New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

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Cat Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus

It’s time for another poll of the Moderncat readers! This time you’ll be helping the folks are Urban Pet Haus choose the top design for their new wall-mounted scratchers, plus they’d like to know what type of scratching materials you think your cats would prefer. Take a look at the designs below and then leave a comment on this post with the following:

  1. Which is your favorite design (Strip, Oct, Fall, or Circ)?
  2. What type of scratching material would your cats prefer (corrugated cardboard, sisal, carpet, other)?

One comment will be chosen in a random drawing on August 6 and the winner will receive a scratcher in the top design. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Thanks for your help!





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717 Responses to “New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!”

  1. 601
    Lisa D

    I like #3, the Fall style. It’s got enough scratching surface to satisfy, and a simple and elegant form.

  2. 602

    i love the strip design! sisal or carpet would both work great.

  3. 603

    I think the Fall design in sisal would be best for my cats– they love the texture (and I love it because it doesn’t make a mess like cardboard can). What a nice looking scratcher!

  4. 604

    Of course, the fall has the biggest surface. Sisal is probably the best material, although if there is replacements available, cardboard would be good, too.

  5. 605

    (1) fall (2) strip
    My cat likes cardboard–and the sisal rug on the floor, but he will not touch the more tightly woven sisal scratching post!

  6. 606

    i can’t choose between oct and circ! they’re both quite cute and chic. either of them would look very snazzy in my room :D

    i think my cats would like sisal, then corrugated cardboard, and then carpet. if there is an “other”, then “sofa material” would go as #1 hahaha. can’t even tell you what “sofa material” is, other than the fact that they could all be different, but they love it

  7. 607

    I think fall is the best design. It gives them enough height so that they can have a good stretch up and a decent scratch. But they all look great!
    And my cats prefer Sisal but only ever slightly

  8. 608
  9. 609

    Oh, my cats would like the Fall and the best for them is wallpaper ;) next one is a carpet.

  10. 610

    I would have to say i like the oct better…… seems to look like art….well, until someone seems the cats clawing it. then they might freak out….
    this would be great for conversations…..

  11. 611
    Jess W

    I like the Oct. I know that my Josie loves cardboard so we haven’t bothered to try other scratcher materials yet.

  12. 612

    Asthetically, for ME I love the design of the OCT. HOWEVER this is NOT for MY taste, but my 4 beloved kitties, Omar, Mingus, Hemi and Stasho, THEY WOULD LOVE THE “STRIP”! This is an easy one, because they are all uniform in size and VERTICAL looking. EVERYONE has to be EQUAL. MY csts, wouldn’t really like OCT, because each one would want the SAME as the others. The OCT and Circle are different sizes. Mine would either ALL use JUST ONE (which defeats the purpose of having the cool different geometric shape size, because only ONE would be worn out!) or they wouldn’t use it AT ALL. Sisal!

  13. 613

    My favorite design is fall. My cats like carpet the best (a tight commercial carpet) and sisal.

  14. 614

    I like circ the best, it’d be fun to make little designs with the dots. My cat likes cardboard scratchers the best, and I like when they can be affordably replaced when they start looking shabby.

  15. 615

    Oct is the one! And sisal. Cardboard makes such a mess! And sisal makes a sound they seem to like.

  16. 616

    1. Either Strip or Fall, I can’t decide between the two.
    2. Corregated card board for sure! My cats go nuts for that stuff!

  17. 617

    1. Fall
    2. Carpet

  18. 618
    Kerry Winger

    I love the Octogon and my boys would love anything they can dig their claws into but I would have to say their favorite is cardboard.

  19. 619
    Marci P

    I love the fall, and the strip is pretty cool too. My guys prefer to scratch cardboard.

  20. 620

    Fall – cardboard

  21. 621

    I prefer the look of the hexagon, but I think my cat would probably be more into the strip. I can just see her rolling around under it in the midst of attacking it. Definitely with sisal. Cardboard would need to be replaced too often, and carpet wouldn’t look attractive in such a modern fixture.

  22. 622
    Lora Bretz

    I LOVE #1 – The Strip or #3 – The Fall in cardboard or carpet…
    Coco would have a ball with either design.

  23. 623

    1. Fall
    2. Carpet (cardboard would work, but possibly too messy!)

    Love the ideas!!

  24. 624

    I like OCT

  25. 625

    The Fall design will allow the kitties to reach upward-my cat loves this position.

  26. 626

    I love these! I like #3 Fall with sisal.

  27. 627

    I love the modern look of these and that they can go on the wall (saves much needed floor space). My favorite is the oct and I would definitely go with sisal.

  28. 628

    My brood of four would prefer the “Fall” design with Sisal — they love to scratch on the sisal!

  29. 629

    I like the retro look of the Oct2 and, although my cats would prefer corrugated cardboard, it makes a mess, so I’d go for carpet.

  30. 630

    i love the circ in green!! our cats are into destroying furniture and carpet, so carpet is definitely the way to go!

  31. 631

    I definitely like Oct2 the best, and my kitties would prefer the corrugated cardboard or the sisal, with corrugated cardboard being their favorite. Maybe we will win!

  32. 632
    dave i.

    these look really cool. i think the strip would be my favorite, b/c it’s two sided, which means my cats would deff have some peek-a-boo action with it, but the other designs look great as well.

    my cats would probably do best with carpet, cuz it might help them leave mine alone! lol

    i love all these wall-mountable, stylish, cat-friendly things that folks are coming up with!

  33. 633

    Circ + Sisal all the way!

  34. 634
    Edward Sonnenschein

    The Oct Sissal is the unanimous vote of the Bengals. They told me they need some new scratching materials. Please help them.

  35. 635
    Sean Sonnenschein

    I really like the look of these. My favorite is the Oct Sisal – i thiknk my blues would really have a great time with this.

  36. 636

    i like number 2 with carpet or sisal

  37. 637

    I think all the designs are nice, but the circle is my personal favorite. Also, my cats prefer carpet sisal as their preferred choice of material. Corrugated cardboard is a close second. :)

  38. 638

    I like the circ. It would be a lot of fun to put a bunch of them up, and you could put them at different heights for different scratching options.

  39. 639
    Lori C

    It’s hard to choose because I like them all, but if I had to have one stand-alone item, it would have to be #4 Circ. My cats prefer scratching on sisal, but it looks so terrible when it’s all scratched up. Might prefer carpet or cardboard for something like this then.

  40. 640

    I love the octagon – I haven’t seen anything similar and its fun and funky – but I think my cats would prefer the “Fall” design. My cats and I both agree on sisal as the best scratching material – they like to scratch it and it doesn’t leave the mess cardboard or carpet can.

  41. 641

    I love the Circles!! I’d say sisal or carpet.

  42. 642

    #3 Fall with carpet would be the pick of our household

  43. 643

    I like the Hexagons (Oct) but I think Fall will actually be used by my cats, and I would like it in sisal – I think corrugated cardboard would not last too long.

  44. 644

    I love the design of #3 fall – simple and modern with clean lines. This would fit right in with our cat whose favourite material is sisal.

  45. 645

    #3: Fall – sisal rope for sure. The design itself is beautiful, and Fall with Sisal would be highly functional

  46. 646
    kathy johnson

    We like the octo. Bright red carpet would be great. Seymore seems to love bright reds. And would look cool on the wall.

  47. 647
    Darrell Becker

    I prefer the Fall design. My crew of cats would probably most go for carpet then sisal as the material of choice.

  48. 648

    I really love the circle design because I could put it up on the wall near fave sitting locations and it would look nice.
    At my house we have three votes carpet to one vote cardboard. To each cat his own.

  49. 649

    Personally, I prefer the look of the Octagon on the wall. My cats all prefer sisal, although they would choose carpet as a second possibility.
    Great designs!

  50. 650
    Stephanie G

    I’d say the strip (most practical for my big boys) and my cats actually prefer felted wool to scratch!

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