once worn out.
    (Since I am overseas, I think I cannot enter the drawing – although I would offer to pay for the shipping)

  23. 573

    I think the playful, randomness of the CIrc is unique especially if there are a few size & color options. Either Sisal or cardboard inserts that are easy to replace would be ideal.

  24. 574

    I like #3 I have an outdoor/indoor area rug in the LR that they love to use a a scratching post..these would be perfect!

  25. 575

    Hard choice but I have to go with the Oct (Hex?) and corrugated cardboard.

  26. 576

    I like the strip, but only because my cats would like the strip. ;) Cardboard is their purr-sonal favorite.

  27. 577
    Kathy Bean

    My rescue kitties would LOVE the 3 Fall for real “free fur all!” lol!
    Cardboard shreds more, so sisal or carpet would be THEIR CHOICE, with sisal being their absolute favorite! What a PURRFECT scratcher for kitties who are getting a 2nd chance at life!!

  28. 578
    10 cat Mom

    I like these.

  29. 579

    These are all lovely but I know my cats would prefer the fall with sisal – we make something similar ourselves but these are much more attractive!

  30. 580

    I love oct, but think fall would probably get more use. My kitties love all of those scratching options, though I don’t get carpet because I don’t want to encourage any scratching on other carpeted items.

  31. 581
    peggy w

    Our crew would love #1.

  32. 582
    Cole Williams

    Circ with sisal!

  33. 583

    1. Circle
    2. corrugated cardboard

  34. 584

    I’m digging the “strip” or “fall” style. I always like square or rectangular designs. I have a couple of big scratchers at my house and I know they’d love these. And I’d love it if they loved these more than the couch…

  35. 585
    Lisa Kimmerling

    #2 is definitely my fave. Darwin and Calypso would have a fit over these! :D

  36. 586

    I think sisal is the best material, with the fall being the best design.

  37. 587

    I like the Oct. It looks the best out of all the pattern and seems that it would fit in almost any moderned designed room! My cat uses all three scratchng surfaces. She dosen’t seem to have a preference? Yet!? (she’s only a year!)

  38. 588

    I like the Oct – it looks like something I would buy at Target just as wall decoration! I think my cats would like it with sisal, but they’re not too picky.

  39. 589
    Kris P

    These scratchers are so neat! I like Fall and really with my household of kitties, any material would get used.

  40. 590

    i like the octagon ones — sisal would probably be more appreciated

  41. 591

    I think my kitties would love the fall with cardboard. Lovely designs!

  42. 592
    Chelle M

    Fall and Corrugated cardboard are our choices.
    We have carpet and sisal as stand up scratcher toys and no more floor space.
    Those cardboard with cat nip claw strips move around too much to get a good scratch in!
    Thank you.

  43. 593

    Fall and sisal.

  44. 594
    Megan Brayton

    =^..^= My handsome man would like the Oct. He loves the feel of carpet, prefers that over any of his card board scratching inserts in his toys, any of these designs would be admired by kitties as they are vertical! Beautiful designs, the strip #1 might intrigue those with limited spaced! =^..^=

  45. 595
    michelle bembo

    I love number 4 the circ. What a good ideas these are my cats would be happy and so would i and they are really stylish.

  46. 596

    I’m thinking that the Fall would be the best. I think my cat would like the corrugated cardboard. It would be great if the texture could be exchanged/replaced.

  47. 597

    Number 2, Oct, with sisal! Very neat design!

  48. 598

    Hmmm. My cats would like them all, actually. I think they’d like the FALL best as a pure scratcher, but — depending on how far apart the STRIPS were spaced — they’d also love them as they could climb AND scratch.

    If it were me, I’d pick the one with the lowest manufacturing cost, as most cool cat scratchers are too EXPENSIVE for us rank and file types. There are plentiful beautiful and expensive cat scratchers on the market, but hardly any affordable ones.

  49. 599

    i personally like #2 but my cats would go for #3 ‘fall’ with carpet or cardboard

  50. 600

    the kittyboys would prefer the fall shape in cardboard.

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