Enter to Win a Custom Cat Portrait from allPopart.com!

Sun, Sep 26, 2010

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If you’re like me, you have hundreds, or maybe thousands, of photos of your cats (seriously, I have 4,000 cat photos on my iPhone right now.) Well, one thing you can do with those photos is use them to create custom cat artwork, and the folks at allPopart.com can help. They offer the coolest service with tons of options for customization and their system is really easy to use. If you want a totally original piece of art for your home or office, this is the place to go.

AllPopart.com offers a huge selection of artwork styles, everything from Warhol style, to a classic silhouette, to Manga cartoon style. Whatever matches your taste! They print on either art quality paper or fine art canvas in a range of sizes from 13″ x 13″ all the way up to 42″ x 52″. You can choose unframed, gallery wrap stretched canvas, or metal or wood frames. With all these options, you can create the perfect piece of art to show off your favorite feline. Check out some of these other cat portraits for more ideas.

I had the opportunity to try the allPopart.com custom portrait system myself when they offered to create a custom piece for me. I chose the photo below of Mackenzie and look at how great it turned out! I absolutely love this portrait and will treasure it forever. The quality is outstanding and the online ordering system was a breeze to use. You simply choose all your options and upload your photo, then they send you a digital proof when the artwork is ready. It was so fun to receive this package in the mail!


One lucky reader is going to get their very own custom portrait free from allPopart.com! To enter, you need to do one thing. Please visit the style gallery at allPopart.com and check out all the different styles of artwork they can create for you. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which style you like the best. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on October 3 and will receive a free portrait in the style of his or her choice. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US.

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967 Responses to “Enter to Win a Custom Cat Portrait from allPopart.com!”

  1. 851

    I love the Obama-style – pet glorification with a sense of irony always gets me!

  2. 852

    The geometric style is great!

  3. 853

    Pet-Glo! And I would love to have all three of my kitties in one pic!

  4. 854

    Maybe it’s because of the cute dog in the sample, but I really love Pet-Glo, too! I’d love to get a portrait of my cat, Neko. :)

  5. 855

    I love both the geometric and the retropop! They are both pretty cool!

  6. 856

    Toffee would look fantastic portrayed in the Warhol style painting! Plus, it would match our decor.

  7. 857
    Rose Secrest

    I like portraits that are realistic and capture my cat’s personality. I can’t tell which of these would actually do that. I am guessing either the photo to canvas or descriptive. On second thought, I don’t want the background of my photograph in a painting! I just want the cat! So, even though airbrush and geometric look tempting, I would stick with descriptive.

  8. 858

    The retroPop is fun and happy…just like my furry girl

  9. 859

    It would be difficult to decide on a style, but harder still to decide on which of my three cats!

  10. 860

    The Classic-artsy version or our Warhol style… is my fave! My cat Elvis would love a canvas warhol of himself!

  11. 861

    I like the Andy Warhol style because of its colorful variety. Luigi would look super in such a artistic setting.

  12. 862
    Daniel Trogdon

    Comic portrait.

  13. 863
    Raphael Adidas

    Warhol style would be cool.

  14. 864

    I, too, like Petglo. All look magnificent!

  15. 865

    It’s a toss up between the geometric and the retro pop! What a great idea and website!!

  16. 866

    I love the colors and shapes of the Geometric style. My Twiggy’s eyes are blue and a geometric blue background would just make them POP! I would love to have such a wonderful conversational piece to treasure fur-ever!

  17. 867

    Hard to decide but Pet-GLo or Warhol are probably my favorites

  18. 868

    Air Brush is awsme because it is so realistis!!

  19. 869

    I think the cartoon portraits would make great gifts.

  20. 870

    Like Warhol & Retro pop-hard to choose. Probably Retro pop. Theses are great! Would be honored to hang such a beautiful treasure in my home.

  21. 871

    Mr Grits would look so handsome in the Classic 4 panel. He is a big Warhol fan…

  22. 872

    It’s hard to choose between The Classic and Pet-Glo but I think I choose Pet-Glo!

  23. 873

    Tough choice, but geometric and retroPop are my favorites

  24. 874
    Rita-Anne provenzano

    I like the retroPop the best. But I have to say that they are all pretty darn impressive!!!

  25. 875

    i love the modern silhouette style, and my kittens would look fabulous in profile

  26. 876
    Kim Oldham

    Love manga this is a great style! Please let my Cuba win this x

  27. 877

    I love the classic!!

  28. 878

    Pet Glo is fantastic! I would love to see what they make of Jing Jing’s gorgeous blue eyes!

  29. 879

    A portrait of my doggie and kitty on the wall, above the kitchen table would look great!

  30. 880

    I like the geometric background style but all are really fabulous.

  31. 881

    The geometric style is my favorite! Love the featured artist, too, but doesn’t look like they do pets…

  32. 882

    my mainecoon cat would look great in Geometric Cat Portrait

  33. 883

    Wow, what a selection. They’re all so beautiful. I would choose the comic portrait with a surprise me background. Since I couldn’t choose just 1 of my 2 cats I would opt for a picture done of my beloved turtle, Roxy.

  34. 884

    I love love love pet-glo!!! It reminds me of ron burns paintings which I’m a huge fan of! What a great thing to get done for the special pets in your life :)

  35. 885

    the retro-pop or the classic portrait…but then again the warhol style is pretty cool too!

  36. 886

    My favorite style has to be the retro one. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  37. 887
    caroline harmon

    Octobe 1, 2010

    Oh, definitely Obamastyle! No other expresses the idealism and longing for unity and love that is expressed on the big furry face of my Maine Coon plus (?lynx) Tubby. He would be so moved and proud.

  38. 888

    Ooh, they’re all pretty sweet! But I’d have to go for the lichStyle┬« comic portrait, those are awesome!!!

  39. 889
    Stacey Cochran

    Love the Comic Book Style!

  40. 890

    Definately geometric. . . All are really great but that would be my choice. Now the problem would be which cat to have done!!!!!!

  41. 891
    Kelli McDonald

    cubism-pop! It looks like a coloring book and a quilt had a baby.

  42. 892

    Scout would look great in RetroPop!

  43. 893

    So many of these are great, but I like the RetroPop the best.

  44. 894

    These are great! I’d love to see our sweet girls as a stylish piece of art! I also would have a dilemma choosing which sweetie to go with!
    I think geometric would look fantastic!

  45. 895

    I love the retro pop! If I won I would love to have one done for my friend who lost three of her animals this year. She owns 7 cats and two dogs. She would just love this!

  46. 896

    After browsing all the different awesome styles, I have decided that I love the Geometric style the best = D. I just love the background and the details it shows. I may have plenty of photos of my girls but none like this. My girls are precious to me. What a wonderful way to show them I love them than with a handcrafted Geometric style portrait!!!! Woo Hoo!

  47. 897

    I’ve always enjoyed Andy Warhol, so I have to go with the classic Warhol. All are creative and interesting tho, no two would ever be alike ! I would certainly love to win.

  48. 898

    So hard to pic a favorite, but I’d have to go with classic warhol! I’m glad you featured this artist b/c i’ve been looking for a way to memorialize my beloved geriatric kitty in a better way than my hundreds of cell phone pics!

  49. 899
    Lesley @ TheDesignFile

    I like the cubism pop and the retro pop. Both are really fun!

  50. 900

    I would say the descriptive is the best, especially for cat artwork!

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