Moderncat August Giveaway: Eco-friendly Handcrafted Cat Tree from Mountain Cat Trees


Tree-hugging moderncats rejoice! This month we’ve got a great giveaway just for you! The wonderful folks over at Mountain Cat Trees are offering one of their beautiful, eco-friendly, handcrafted cat trees for the monthly giveaway. I first wrote about Mountain Cat Trees last year, and showed you all of their wonderful scratchers and cat trees made of natural materials that kitties love. They use real trees with the bark removed and natural sisal. Everything is handmade in Massachusetts using trees that are locally harvested from downed trees or timber cutting and forest management. Now that’s really green!

Mountain Cat Trees

Mountain Cat Trees is offering a 36-inch two-level cat tree (retail value $155) to one lucky winner. To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please leave a comment on this post. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on August 31. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only.

Mountain Cat Trees

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1,216 Responses to “Moderncat August Giveaway: Eco-friendly Handcrafted Cat Tree from Mountain Cat Trees”

  1. 1101

    Very cool!! I could use this in my house :)

  2. 1102

    My kitties love their cat tree! I think it is possibly the BEST thing you can give them. I’m sure that they would love one of these trees too. What an added bonus that Mountain Cat Trees make theirs eco-friendly :)

  3. 1103

    I love this tree! Wish everything in my house could be eco-friendly, but it’s hard to convince my cats to use the toilet and leave kitty litter behind! lol

  4. 1104

    this would be the perfect perch for my Stinky. its even sized just right for our tiny house! i love it!

  5. 1105

    Nice product, my 3 cats would love this!!!

  6. 1106
    Meghan W


  7. 1107

    My boy would love having a stretch whilst doing his nails and then hop up for a nap!

  8. 1108

    I really, really like the Mountain Cat Trees! They are so pretty.

  9. 1109
    Catherine Fleming

    I ama “tree-hugger” so this would be perfect for my eco-kitties!

  10. 1110

    the gang needs a new climbing perch to watch the birdies outside from!

  11. 1111
    Diane L

    These cat trees are wonderful!! I can attest that fact since I have the 54 inch tall ones. Since our two cats just love it, we are considering getting them a second one for another room. My home is very eco-conscious. My furniture and flooring are composed of natural materials.

  12. 1112

    Love it!!! need it,cats would love it!!!!!!

  13. 1113
    Cathy Thornburn

    Great, no carpet. I love it and much better for the cats.

  14. 1114

    nice, i’m sure my cat will love it!

  15. 1115

    I love, my cats would love. No more carpet pieces to pick up after them.

  16. 1116
    Gail Cinninger

    Beautiful natural look! My 5 cats would go crazy for it! All my feline loving friends must see this one!

  17. 1117

    this might keep my youngest cat from destroying my carpet! lol

  18. 1118
    christine buxton

    the trees are the next bext thing to sliced bread. My cat felix simply adores the tree.

  19. 1119
    Daniel Gaunt

    might keeps my cats out of mischief for a minute or two!!

  20. 1120

    We love how natural these look!

  21. 1121

    Kipper and Jasmine will be fighting for this one :)

  22. 1122

    I would love to win this for my cats Tabby and Tammy! They’re forever scratching on things inside rather than outside! I can see them falling in love with this cat tree!

  23. 1123

    My w tabbies cats Pamina & Sophie would love a tree like this–no more scratched furniture…

  24. 1124
    Rita Dean

    What cat wouldn’t love this to scratch and climb!!

  25. 1125
    Stephen R

    This looks great! I know a friend who has one of these and their cat loves it!!!

  26. 1126
  27. 1127
    Meagen Wilson

    My mom just adopted one of our “abandoned strays” and he is past due for a scratcher as she has informed me he is scratching up her furniture! We could use this!

  28. 1128

    Oooh! I want it! My two little guys could seriously use something to perch and scratch on!

  29. 1129
    Wendy J

    way to go green I love it!

  30. 1130

    love how easy to keep clean these look! just what I need for my “sensitive tummy” kits!

  31. 1131

    This would be perfect for us, as we’re having a hard time creating something like this DIY but desperately need some interesting furniture for our indoor kitty.

  32. 1132

    I love that this doesn’t have carpet! I think my cats would really enjoy this!

  33. 1133

    Tiny Panther will loooove this!

  34. 1134
    liz denial

    My 5 cats would love this & hopefully it would save my newly reupholstered suite from being ruined

  35. 1135
    Nicola T

    Looks great, might stop my cats from scrathing the banisters instead of the scratch post!

  36. 1136
    Janet Coverdale

    Ideal for Pickles who loves to scrat, especially the carpets

  37. 1137
    sue s.

    My kitties would love this…cat fight time, who gets to sleep on it first?

  38. 1138

    I love the natural, eco friendly materials. Gorgeous design, too!

  39. 1139
    Andrew Ferris

    My five cats will squabble as to who gets to the top of the tree.

  40. 1140
    Lisa M

    My cat would love this, she is always looking for a new toy / adventure to start in the house!
    It would give me some “quiet time” while she has fun!
    And eco friendly can’t get any better.

  41. 1141

    That looks great – my cats love scratching on the sisal it’s covered with too.

  42. 1142
    Francine Lee-Thompson

    My cat has ruined my new sofa so hopefully this would take his mind off scratching the rest of the furniture :-)

  43. 1143

    I’ve tried building my own, but they are never as pretty as these are. So many trees are going to waste for no good reason, might as well give them some lasting use after they are discarded. Wish more companies used found materials. Great idea!

  44. 1144

    Howie, my 8-year old best buddy, has used a 2×4 piece of plywood to manicure his nails since he was small. He loves it, however, the wood has broken down and he recently got a splinter in his paw so I had to throw it out.

    I would love to win this cat tree because it is made from an actual tree and will provide the wood surface he prefers but not hurt his paws.

    I also made him a sisal wrapped piece of wood which he uses but it is very frayed now and I just don’t want to make another one because it was difficult to do because I have arthritis in my hands.

    He is an indoor cat but loves to look out the window all day watching the birdies and bunnies and the height of this cat tree is perfect for placing near the window so he can look outside.

    I try to be earth-friendly and recycle all my trash, etc., and I am grateful there are companies that produce products that won’t hurt my cat or the environment.

    Thank you Modern Cat for providing this wonderful contest. Good luck to everyone!

  45. 1145

    So many entries! But I’ll add mine because my rambunctious one-year-old cat would LOVE this tree. Thanks!

  46. 1146

    My cat would love this!

  47. 1147

    Sure would love to win this! My cats Jonah and Calvin just lost their beloved friend Lincoln, and I would love to give them something new to play with.

  48. 1148

    I have several cats and they each love to have their own spot to supervise the house from.

    I can just picture one of the girls-Hobbee- sitting on one next to the bedroom window watching out the back at all the wildlife. she would be in heaven.

  49. 1149
    b boyan

    This tree would be a great extra for my cats. They love having something extra to climb on every day. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  50. 1150

    Love the natural, untouched wood and sisal. This would brighten up my cats’ play area.

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