New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

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Cat Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus

It’s time for another poll of the Moderncat readers! This time you’ll be helping the folks are Urban Pet Haus choose the top design for their new wall-mounted scratchers, plus they’d like to know what type of scratching materials you think your cats would prefer. Take a look at the designs below and then leave a comment on this post with the following:

  1. Which is your favorite design (Strip, Oct, Fall, or Circ)?
  2. What type of scratching material would your cats prefer (corrugated cardboard, sisal, carpet, other)?

One comment will be chosen in a random drawing on August 6 and the winner will receive a scratcher in the top design. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Thanks for your help!





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717 Responses to “New Wall Scratchers from Urban Pet Haus, Vote For Your Favorite Design and Enter to Win!”

  1. 100
    Amy Jaslow

    So hard to choose. I am going to select the strip simply because a cat can be on each side scratching. I also see possible boxing matches with the strip between my two who love to play box.

  2. 101

    I think my bentley and leo would like the Octogon w/ carpet, They have 3 carpeted mushroom shaped trees that allows them to really get their claws into. :D

  3. 102
    Glenda Hunt

    I would like “Fall” because it’s minimalistic vibe would go with my decor, but my cats would like “Strip” because it looks like something they SHOULDN’T be scratching on — and they like to be naughty when I’m not looking. So, they’d prefer Strip. Either way, they need something to scratch on other than my curtains! Please pick me for the sake of my house.

  4. 103

    Absolutely love these they are so modern. This means my bed,carpet and curtains could be safe.
    Very nice designs. I need lots of these. :)

  5. 104

    The “Fall” in sisal would be super for my kitties. Hopefully it would be a good alternative to the sofa arm!

  6. 105

    Definitely Octogon. Amazing! My cat loves cardboard.

  7. 106

    i really like the fall design. my kitty really needs some new places to scratch…

  8. 107

    Forgot to vote…I love the circles.

  9. 108

    Fall looks like the most cat-friendly design and my guys would vote unanimously for sisal. This is a great idea for the wall climbing activities that come with the evening energy rush.

  10. 109

    I like the Fall the best although I believe my furballs would love anything that they could scratch up on my walls.

  11. 110

    I absolutely think this is the greatest scratcher design I’ve seen yet!
    It’s minimal & the wall mounting is fantastic.
    Cardboard would be horrible as it makes the worst mess- sisal or carpet would be my choice.
    As for the design- I like the circles.

    I so need these right now.

    Can’t wait for them to become available.

  12. 111

    As a human, I like the Oct pattern, especially for creating a fun design on the wall for 4 cats. As for the kitties, mine have certain fabrics they like to “hang 8″ on and stretch back. so I think they would enjoy pulling claws on a carpeted inset more than on cardboard. They are quickly bored with cardboard unless treated with catnip.

  13. 112

    I like oct, but my cat prefer fall :) though i try to make her sisal scratchers, she likes carton Oo

  14. 113

    Octogon for sure! LOVE IT! And so would my Lulu

  15. 114

    This is a case of there’s no bad choice. But if I had to choose I love the octagons. And I know my cats will always choose cardboard.

  16. 115

    I love the look of the Oct but know that my three would be more apt to use the Fall (so if I were buying that is what I would get). I have one cat that prefers cardboard, one that prefers sisal and one that is non-discriminatory (although I’m lucky and none of them use the furniture).

  17. 116

    I think my kitty would prefer the Fall in sisal. It would give her plenty of room to stretch out and looks easier to install than the Strip. I don’t buy carpet-covered scratching posts so that it’s not confusing for her- she’s not allowed to scratch carpet anywhere else.

  18. 117

    I think the fall is the best one.. I know my cats stretch up the wall and if I had one that was long and narrow it would catch those little claws inside.

    Both my cats prefer Sisal. They seems to scratch more at the posts we have then on the furniture- I think it feels good on their toes. I have used the cardboard ones before and they just make a mess and the cats want to munch on the bit of cardboard that scratch off ! They sure don’t need anymore fiber !

    Best Regards !
    Doc & Rosie’s Mom

  19. 118

    love the fall design!!

  20. 119

    Fall + Sisal will be the best combination for my girl:)

  21. 120
    Maria Blank

    I like, 4 circles in corrugated. I know Liz and Zane would love them.

  22. 121

    I like the oct design. My cat definitely prefers the supple and satisfying texture of carpet for his nail sharpening pleasure.

  23. 122

    love the octogon! I love the different colors! We are into the cardboard!!Such a great design.

  24. 123

    Wow I really love the strip design it’s so simple and elegant. My cats love cardboard but I hate cleaning up all the little bits off the floor so I would have to say carpet. They also really like scratching soft wood.

  25. 124

    Fall would work best for our cats and our decor. And they prefer sisal to other materials.

  26. 125

    I like the Fall. It is very interesting.

  27. 126

    Great ModernCat design on these! I like “fall” — simple and stylish. I’m waffling between sisal and carpet…OK, Fall in Carpet!! Pick me, pick me, pick me…. ;)

  28. 127
    Sandra B

    I would have to say that #3 in sisal would be my and my kittes favourite….room to reach up and stretch…..

  29. 128

    I like the circles. Both my kitties love cardboard, though one also likes sisal. No carpet though, that just teaches them bad habits.

  30. 129
    kate t

    the Octo is SOOO COOL! My cats love cardboard. they havent tried sisal.

  31. 130
    Becki M

    strip, berber carpet

  32. 131

    1. One of my cats loves to try to climb the walls, so Fall gets my vote.
    2. Sisal is the preferred scratching material for my three cats, though they like carpet and cardboard too.

  33. 132

    I’m sure my cats would love Oct!

  34. 133

    Very hard to choose. I like Circ, Strip, and Fall (in that order). I think my cat might like Fall best. He likes sisal, but we have never tried corrugated cardboard.

  35. 134

    fall, sisal

  36. 135

    My cat, Timely likes the circ

  37. 136
    Kendel M

    My favorite is the oct. My cats like all sorts of surfaces especially the couch but I wish they would prefer cardboard or sisal.

  38. 137

    Great design ideas!

    I like all of them but would pick the fall design as my favorite. For material I think woven sisal material makes for great scratching areas. Cardbosrd would be my last choice.

  39. 138

    I think the Fall would be my favorite. It would blend in best for me and have the largest surface for my cats to scratch. Thanks for offering this!

  40. 139

    I think most of my kitties would agree with me on the “fall” one with sisal being the first choice of material, carpet the second choice.

  41. 140

    I would like the octogon but I won’t be scratching on them.

    So my vote is for my cats – 1strip

  42. 141

    Wow! Neat design!

    1. Which is your favorite design (Strip, Oct, Fall, or Circ)? Personally, I like them all and in a multi cat house like ours scratching surfaces are hard to come by. Surfaces that the cats CAN scratch that is. If I can talk my husband into it it would be nice to use a different shape in each room for the cats and to accent the room.

    2. What type of scratching material would your cats prefer (corrugated cardboard, sisal, carpet, other)?
    My cats prefer my couch to scratch. Lately they have been using the berber carpet rug under their litterboxes. In the past they have used all the materials and seem to enjoy them. I do have to say that sisal weaves are not their favorites. They like the wrapped sisal like on a post.

    I know my cats, Bailey, Jamison, Dori and Lillian would love these as would I!

  43. 142

    I’d go for the ‘Fall’ design. I can see my cats stretched up to get to these scratchere. Very cool.

  44. 143

    I vote for the fall or the stripe, I think my cats would love either. I think they both look great. Definitely would want to see the scratching surface done in sisal!

  45. 144
    sandy c

    the “fall” would almost look like art! cardboard all the way!

  46. 145

    Fall, corrugated cardboard

  47. 146

    I love the Octo but I think my cats would love the Fall the best! Hmm, sisal or carpet? I’d have to go with sisal!

  48. 147

    Strip is my favorite, and if it was cardboard, it’d be my cats’ favorite as well.

  49. 148

    I love the Octo designs. As much as my cats love the cardboard material, it’s so messy so my personal choice would be sisal.

  50. 149
    Stacey Goldman

    I like 3 fall. My cats would love it too. I have Siamese and they love to scratch.

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