Enter to Win a Custom Cat Portrait from allPopart.com!

Sun, Sep 26, 2010

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If you’re like me, you have hundreds, or maybe thousands, of photos of your cats (seriously, I have 4,000 cat photos on my iPhone right now.) Well, one thing you can do with those photos is use them to create custom cat artwork, and the folks at allPopart.com can help. They offer the coolest service with tons of options for customization and their system is really easy to use. If you want a totally original piece of art for your home or office, this is the place to go.

AllPopart.com offers a huge selection of artwork styles, everything from Warhol style, to a classic silhouette, to Manga cartoon style. Whatever matches your taste! They print on either art quality paper or fine art canvas in a range of sizes from 13″ x 13″ all the way up to 42″ x 52″. You can choose unframed, gallery wrap stretched canvas, or metal or wood frames. With all these options, you can create the perfect piece of art to show off your favorite feline. Check out some of these other cat portraits for more ideas.

I had the opportunity to try the allPopart.com custom portrait system myself when they offered to create a custom piece for me. I chose the photo below of Mackenzie and look at how great it turned out! I absolutely love this portrait and will treasure it forever. The quality is outstanding and the online ordering system was a breeze to use. You simply choose all your options and upload your photo, then they send you a digital proof when the artwork is ready. It was so fun to receive this package in the mail!


One lucky reader is going to get their very own custom portrait free from allPopart.com! To enter, you need to do one thing. Please visit the style gallery at allPopart.com and check out all the different styles of artwork they can create for you. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which style you like the best. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on October 3 and will receive a free portrait in the style of his or her choice. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US.

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967 Responses to “Enter to Win a Custom Cat Portrait from allPopart.com!”

  1. 501

    What a cool idea with so many great style & color combo choices! I especially love the Warhol 4 panel style.

  2. 502

    The solid background would look best for my cats.

  3. 503

    All styles are Amazing however, I’d choose the Geometric style with the geometric pattern background!

  4. 504

    It’s so hard to choose, they’re all wonderful! I guess,since I can only choose one, I think I like the Airbrush Style. I hope I win!!!

  5. 505
  6. 506

    they are all so cool! I like the pet-glo and the geomtric ones. Any of them would be a real treat!!

  7. 507
    Jennifer P.

    I really like the geometric pattern background style. Runner-up would have to be the Classic – 4 Panel. Great site overall!

  8. 508

    I really like the Manga cartoon style portrait. Any one of my three boy cats would be great subjects for a portrait to hang on my wall.

  9. 509

    How cool are these?! Really love the geometric! Paws crossed!

  10. 510

    It’s really hard to choose just one. I really like the Warhol 3 and 4 panel style but think Geometric is may favorite. What a great idea! These are very cool :)

  11. 511

    It was so hard to choose – I liked them all! But I think I would prefer to see my kitty in the iconographic style.

  12. 512
    Julie P

    I like them all except for the obama style. It would be really difficult deciding which one to go with. I thought the pop stuff dry erase board was awesome. I would use it every day and then to get a glimpse of my baby to top it off, can’t get much better than that.

  13. 513
    Tami Berry

    They are all so Beautiful :) My kitty “Hollywood” passed away a few months ago and I have been thinking about getting a painting done of her.
    I think I like the Geometric style best because I love the dramatic details. And that You can still keep the colors of your subject. My Hollywood had the most beautiful green eyes, and I would want that to show!
    What an amazing gift this would be :)

  14. 514

    I love them all, but especially airbrush!

  15. 515

    I like the geometricStyle- Geometric Pattern Background .

  16. 516

    I really like the Silhouette portraits, very classy.

  17. 517
    Babs (formerly Kush's Human)

    Gosh. I think the best thing to do would probably be decide on the pic first, but since I can’t do that at the moment, this is going to be tough. My favs are Warhol, Classic (which is quasi_warhol anyway), Retro-pop and Pet-Glo. I know that I want the eyes “artified”, and I’m not sure they do that with Pet-glo; I also wonder how mackerel tabby stripes would look. There are handsome tabbies in the Warhol and Classic samples but none in the Pet-Glo. I guess my answer is either the Pet-Glo (if they can do the eyes and the stripes) or the Warhol.

  18. 518
    Eva H

    My kitty would rock the retroPop.

  19. 519

    I love the presidential campaign picture, although they are all awesome. Since my cat rules the roost I think having his own campaign poster would be fitting.

  20. 520

    I love the RetroPop! How Fantastic!

  21. 521

    I like the Classic with solid background!

  22. 522

    i love, love, love the geometric style!

  23. 523

    These are wonderful. It is so hard to choose a favorite style, they are all “totally awesome”. I think I would choose descriptive as the favorite now, but icongraphic and geometric running so close it is hard to tell the winner. This site will definately go on the favorites list. I would love to do some Christmas and Birthday Presents from here. Hopefully next year.

  24. 524

    Wow! They’re all great. If I had to choose just one it would be Warhol. (but I sure love Pet Glo!)

  25. 525

    I had a difficult time choosing a favorite. They’re all very nice!
    If I had to choose one it would be the descriptive style.

    Keepin’ my fingers crossed. :)

  26. 526
    Kelly Martin

    WOW! the DescriptiveStyle paintings are absolutely beautiful, it’s hard to decide between them and the Geometric design.

    They’re all awesome!

  27. 527

    I like the Warhol, Descriptive and Comic styles. These are wonderful! Love the one of your kitty!!

  28. 528

    My Vanilla Bean would look amazing on hand stretched canvas!!! Pick me, pick me!!

  29. 529

    I like the warhol style 3 panel the best! And by best I mean tied with a bunch of other ones!

  30. 530

    I love the airbrush style :) Thanks!

  31. 531

    I like the Geometric; I also really like the @VTR. Lucie would be lovely in Retro-Pop, too. I just love the entire idea, and the likenesses are really good!

  32. 532

    Oh man! this would be perfect for my friends b-day, her kitty Dee is 15 years young and a portrait of her would be a wonderful gift.

  33. 533
    Sara A.

    So hard to choose! I think I just spent almost an hour looking at all of the styles and example photos. LOL If I had to choose just one as a favorite, I’d choose Geometric. I also love the PetGlo and the RetroPop too! Thanks!

  34. 534

    Love the Warhol one the best!!

  35. 535

    definitely descriptive or retro-pop

  36. 536
    Polly Snodgrass

    Love this!!!!

  37. 537
    Jennifer A

    I love the Warhol style one! I seriously have THOUSANDS of cat photos on my computer and iPhone…and not even of just my own two cats… I take photos of every cat I happen upon! :)

  38. 538

    I’d have to go with the comic version just to see if they could get in something hilarious with my cats. Crossing my fingers!

  39. 539
    Sabra Taggart

    This are awesome pictures. I have so many cats I wouldn’t even know where to begin to pick one for such an opportunity.

  40. 540

    This is a very kewl idea! I would love the manga style for my Japanese cats!

  41. 541

    I like:

    Pet-glo™ portrait – 2 face.

    Very nifty stuff!

  42. 542

    OMG!!!!! If I were so lucky to win, I would get the cartoon style, with the brothers, Boo and Steve. It would be so funny and something I would treasure forever.
    Got my fingers crossed and hoping!

  43. 543
    Glenn True

    Would love to win this and surprize my wife

  44. 544

    So many choices, but I think the pet-glo is pretty cool.

  45. 545

    Absolutely catastic!

  46. 546

    Very nice, I would love to win one of these portraits.

  47. 547

    Muffin would look so cute!

  48. 548

    OMG I would love to have the Descriptive, it ROCKS! I am gonna keep my fingers crossed that I win, thanks for this awesome contest! My cats would be awesome , they are known as “THE STAR KATS” they are named after stars, hope I win !!!!!!

  49. 549

    Descriptive! If I don’t win do you ship to Canada?

  50. 550

    Wow, tough choice! They’re all so cool. I’d like descriptive, airbrush and Obama style.

    But if I had to choose one, I’d go with airbrush.

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