Enter to Win a Custom Cat Portrait from allPopart.com!

Sun, Sep 26, 2010

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If you’re like me, you have hundreds, or maybe thousands, of photos of your cats (seriously, I have 4,000 cat photos on my iPhone right now.) Well, one thing you can do with those photos is use them to create custom cat artwork, and the folks at allPopart.com can help. They offer the coolest service with tons of options for customization and their system is really easy to use. If you want a totally original piece of art for your home or office, this is the place to go.

AllPopart.com offers a huge selection of artwork styles, everything from Warhol style, to a classic silhouette, to Manga cartoon style. Whatever matches your taste! They print on either art quality paper or fine art canvas in a range of sizes from 13″ x 13″ all the way up to 42″ x 52″. You can choose unframed, gallery wrap stretched canvas, or metal or wood frames. With all these options, you can create the perfect piece of art to show off your favorite feline. Check out some of these other cat portraits for more ideas.

I had the opportunity to try the allPopart.com custom portrait system myself when they offered to create a custom piece for me. I chose the photo below of Mackenzie and look at how great it turned out! I absolutely love this portrait and will treasure it forever. The quality is outstanding and the online ordering system was a breeze to use. You simply choose all your options and upload your photo, then they send you a digital proof when the artwork is ready. It was so fun to receive this package in the mail!


One lucky reader is going to get their very own custom portrait free from allPopart.com! To enter, you need to do one thing. Please visit the style gallery at allPopart.com and check out all the different styles of artwork they can create for you. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which style you like the best. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on October 3 and will receive a free portrait in the style of his or her choice. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US.

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967 Responses to “Enter to Win a Custom Cat Portrait from allPopart.com!”

  1. 901

    Descriptive! Such pretty detail for little faces!

  2. 902

    Love the classic Andy Warhol…the more cats, the better!

  3. 903

    What a creative way to adjust photos! I love it!

  4. 904

    I like the look of the Geometric style. I’ve always wanted to get something like this done of my cat.

  5. 905

    I like the Warhol style best, though deciding which of my two cats to get the picture done of could be hard.

  6. 906
    kathy johnson

    warhal is the best choice, if i win i will display it proudly

  7. 907
    Emma Evans

    The Descriptive is stunning. What a brilliant way to celebrate our kittehs.

  8. 908

    Whau, I would love to have a picture of my cat like this, hanging on my livingroom wall.

  9. 909

    My favorite is the RetroPop – Autumn Petals Red. Pretty!

  10. 910

    retro pop! so cute!

  11. 911
    Angela Livingston

    I love the Comic Book Style No. 3845

  12. 912
  13. 913

    so pretty! I already have the right spot in my wall for it!

  14. 914
    Beth F.

    I think I have to go with retroPop, even though geometric is a close second.

  15. 915

    the descriptive would capture my kitties nicely!

  16. 916
    Carmen Potts

    I like the comic book style the best because it looks just like a comic book and it is keeping the love for comic books alive! It is art at it’s best because it’s not only taking in the beauty of a picture but giving back through the love of books. When someone sees this picture they will not only say what a marvelous work of art and beautiful picture, but they might say it reminds me of the comics I use to read when I was a kid. And maybe just maybe they’ll go read some comic books again. I wonder if the creator of the comic book pop art ever thought his art could re-inspire people to want to read comic books, because I know it inspired me to go get some from my kids and read them again. You know what, your never to old to escape boredom or tragedy (like we have with the oil spill in Alabama)through the admiration of a great pop art and a great comic book!

  17. 917

    i love the cubism-pop! i would love to have an awesome paiting of my adorable kitties!

  18. 918

    I definitely loved the airbrush style the best! Montrose is a fluffy Balinese and this would really set off the softness of his coat!!!

  19. 919

    These are awesome, hope I am not too late, Pet-glo is my favorite.

  20. 920

    I like the Warhol style.

  21. 921

    I like the geometric style! I’d have the most trouble deciding which kitty should be the model! Who’s birthday is coming up first…

  22. 922
    Carmen Potts

    Love the comic book pop art! Love the comic book pop art! Love the comic book pop art! I could say it all day because I really do Love the comic book pop art! Your pop art team rocks! So great to see a company with young creative people! Keep on rocking!

  23. 923

    I love pet-glo. I like the bright colors :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. 924

    Love the concept! Hope there’s another chance for giveaway!!

  25. 925
    Michelle rue

    I’m currently remodeling my place – mid century modern so this would be a nice addition! Something cool with my most beloved kitties!

  26. 926

    I love the descriptive! We have 2 other oil portraits of our 4 legged family. One is our sable shetland sheepdog, and the other our blk thoroughbred horse (5x descendant of Man O’ War). It is like looking at them and enjoying their personality. I believe descriptive would do this.

  27. 927

    Love the pet glo!!!

  28. 928

    I love the geometric style. Very cool pictures

  29. 929

    Geez, do I have to pick ONE? I love them ALL, but alright, rules are rules . . . I REALLY like the kitty sitting in the chair!

  30. 930

    I like the Warhol design of cats.You’ve got a very good concept for the giveaways you have! A friend of mine suggested this page and he’s right in saying that you have stunning variations of customized cat artwork.

  31. 931

    I love them all, but definitely the pet-glo works great with animals :)

  32. 932

    geometric is fun!

  33. 933

    Love the Andy Warhol pop art the most. Too cool!

  34. 934

    pretty cool!

  35. 935
    Cassie McIntyre

    its a CLOSE tie between the retro pop and the pet glo. soooo cuuuttteeee!

  36. 936

    I’d go for the retro pop! :D So neat!

  37. 937
    Mary Prevost

    Wow – this is SO COOL! Hard to pick a favorite – I love them all! I’d have to put them all in a hat and draw one out! Ok, ok, top 3 at least – Pet Glo, Warhol and Geometric

  38. 938

    The Warhol B&W would look beautiful with my kitties :)

  39. 939

    i like the photo to canva would love to see my cat Elvis as a canvas painting it was so hard to choose just one so many are awesome

  40. 940

    All of the art is just beautiful! I like the geometric shown on gallery wrap stretched canvas with the pattern background as my favorite. Excellent attention to detail more alive than the photos.

  41. 941
    MIsty Hansford

    i like the cubism-pop most of all!

  42. 942

    Thry’re all beautiful but I think the geometric would make my kitties’ sttipes pop.

  43. 943

    Love the geometric and the propaganda….too many choices. I want one of each..LOL

  44. 944
    Sandy White

    Very neat idea!
    Kind of like the pet-glo =)

  45. 945
    Ellen Wexler

    Well, that was nearly impossible, I like quite a few VERY much. It would be fun to have the Scrapbook Canvas to allow for a few different shots. That is one amazing, fun site, thank you for the chance to win!

  46. 946

    Love the pictures, the I love is where there is four pic with Andy Warhol twist

  47. 947
    Jo Ann Russo

    The classic for sure. LOVE IT! My handsome Siamese would look wonderful! Of course I am quite partial. :)

  48. 948
    William Morris

    I think the geometric would show my Beckett the best.

  49. 949

    I’m a fan of the Geometric style. It’s super cute and realistic!

  50. 950

    Descriptive or Pet-Glo, I can’t decide! I would pay to ship this to Canada if I won. Any of these would make such an amazing gift!

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