Columbus Day Giveaway: Enter to Win a $300 Shopping Spree from!

Mon, Oct 11, 2010


One lucky reader is going to get to shop till they drop with this great giveaway from! As a special Columbus Day treat we’re giving away a $300 shopping spree! offers a huge variety of cat products including some of our favorite moderncat brands like Square Cat Habitat, Sleepypod, The Refined Feline, Teafco, Booda, Caboodle, Modern Cat Designs, KatKabin, Moderncritter, and Mr. Herzher’s.

Specializing in cat furniture of all kinds, is a one-stop shop for all your kitty decor needs. Check out their selection of cat trees, cat condos, scratching posts, and litterbox furniture. Do you think you could find something to spend $300 on?

Enter to win!

To enter this giveaway, please visit and take a look around. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d buy with $300. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on Oct 17. One entry per person. The $300 can be applied toward the winner’s total order, including shipping & handling. This giveaway is open to US addresses only.

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1,342 Responses to “Columbus Day Giveaway: Enter to Win a $300 Shopping Spree from!”

  1. 1301
    Betty C

    I would get a couple of the 16 inch Sleep Tubs and the 32 Inch Tubular Playground.

  2. 1302
    R Hicks

    I would like to get their 36 Inch Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post and Nest

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  3. 1303
    Joanne Schultz

    I love the Pussycat Playhouse with Tunnel Cat Gym.
    But if I won, I think I would give the gc to my local cat shelter, if that was ok.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. 1304
    Felicia K.

    I’d love to get the Dog Agility Starter Kit.

  5. 1305
    Deborah Carter

    I want a Powder Blue Sleepy Pod for my kitties. Then I would probably get a Super Catnip Cat Scratcher House and some toys to round it out. Wonderful website for cat accessories!

  6. 1306

    I like the KatKabin and the Atmosphere Beds

  7. 1307
    Colleen Mulligan

    Wall perch? scratchers? Beds? All of the above!!

  8. 1308
    Sarah K.

    I love love love the outdoor Cat Cottages! I also the the sun blossom bed and the bowron wool snuggle rug! I would love to see cats in action at the kitty grand hotel. I also love the cat washroom concealer litterbox.

  9. 1309
    Charlotte Robbins

    WOW can i say id buy everything? lol first thing that i saw was the cat blanket, love it! all the personalized cat things are great, im a sucker for anything kittys and we also have a dog, thanks for the chance to win

  10. 1310
    Sarah L

    I love the Roswell Kitty Condo. Thanks for the contest. my cat thanks you, too.

  11. 1311

    Twiggy would love the Deluxe Open Tray Cat Tree!

  12. 1312

    Room With a View Wooden Outdoor Pet House
    Wooden Ice Cream House for Cats or Dogs
    The Mansion Wooden Pet House

  13. 1313
    Beeb Ashcroft

    If I won, I would give this to a relative as a Christmas present so she could choose whatever she wanted! She might get a carrier, like the Nylabone Cozy Time Foldable Pet Carrier. Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. 1314
    Corinne Kurzmann

    I am trying to close on a house next week and first on my agenda is to go to the shelter..It has been 2 years since Angus moved on and I am ready..I love the rhinestone collars and the Big Cedar outdoor house..
    What a lovely selection of fun goods!!

  15. 1315
    Jodi Gersh

    I would absolutely buy the Modern Cat Contemporary Litter Hider. Puffy and Lily have been complaining how boring their plain old litter boxes are. This would make them happy and let them feel like the modern cats they are =^..^=

  16. 1316
    Lucy Schwartz

    I would love to get a really special pet carrier and the Petbuggy Wheeled Pet Carrier or the Sleepypod Mobile pet bed look comfy for our kitty.

  17. 1317
    Ann H.

    My kitties need some new “kitty furniture” to climb, scratch, and sleep on so I’d get them one of the corner towers and a Purrfect Playhouse.

  18. 1318
    Lisa L

    My cats would love the Sleepy Inn 3 Kitty House & Climber (so much fun!) and Four Paws 3 in 1 Pet Stroller (great for vet visits)!!

  19. 1319

    I’d get the Royalty Pet Bed for the two pets.

  20. 1320
    Vanessa hunter

    The Jet Set Pet Carrier Complete Travel System would be awesome!

  21. 1321

    would love to get 68 inch Sky House Cat Tree – have 3 cats

  22. 1322

    My cats want the modern cat contemporary litter hider and the lo cat floor scratcher!

  23. 1323

    Everything on the site look so good and so hard to choose from – but I’d love to have wall climbing system for my boys, so not only they get the exercise, but also whole different views!!

  24. 1324
    Monse Valera

    I would get a Modern Cat Contemporary Litter Hider and a scratching post! my new kitties would love it! Thanks!

  25. 1325

    my cats need a new cat tree and scratcher…theirs is falling apart!

  26. 1326

    I want those cat cloud shelves and need some new cat carriers (there are too many for me to decide which ones!) for my three sweet kitties. What a great giveaway!

  27. 1327
    Miranda Ward

    I like the Catemporary Cat corner Tree

  28. 1328
    Thomas Ticknor

    I would get LitterMaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box LME9000 and Pawprint Tunnel & Condo Play Center she would love them

  29. 1329
    Mari P

    I’ve never shopped around that site before. What wonderful things. My kitties would be happy with any choice, but I like the Pussycat Playhouse Cat Gym. Good place for a nap, a scratch, or a whack at that hanging toy. It would be great fun to watch them vie for that top spot!

  30. 1330

    So many options! Am I allowed to change my mind if I win?

    $115.00 Podium Pet Bed, Green
    $152.63 Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed: Color SKY BLUE
    $34.95 SmartCatâ„¢ Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

    Awesome! Thank You!

  31. 1331

    I would get one of the modern cat trees, and some of those cloud shelves…

  32. 1332

    I would get the contemporary litter hider (

  33. 1333

    I will by whatever $300.- bucks can get me, but likely something from the refined feline!

  34. 1334
    Adriana O.

    I just got a cat and my least favorite part of it all is the litter box. Although an essential part of my cat, I would love to keep it hidden from sight. The contemporary cat litter hider is cute and would blend in great!

  35. 1335

    I went to the Cats Play site, and I LOVE the cat wall pieces. I even watched the installation video. It looks very very easy and fun for the kitties. I would LOVE to be able to decorate my walls with the cats!

  36. 1336

    This may be the best giveaway ever! Okay, what would I buy with $300:

    A Sleepypod! I’ve wanted one ever since I discovered…however I can’t decide which color I’d want (white, maybe?). $164.62 spent, $135.38 left. $138? There are too many wonderful items on this site. Certainly a cat condo of some type. I can see myself spending a lot more than $300 on this site.

  37. 1337

    I love the catemporary shelves and the cat corner..My cats would love to have that to play all over

  38. 1338

    My indoor kitties need more options for hiding, spying, and swatting at passers-by (especially the dogs), so I’d splurge on the Crazy Cat Wall Systems and an Ideal Cat Window Perch.

    The feral kitty colony I manage would like to upgrade their outdoor shelters (their Feral Villas are soooo retro) for an outdoor cedar cat house.

  39. 1339

    I love the cat sleep pods they have
    I’m always looking for something different for my cat and this is a perfect site for that.

  40. 1340

    Please, please, please pick me!

  41. 1341
    Crista Burke

    My kitties need some climbing in our small Boston apartment so I would definitely get some cat trees! The Catemporary Cat Corner would be perfect in our tiny space :)

    Thanks for letting us have this chance to win !

  42. 1342

    i would get a good bed for my kittys because they are curently sleeping in carboard boxs and old towls and i would get a sacraching post and mabey a fun toy gym and a load of toys!!!!!!!!!!!!

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