TNR Week: Enter to Win Free Stuff From Feral For Life!

Mon, Sep 13, 2010

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Feral For Life T-Shirt

The awesome Brooklyn-based cat rescue organization Feral For Life is offering a special giveaway for TNR Week! One first place winner will get a Feral For Life T-shirt in their choice of green or black. This great graphic was designed by Martina Fugazzotto, and the t-shirt comes in both men’s and women’s styles.

The first place winner, along with four more winners, will each receive an “I Brake For Ferals” bumper sticker designed by Erik Kiesewetter. What fun prizes to show that you support feral cats and TNR! Thanks to Sonia Z. form for the giveaway.

I Brake For Ferals Bumper Sticker

To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on September 16. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

And if you have a dollar or two to spare, you can always visit the Feral For Life website and make a donation to help support the important work they do to help the cats of Brooklyn!

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225 Responses to “TNR Week: Enter to Win Free Stuff From Feral For Life!”

  1. 151
    Little Doll

    Thank you for making such a good difference.

  2. 152

    What a great looking film. Will definitely have to pick up copies as gifts.

  3. 153
    jenn b.

    i took in a feral kitten – she is still timid and shy 9 years later! i think TNR is a great cause!

  4. 154

    Nice giveaway for a GREAT cause! I’m a Brooklyn native, my first two cats were both ferals from the neighborhood, so I saw first hand the feral problem we have. My sister rescued a feral litter of five kittens just two years ago, we need to make a lot of progress with spay/neuter. And also teach people that ferals, properly socialized, can make great pets!

  5. 155

    I have a friend who’s mother adopts/captures, feeds and spays/neuters all of the feral cats in her area. This woman has a big heart, and this would make a perfect gift for her as well as make a point to the public.

  6. 156

    That’s a really good idea. I want to help.

  7. 157

    I know what its like. I have 7 indoor cats AND a sorta feral colony of 12-15 cats. Up until 3 years ago the houses on both side of mine were empty. Now I have people on one side who get upset when the cats leave paw prints on their cars. Nice bodies noisey engine, bad breaks and mufflers.Stupid idiot. Now I have to worry cause the other house was bought rehabbed and instead of living in it the owners are going to rent it out and theydon’t want the cats going thru their yard and don’t care if the people who rent like cats or not.I told them to warn their renters about the cats and not to hurt them. That would tick me off and make for a bad neighbor to have.
    My husbands health it not good and will never get better. These cats hold my sanity in their paws. They give me focus on something good.I can only hope the new neighbors love cats as I do.I have a couple newbees top be trapped and fix and hope to do so before winter.My second feeding/sleeping crate will be done before winter in hope that my 4 across the street move in. I”m in the middle of a city, not the suburbs or country. GO FERALS!!!!!!!

  8. 158

    Thank you so much for publicizing this issue and advocating for ferals. (My two
    adopted ferals – Sweet Maudie and her son Louie Digits – thank you, too!)

  9. 159

    I love these – TNR is wonderful. Our two cats are rescues, one a wonderful black cat which are notoriously hard to adopt, and they are so precious. I talk about TNR with all who will listen.

  10. 160
    LaWanna Jones

    I live in an apartment complex and am the registered feral colony caregiver. I hope to get some help someday. It’s just gotten so expensive since I lost my job. And they just keep coming. I TNR them and more come. kudos to the manager for knowing and understanding though. It’s just so sad how cruel and irresponsible people are. And where did the idea come from that you keep your dog in and let your cat roam all over? Hah! I’m also a foster mom and lots of other volunteer work for the OK Humane Society. Education, education, education……

  11. 161

    yay for TNR!

  12. 162

    So much work to do! Thanks for helping the ferals. I have a “house feral”, Coco. It has taken us 7 years to touch her :)

  13. 163
    Megan Brayton

    cuuuute! I love the bumper sticker, almost wish it was a magnet to actually use it on my car though, my laptop will have to do!

  14. 164

    Oh man, I want this way too much. We’re starting up a TNR group at work!

  15. 165
  16. 166
    E. A.

    Anything for animals, as they can’t really speak for themselves :)

  17. 167
    Jen Gallant

    Adorable! Would love to have one :)

  18. 168
    Lisa V

    Would love to win this and greatly appreciate the week-long focus on ferals and TNR.

  19. 169

    TNR is TNRad! :D

  20. 170

    Thanks for supporting feral cats & TNR. My semi-ferals appreciate it!

  21. 171

    It’s hip to snip…!!!! Spay and neuter your pets.

  22. 172

    This week dedicated to feral cat/TNR issues is so important!

  23. 173

    Great Job this week focusing on Ferals!

  24. 174

    This is such a great cause. Thank you for highlighting it on your blog!

  25. 175
    Regina K

    Great looking shirts for a great cause! I’m considering giving these shirts as Christmas gifts this year!

  26. 176

    I cannot say thank you enough for promoting awareness of the issue of feral cats and TNR. Great work!

  27. 177

    I’m so glad you’re promoting feral work. My shelter has a TNR program and it’s so hard sometimes to explain to people why they should care and why we do what we do.

  28. 178

    Feral for Life!

  29. 179

    Great organization! I couldn’t finish watching the trailer though, outdoor cats make me really sad. I couldn’t imagine my two girls wandering the streets. I wish I lived in a town where I could help out, but we don’t even have a shelter.

  30. 180

    I love ferals and wish more people would TNR and just let the kitties live happily!

  31. 181

    Feral cats are important too. They need the recognition.

  32. 182

    We are the feral magnet of our neighborhood (we now have 6 successfully integrated feral cats in our family!). TNR’s R Us!!… Thanks for everyone that educates more people to feral cats and the life-saving TNR program!!

  33. 183

    Maybe if drivers on my family’s rural road see me driving with that bumper sticker, they’ll realize they need to SLOW DOWN for the feral cats. 6 cats and our family’s dog in the last year. Breaks my heart.

  34. 184

    Will definitely go check out the site!

  35. 185
    Eric Seberg

    Either color would be fine thank you. We rescued our Kallie. Our Humane Society is opening a TNR center soon.

  36. 186

    the article was very interesting. so many people have no idea what TNR is and how important it is.

  37. 187

    I love the shirt.
    I also think organizations such as fix nation are wonderful!

  38. 188

    This a great cause! Thanks for putting the spotlight on it.

  39. 189

    TNR is amazing!

  40. 190
    Jennifer Simpson

    This is a wonderful message and work you are doing, keep pushing!

  41. 191

    Love it… wish there were more TNR programs

  42. 192
    Natalie N.

    I love the Feral t-shirt design, and bumper sticker too! One of my pet cats was once a feral kitty…we brought her in after my mother-in-law had fed her and coaxed her into enjoying human attention during the cat’s backyard visits over the course of several months. Our cat had already mothered a litter of kittens when she was not even a year old. Unfortunately we never found the location of the kittens, but I hope they are doing ok. (If they are anything like their mommy, perhaps they charmed their way into good homes!) Here’s to TNR work as well as rescue/adoption!

  43. 193

    Great info on TNR! Bumper sticker is too cute!

  44. 194

    Thank you for all the work you do. I volunteer at an animal shelter and we are so overrun with cats that we’re trying to get a bigger facility. I brake for ferals (and then try to rescue/TNR them)!

  45. 195

    Loving ferals means supporting TNR.

  46. 196
    Debra Trader

    I am currently trying to rescue three abandoned strays(seperate families)that were left behind when the two families moved. I caught one kitten and one older female. I never knew of this site and am happy to have found you guys!

  47. 197

    I love the sentiment as well as the art!

  48. 198
    Bobbie Allison

    All of my cats were found abandoned as kittens over the past 10 years. Of course I kept them and now I have 5 plus one feral who lives here and we shelter him during bad weather and he has a bed with heating pad in the winter in our garage. He has been here 3 years – we have never touched him – he came as an adult, survived IKE somehow when we evacuated and was waiting when we returned. He comes up close to us and is very sweet but does not want to be touched – I have war wounds to prove it ! I want to have him neutered but he may be too smart for a trap. So we are really at a loss as to what to do about getting him neutered, ear mites checked out, flea situation, etc. He is very healthy and I guess he may be about 3 or 4 years old.
    I appreciate the good work that feral organizations do to keep our feral cat populations alive in all of the different cities.

  49. 199

    Love that word is getting out more!

  50. 200

    I want to show the world what TNR is about. Thanks for all the work you do!

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