TNR Week: Enter to Win Free Stuff From Feral For Life!

Mon, Sep 13, 2010

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Feral For Life T-Shirt

The awesome Brooklyn-based cat rescue organization Feral For Life is offering a special giveaway for TNR Week! One first place winner will get a Feral For Life T-shirt in their choice of green or black. This great graphic was designed by Martina Fugazzotto, and the t-shirt comes in both men’s and women’s styles.

The first place winner, along with four more winners, will each receive an “I Brake For Ferals” bumper sticker designed by Erik Kiesewetter. What fun prizes to show that you support feral cats and TNR! Thanks to Sonia Z. form for the giveaway.

I Brake For Ferals Bumper Sticker

To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on September 16. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

And if you have a dollar or two to spare, you can always visit the Feral For Life website and make a donation to help support the important work they do to help the cats of Brooklyn!

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225 Responses to “TNR Week: Enter to Win Free Stuff From Feral For Life!”

  1. 201

    Great shirt and bumper sticker. I not only brake for Ferals I also feed a ton of them.

  2. 202
    Linda Shaffer

    I started a TNR organization 8 years ago and I manager 5 colonies. I love my ferals and I am a huge advocate for them. Loving the feral soul.

  3. 203

    i love all of our neighborhood ferals. too bad that my dog does not. ferals don’t come around the house like they used for fear of rocky the defender.

  4. 204

    I do Brake for ferals. I live in an area where there were many feral cats running around. I worked with management to start a TNR group.

  5. 205

    I always seem to see the ferals so i keep food in the car for them, right now there is a new cat in one of th ecolonies i watch. His ear is notched and he is frail i am tryingto figure out which colony he came from. He is somewhat friendly so i think he was grabbed from one and dumped in mine he is starting to put some wieght on thankfully i would hate to think of winter coming and him so thin.

  6. 206

    Two years ago I rarely saw a cat outdoors near my house. Then, last year there were two or three cats. Last summer I found a one day old kitten in my garage and raised him when the mother didn’t return for him. That’s when I got interested in TNR and found a local group online to work with. I expected to catch about 7 cats when I did my TNR in April. I trapped 14 and knew there were still others out there I had seen. To date, I’ve helped TNR 16 neighborhood cats, and a neighbor has redomesticated 6 kittens. God only knows what that number could have climbed to by next summer without the TNR. Thank God we had this alternative. If we had turned the adult cats over to a shelter only two of them might have been adoptable.

  7. 207

    I would love to win a Feral for Life shirt that I could add to my collection for my 365 Days of Animal Advocacy project (you can find out more about it on our site, I Love Rescue Animals). Nikki and I volunteer for a local TNRM group, Central Texas Feline Rescue. We are a tiny group but we manage to feed around 300 ferals a day! Good luck to everyone!

  8. 208
    Rochell Lopez

    I moved into a new home where 3 stray cats welcomed me. Unfortunately they were all females that were NOT spayed. The 3 have since blossomed into a colony of 8 with one of them ending up being my boyfriend’s “little girl”. Having to grab liter after liter every season, we realized something had to be done. So, we headed to our local SPCA and they taught us everything we needed to know about, and how to, TNR.
    Now whenever I or one of my neighbors sees a “new” feral cat roaming the neighborhood, I’m the first to be called!

  9. 209

    3 feral cats recently showed up at my doorstep, so these posts are very timely and so helpful. I’m determined to try to trap them now and this is exactly the info that I needed to boost my confidence. Thank you!

  10. 210
    Jessica P

    I’ve been working with ferals since I was 13. 11 Years later I still find it to be a rewarding and amazing activity. One of my personal cats is a rehabilitated feral, but I love my outside ferals just as much! I would love to win the shirt and wear it! I would especially love to wear it when I work with Candy’s Cats cat rescue, so I can be asked about it and get to spread the word about TNR and feral kitties!!

  11. 211

    I have a little formerly feral cat who is still a very shy thing, but she is adorable and delightful. When I lived in Oakland I found homes for a couple of feral cats who really wanted a home, as well as rescuing some kittens who went into foster care. It’s funny – those cats were shy, but seemed to want contact, but my little Mouse is a cat who would have been perfectly happy never to lay eyes on a human. Luckily, we didn’t know that when we took her in as an older kitten. We just fumbled along, and three years later she lets me flop down next to her on the bed and give her a scritch or two, as long as I don’t get too intense. Next – the lap!

  12. 212

    Just starting up a TNR group in my town. I have been involved with feral where I work and other areas. Great short and sticker- plus today is my birthday!

  13. 213

    I just completed my firstTNR, after a mother and her 4 kittens were found lkiving under my porch. Zen mother recovered nicely and still comes for her regular meals.Ziggy, Zootie, and Zeppo were adopted once I socialized them, and I kept little Zsa Zsa for my own loving companion.

  14. 214
    Linsey Stiles

    Love the shirt, I want to spread the word for the cause.

  15. 215

    My husband has been doing TNR in Chicago for about a year. It is a wonderful program and we’ve been told by Animal Care and Control that, for the first time ever, the number of kittens born the past year is fewer than the previous year. It really does make a difference.

    Sterilize don’t euthanize!

  16. 216

    Feril For Life!

  17. 217
    joyce moyer

    Great story. I love to hear people embracing TNR especially a large corporation.

  18. 218
    free lover

    great, awesome…thanks alot.

  19. 219

    Founder of a feral cat group long before it was cool…like over 20 years now…….the bumper sticker and the shirt ROCK. Great work.

  20. 220

    I love me some feral cats!! …and that great t-shirt and bumper sticker!!

  21. 221

    Great shirt and bumper sticker. I not only brake for Ferals I also feed a feral I named Oscar. He shares his breakfast & dinner with family of (4) opossums.

  22. 222


  23. 223

    I would love a Feral T-shirt, is there a way to buy them?? I’d love a Green and Black one.
    I just rescued a Black cat, named him Marlin, he is at the Vets getting is partially blind in one eye..and very scared, but I am partial to black cats, I have 2 solid black and one Tuxedo, all Rescues..and it looks like I’ll have a 4th..added to my cat clan.
    We need to get the word out to help god’s Sweet little Creatures!!

  24. 224

    I love feral cats I have lots of them I feed

  25. 225

    I am working to change our city ordinance in Arlington, Texas to allow for TNR. Right now it is illegal as it is in many other cities. Two other cities near us; Ft.Worth and Irving, are working on their ordinances as well. TNR is my passion. I have helped s/n hundreds of cats and am waiting for the day that all “shelter” systems will embrace TNR as the way to manage our overpopulation problem. Without TNR they will not ever become real shelters for animals. Spay and Neuter! Adopt don’t shop!

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