New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

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Cat Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus

It’s time for another poll of the Moderncat readers! This time you’ll be helping the folks are Urban Pet Haus choose the top design for their new wall-mounted scratchers, plus they’d like to know what type of scratching materials you think your cats would prefer. Take a look at the designs below and then leave a comment on this post with the following:

  1. Which is your favorite design (Strip, Oct, Fall, or Circ)?
  2. What type of scratching material would your cats prefer (corrugated cardboard, sisal, carpet, other)?

One comment will be chosen in a random drawing on August 6 and the winner will receive a scratcher in the top design. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Thanks for your help!





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717 Responses to “New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!”

  1. 651
    Tania Solomon

    I think the circles are my fave (although the hex are cute too). My house is retro mid-century mod and I think they would look best. I am shopping in advance of adopting my ocicat kitten (I am waiting to be matched on a waiting list) so I don’t know what surface she will like best. I would guess sisal or carpet…

  2. 652

    The Fall….it’s my favorite season. Carpet!!

  3. 653

    My cat would love the cardboard, and I would love the octagon…it has a lot of area around the scratching spot to collect stray pieces of cardboard!

  4. 654

    I love the strip! I think it’s very functional. The shape of thr octogon is my favorite, but I can’t see it as being as functional. My cats will pretty much only scratch the cardboard.

  5. 655

    I love how the octagon looks but I would have to pick the fall one. Practical yet still elegant. Kudos to the designers!

    I’d also go with sisal – it lasts so much longer than cardboard and carpet and is much less messy.

  6. 656
    susan scott

    I think the octagon ones are sharp looking. My cats love both sisal and carpet.. probably carpet best, I suppose

  7. 657

    Love the Circ.. Bellz and Royce prefer cardboard over carpet!

  8. 658

    I think my kitty would like the strip the best and the sisal is absolutely the best material!

  9. 659
    Jen Gallant

    Newf could definitely use this!

  10. 660

    Visually I prefer the octagon, but my cats would probably prefer fall. They like all the surfaces listed, but might be mostly likely to use a wall scratcher made with sisal. If carpet is used, they like berber rather than plush.

  11. 661

    I like the looks of the octo, but without a doubt my cats would prefer to use the fall, in carpet

  12. 662

    The fall with sisal is what I currently have but the strip looks really interesting.

  13. 663

    It’s a toss up between Oct and Circ for me. My cat seems to like sisal or carpet best. He just hasn’t shown an intersted in cardboard yet, but he’s only 13 weeks old so maybe that will change. These are really cool!!

  14. 664
    Heather Anderson

    1. Fave design: Strip. The cats may be able to perch on top.
    2. My cats prefer sisal, and then cardboard.

  15. 665

    The Oct it totally my favorite! My cat likes the cardboard best.

  16. 666

    The Fall design caught my eye right away and appealed to me the most. Such a wide surface, and it also looks pretty for any house decor.

    My cats prefer sisal.

    Thanks for letting us offer our opinions!

  17. 667

    I like No. 1 – Strip the best, with sisal. The double sided design seems very practical and it looks like it could lay flat on the floor as an alternative to wall mounting. Or even ramped to the wall w/study anchors and mounting hardware. But they all look nice!

  18. 668

    My kitties would love 3) fall design with sisal to scratch on!

  19. 669

    These are great- my cat and I both vote for the strip in cardboard!

  20. 670

    I like all of them but I like the Fall one the best and I like Sisal and then carboard. Cool idea.

  21. 671

    I love the octagon shape and it’s gotta be sisal rope! My cats LOVE sisal.

  22. 672

    1. Fave design: Fall, with Strip a close second
    2. Material: sisal then cardboard

    Since my kitties like to stretch, I think that Fall would be the best design. My girls are all different ages and sizes so this would give them all a chance to stretch out to their level of ability (the 15 year olds don’t stretch quite as strongly as the 4 year olds). The Strip design is a close second because a previous comment stated that the cats may be able to perch on it, I just worry that my limited carpenter abilities would cause a problem trying to hang it up. I would like the sisal since I think it would last the longest, but some of my girls love cardboard. Carpet is out since most carpet has a lot of chemicals that I don’t want my cats accidentally ingesting. Thank you for asking my opinion.

  23. 673
    Mary Kay

    I really love all of them but I think that Oct and Circ are my favorite. I think it would look really cool to have Fall and Oct and Circ mixed together as wall decor. That way, the kitties could choose :-)

    My kitties seem to prefer corrugated cardboard and then carpet.

  24. 674

    I prefer fall, and kitty would prefer cardboard to scratch on.

  25. 675

    I like the Oct!

  26. 676
    Abby Watson

    I love the circle and zoe loves cardboard

  27. 677

    I think my favourite design is Oct. And my cat would prefer cardboard as the scratch board. My kitty would definely love this!

  28. 678
    Jacqueline Deely

    Octagon for me!

  29. 679

    My favorite shape is the octogon. Both of my cats like to use carpet scratchers. My second material choice would be cardboard, but one of my cats is more interested in eating it than scratching it.

  30. 680
    Zoe Kane

    1) The Fall #3 design is my fave as it looks the most comfortable to use–even for short cats.
    2) My kitties love both cardboard and sisal equally.

  31. 681

    I like the Oct design best. My kitties say they like carpet scratchers best, with sisal second favorite. They also like my cocoa mat!

  32. 682
    Karen T

    Oct design is my favorite. My cats like sisal, but are quite happy scratching the carpet too.

  33. 683

    I like the circles, and my kitty loves scratching on cardboard!

  34. 684
    Lara Figueroa

    I love aesthetic cat scratchers!!! They are all awesome but I’d have to say that #2, Oct is my favorite. It should be called Hex, for hexagon! Though I guess that might sound too ominous to sell. I am not exactly sure which material my cats would prefer… they don’t generally scratch carpet very much & I’m not a fan of how corrugated cardboard ends up looking, so I’m gonna go with sisal or “other” (though I’m not sure what “other” is). So Suki, Aki, and I would like the Oct design, with sisal (or “other,” lol) material. I’d LOVE to someday be able to fill a wall with these in an interlocking pattern!

    Thanks Modern Cat & Urban Pet Haus!

  35. 685

    First let me say I love Moderncat for bringing us all the coolest modern cat furniture & accessories etc. that I never see in the petstores. It’s such a relief that I don’t have to have an ugly home just because I have a cat.

    These scratchers will give my cat something other than my modern sofa to scratch!

    1. I think circ #4 is the most retro modern so that is my favorite design.

    2. My cat likes sisal the best. She completely ignores cardboard scratchers & I don’t know any cat that likes carpet scratchers.

  36. 686

    I like the “fall” design, and my cats would prefer sisal!

  37. 687

    Una cat likes the fall design and Mr. Poulaine won’t complain if he scratches cardboard.

  38. 688

    I prefer Fall with sisal. I like vertical lines to bring the eye upwards – I think it makes my 8 foot ceilings feel higher. Also, I definitely prefer sisal. With 5 wonderful cats, I can tell you that worn carpet is NOT a pretty sight nor is worn cardboard. Sisal looks the best even after extensive use.

  39. 689

    1. The strip definitely. It is functional enough that you add a shelf above it either also for the kitties or for storage. The circles look really nice but are not as functional also putting them higher puts them put of kitty reach. So having them all low to the ground would not look as nice.
    2. Sisal for sure. Cardboard as much as they like the one I made them gets everywhere and it doesn”t take them long to completely decimate a piece of carpet and then think it is okay to scratch the one on the floor.

  40. 690

    I love the circles, and sisal definitely!

  41. 691

    I like the octagonal in sisal. My cats would love this!

  42. 692

    I am torn between the circles and the octagons as being my favorite. I’ve decorated in polkadots so I for my own purposes I would love those circles. And sisal all the way!

  43. 693
    mary olen

    It is a toss up between Circ and Fall. They are very attractive–art with a purpose. I love that!

  44. 694

    Oct is my favorite. And as far as what material…well, that is not hard to answer. One of each would be great. My cats love carpet, cardboard and sisal.

  45. 695
    Tanya R

    1. favorite design: I love the look of the Oct but I find the Strip and Fall far more practical. I can see my cats scratching on an Oct or Circ and working their way down onto my walls. >:(

    I love the way the Strip is away from the wall and the length of both Strip and Fall so either of those would work for my cats. I think overall Fall is my fav being so wide as well as long.

    2. type of scratching material: I dislike carpet covered scratchers as the cats tend to go after other carpeted surfaces with carpet scratchers around and looks like hell after a while of use. Plus I’d had cats get nails caught in the strings from carpet that has deteriorated, not a fun time.

    Most of my cats tend to not want to use sisal (though it may have been the rubbish scratcher I bought that it was on when testing sisal because wrapping rope around basement support posts has attracted scratching) but I’d be willing to give that material another shot with a superior scratcher like this. Plus it lasts longer and doesn’t look as ratty when used for a while.

    My cats love corrugated cardboard. Only thing I don’t like with the cardboard is the bits of cardboard everywhere from use and having to replace the cardboard as they go through it really fast. Can these even have the cardboard taken out and replaced? If not then I’d have to turn down the cardboard.

  46. 696

    Fall with sisal. Just what I’ve been looking for!!!

  47. 697

    I think the fall would be more pratical with my cats. They love both cardboard & sisal. I love this idea so would my cats!!!

  48. 698

    octagonal in sisal! love it!

  49. 699

    I prefer the oct, but I really like the wood choice on the fall (I’d like the fall more if the wood frame went all the way around the scratching surface). I think the oct looks best when there are multiple ones on the wall together so there should be some kind of deal for multiple purchases. My cats will scratch sisal material (not the rope), which I prefer, and cardboard.

  50. 700

    I love the Strip, but I think the Fall would be more practical for my small home.
    The best covering I can think of would be potato sacking. My cats just love the rough texture.

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