TNR Week: Enter to Win Free Stuff From Feral For Life!

Mon, Sep 13, 2010

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Feral For Life T-Shirt

The awesome Brooklyn-based cat rescue organization Feral For Life is offering a special giveaway for TNR Week! One first place winner will get a Feral For Life T-shirt in their choice of green or black. This great graphic was designed by Martina Fugazzotto, and the t-shirt comes in both men’s and women’s styles.

The first place winner, along with four more winners, will each receive an “I Brake For Ferals” bumper sticker designed by Erik Kiesewetter. What fun prizes to show that you support feral cats and TNR! Thanks to Sonia Z. form for the giveaway.

I Brake For Ferals Bumper Sticker

To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on September 16. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

And if you have a dollar or two to spare, you can always visit the Feral For Life website and make a donation to help support the important work they do to help the cats of Brooklyn!

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225 Responses to “TNR Week: Enter to Win Free Stuff From Feral For Life!”

  1. 51

    I am SO glad you are doing a week for feral cat education. It is people who made these cats homeless and let them reproduce on the streets. TNR is humane and ends the cycle of reproduction. TNR is often cheaper than trap-and-kill to boot.

  2. 52

    The information on ferals this week has been really eye-opening, thank you.

  3. 53

    So cute! I would love to win one.

  4. 54

    a good cause!

  5. 55

    Thank you for writing about this documentary — and about this issue. And my kitty friends thank you.

  6. 56
    Cat Chew

    Glad to see the focus on ferals.

  7. 57

    I do TNR in my community and would love to wear this shirt while helping out my community cats!!

  8. 58

    LOVE “FERAL FOR LIFE” and everything about your week’s presentations on behalf of feral cat advocacy, Kate. I’d love to win this one, but I know that whomever does, will be proud to wear such a powerful shirt and display such a powerful bumper sticker!

  9. 59

    I love the organization and I love the schwag! Thanks for the opportunity to serve as a walking or driving billboard for ferals!

  10. 60

    that’s wild!

  11. 61
    Mary Kay

    I currently feed and TNR ferals and, I adopted 3 feral boys as kittens (love them so much… they are a hoot). I think it’s safe to say that ‘I’m Feral for Life’! >^..^<

  12. 62
    lilly mathews

    I do TNR here in Round Rock , Texas with a group called Street Cat Rescue. Thank you for making TNR your focus on Modern Cat this month. I would be proud to wear this shirt.

  13. 63

    So glad to see TNR and feral kittys highlighted. I too work with a TNR/feral cat group. I would love to win this shirt to help promote the cause. Also, it has given me an idea to propose to my group—t-shirts!!!

  14. 64

    Our rescue group in Connecticut can’t even begin to accommodate all the calls for assistance. It is tragic. When will there be a national spay neuter bill in place? We can’t even get a bill passed locally!

  15. 65
    Teresa Ann

    I love ferals .I used to play with the room full of them at the old AngelsGate sanctuary on long island.
    I miss that place so much………..

  16. 66
    Nancy Wolf

    Feral cats are so heart breaking. I think caring for feral cats and TNR programs are some of the most challenging aspects of rescue work. I really want to see this documentary.

  17. 67
    Lori Feldman

    TNR is THE way to go. Thanks for publicizing this film and giving recognition to the feral cat response. Can’t wait to see the film!

  18. 68

    This is so important! I know of many people who do not feel this is a social issue, but WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? It is PEOPLE who choose to not spay/neuter their pets, PEOPLE who choose to allow their pets to roam free, PEOPLE who think pets are throw away inconveniences!

    I have always been the “dump off” place for feral and tame companion animals that were not wanted any longer (my home is the first wooded area off a main road). I have 20 kitties right now….(CRAZY CAT LADY AND PROUD OF IT) I started a low cost neuter and spay organization in my home town and was able to keep some litters from being born….I feel very very passionately about this issue, and I am very glad it is getting some much deserved NATIONAL attention!

  19. 69
    Tanya R

    I only wish there were more TNR programs out there! Lovely giveaway!

  20. 70

    I’m glad you are dedicating this week to TNR – I am currently very overwhelmed with it in NJ. Did you know October 16th is Feral Cat Day? Might be the right timing for a follow up!

  21. 71

    Ferals are kitties too!

  22. 72

    My brother and I have rescued ferals most of out lives. I can think of only one cat given to me that was not originally feral or the kitten of a feral. A persian I got for my 12th birthday. I have a cat right now that is the son of a feral, and my brother has his feral mother. Blue and his litter mates were spayed and neutered along with their mother. Blue and his sister, Cocoa Kitty, live with me. Missy, their mother lives with my brother. She is still, after 5 years, wary of us, but will NOT go outside. She pets herself against us, but we are not allowed to touch her. Still, she is part of the family and we couldn’t do without her. Right now I have 5 who are children of a feral. All spayed and neutered of course.

  23. 73

    Sometimes ferals make the best friends(and even pets if they will be tamed). Just ask anyone who feeds a colony or does TNR. Having voluntered with the local colonies I am amazed to find out that there are people who take care of whole colonies without any help. I just want to shout out to Sidney Summers for her work in TNR here in Long Beach.

    Maybe the next topic of focus can be on the individual rescuers out there. You know those great people pulling animals from shelters and picking up strays to find them new homes. I have met a lot of these types of rescuers and they are big hearted!

  24. 74

    Those tees are pretty cool. :D

  25. 75
    Jess W

    I’m so glad your doing this special this week. TRN programs are wonderful and need more attention. There is a small TNR program in my town but it’s often overwhelmed.

  26. 76


  27. 77

    TNR is critical to improving the lives of feral (AKA community) cats. I applaud all those dedicated and compassionate people who care for these colonies. Namaste.

  28. 78

    What a great idea and the information thus far is so enlightening. Thanks for dedicating a week to this important subject.

  29. 79

    I’ve been so interested in trap, neuter and release and so happy to be learning more with this series. These t-shirts are provoking and delightful and I’d be proud to wear and converse with others about the program. Thanks so much for the chance!

  30. 80

    I adopted a young cat from a feral rescue. He lived with us for 6 years prior to dying. We loved him and his quirky ways. Thanks for sponsering Feral Week.

  31. 81

    oh how that bumper sticker describes me perfectly

  32. 82

    This is a wonderful cause. Too many animals are left to fend on their own and risk an unnecessary early death, TNR helps to reduce the population. Keep up the great work :)

  33. 83

    I would love if the film Cat City was aired in Chicago!
    I have three former ferals in home. I think they love me more than the rest of the cats, seriously.

    Thanks for having a TNR week, this means a lot to me.

  34. 84

    I 100% agree with TNR. I just wish there was more education about such efforts and more programs that help people to do the right thing, by providing loaner traps and discounted spaying and neutering services.

  35. 85

    Thumbs up for feral cats!

  36. 86
    Cat with a Garden

    We will defininetly make our human get that documentary. TNR is the only way!
    Siena & Chilli

  37. 87

    This is such an important issue. It’s devastating to see so many feral cats roaming around certain neighborhoods. We try and rescue as many as possible but with vet bills so high and owning other cats it’s so difficult. I wish I could rescue and keep them all….!

  38. 88
    Darcy B

    Love the shirt!–thanks for helping shine the light on a great group!

  39. 89

    Thank God for TNR people, they brought me my sweet Bruce who is now a loving if not crazy cat. Thanks for all the hard work.

  40. 90

    The more I get to know humans, the more I like my feral cat friends!.

  41. 91

    An incredible cause! I TNR in my area, and I really hope this documentary opens some eyes, in a positive way. Where I live, there are so few programs for TNR, so the money comes out of our pockets. But to me, its money well spent…

  42. 92
    von Krankipantzen

    So glad you are bringing up this issue and I have sure learned a lot. Thanks.

  43. 93

    I love the shirt, the bumper sticker but most of all I LOVE the message you are trying to get across to people!! Ferals are so wonderful, but we do need to spay and neuter to keep the population down.

  44. 94

    yay for all who practice tnr! yay for feral for life! and thank you moderncat for giving coverage to this important issue!

  45. 95

    I feed for Indy Feral. This is important work. Education and understanding are needed for ferals for sure.

  46. 96
    Kerry P

    I am feral, but my cat isn’t. We’ve both been spayed/neutered, too. ;)

  47. 97

    I currently care for a feral population at my workplace. We do TNR as well as find homes for the kittens that we somehow manage to have show up. I have given u my lunchtime to feed the “babies” abd wouldn’t have it any other way. Although my boss would like it to be otherwise. Thank you for this topic this week. I am a proud cat lady!

  48. 98
    Roxann Shadrick

    Bless your heart I truly believe that even feral cats deserve to have a right to live out their lives without being comdemmed to death and after being trapped and fixed and returned to their colonies to live out the remainder of their time so much the better. If more people are made aware that feral cat programs exist and how to start ones where they live then so much the better. I believe in spay/neauter our babies are fixed and happy and to have feral cats caught fixed ad returned to the wild would help reduce the amount of unwanted born kittens who didn’t ask for the situation they were born into.

  49. 99

    Awesome! I love my little feral kitty!

  50. 100
    Julie B.

    Love the t-shirt! Thank you for taking the time to educate your readers about feral cats and TNR. Two of my kitties are former ferals that I tamed and socialized, so of course feral cats are near and dear to my heart. Their little tipped ears are a constant reminder of where they came from and how far they’ve come.

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