Columbus Day Giveaway: Enter to Win a $300 Shopping Spree from!

Mon, Oct 11, 2010


One lucky reader is going to get to shop till they drop with this great giveaway from! As a special Columbus Day treat we’re giving away a $300 shopping spree! offers a huge variety of cat products including some of our favorite moderncat brands like Square Cat Habitat, Sleepypod, The Refined Feline, Teafco, Booda, Caboodle, Modern Cat Designs, KatKabin, Moderncritter, and Mr. Herzher’s.

Specializing in cat furniture of all kinds, is a one-stop shop for all your kitty decor needs. Check out their selection of cat trees, cat condos, scratching posts, and litterbox furniture. Do you think you could find something to spend $300 on?

Enter to win!

To enter this giveaway, please visit and take a look around. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d buy with $300. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on Oct 17. One entry per person. The $300 can be applied toward the winner’s total order, including shipping & handling. This giveaway is open to US addresses only.

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1,342 Responses to “Columbus Day Giveaway: Enter to Win a $300 Shopping Spree from!”

  1. 51

    WOW…that’s $60. for each of my little sweeties…MEOW

  2. 52
    mic christopher the cat

    I’d buy a cat condo. Mic Christopher the cat loves to scratch!

  3. 53

    Crazy Post Cat Scratcher looks great, could use so muc on this site.

  4. 54

    I love the Buddha wall perch! My cats always enjoy finding a high-up place to take a nap. And not only would my cats have a blast climbing these, but the modern colors and bamboo platforms would also fit in perfectly with my modern decor.

  5. 55

    Definitely, definitely I’d use it to defray the cost of one of those gorgeous full-sized Lotus cat towers. I’ve been saving up for one for months but I’m still short–it would help keep all of my adorable foster kittens occupied and off of my vintage furniture.

  6. 56

    First of all I would definitely get my kitties a Sleepypod so they can travel in comfort and style! And of course, lots of toys!

  7. 57

    Crazy Post Cat Scratcher looks great, could use so much on this site.

  8. 58

    Oh, so exciting!! I would want the hand crafted sisal scratcher or the Imperial Cat Scratch N Shapes Purr-fect Stretch. Either way, my kitties need scratching stuff all the time :)

  9. 59

    I would love to buy my kitties a cool cat tree, a new cat condo and a new bed for them. So many options!!

  10. 60
    Natalia Villanova

    I would buy a couple of the Ideal Cat Perch Lounger style for my big girl and then some cat toys with whatever I have left. Ilove the eco-friendly options!

  11. 61

    My 2 kitties would love to go on a shopping spree!

  12. 62
    israel y

    I think I would get the Kitty Condo with Lounging Perch and the Egyptian Cat Scratcher

  13. 63

    Paddington has already given me his list.

  14. 64

    They carry the Modern Critter Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher, yay! This would be the perfect complement to my mid-century furniture … and since my two kitties still have the scratching post I brought home with them five years ago, it would be a long-overdue upgrade!

  15. 65
    Susan G

    I have been coveting the Sleepypod carrier for a year now, so that would be definitely be the main purchase. Daisy would travel around in style. Then I could throw in some extras for her and some righteous catnip.

  16. 66
    Carolyn Gonzalez

    I would buy the Sleepy Inn 2 Kitty House & Cilmber and the Booda litter box

  17. 67

    i would get my babies a couple beds, new collars and some toys. Thay always lose their toys around the house.

  18. 68

    My cat is a crazy cat with entertainment on the brain….Why do humans have it all why cant the cat?….Perhaps wall perches and scratching posts…She would be the cats meow!

  19. 69

    I would get the stairway to heaven. My cats would really love this.

  20. 70

    I have been eyeing the Hepper beds for a while now! My cats love finding cozy hideways and I know this would become one of their favorite places to sleep.

  21. 71
    Stacey Bradley

    My kitties would love the Perfect Poophaus. I don’t even think I would use it for a litter box though, just a fun place for them to hide. (Love

  22. 72

    I would be getting the kitty modular condo system for my kitten foster room. It’s versatile, would be great exercise for the babies and is easy to take apart and disinfect between groups of fosters. What a great concept!

  23. 73

    If I won this contest, I would buy this jungle gym for my two boys.

    With the money left over I would get a bunch of toys, a fountain or two, and a heated bed.

  24. 74

    definitely the modular playgrounds. it would give our 4 kitties more space (from each other) in our apartment

  25. 75

    So many fantastic choices! I would definitely need some Buddha Wall Perches, and some of the Itch Wall Scratchers to keep the cats from attacking my furniture.

  26. 76

    I’d use it towards the Itz A Breeze Too Cat Exhibition Cage and Mushroom Tree with Tub. Something for home and something for on-the-go!

  27. 77

    Very cool this would a lot of fun!

  28. 78
    Emmie's mom

    Hi. If I win the giveaway, I will absolutely purchase a cat tree or wall climbing system! I have 4 “permanent” cats and 1 visiting, and they need new places to climb! The cat trees are unique; narrowing my choice down to just one will be difficult! Thanks!

  29. 79

    I would buy the Kat Kabin and kitty ramp/scratcher.

  30. 80
    Britni B.

    What a nice give away! I would use it towards a Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed since my kitty has to travel a lot with me during school vacations but hates his current carrier, and a Cat Door Climer for the apartment.

  31. 81

    My cat needs something to climb and lounge on.

  32. 82

    If I won the $300 shopping spree, I would get the Kitty Sleeper Cube (possibly the large once, since I have 2), the Ultimate 32″ Cat Scratching Post, a cool cat bed, and probably some kitty toys!


  33. 83

    Oh! I would so get the LitterMaid Elite Mega automatic self cleaning litter box! :)

  34. 84

    Hope I win! Our shelter could really use some of these things!

  35. 85

    Lots of great stuff! I will have to go with a new kitty condo! they have lots of great eco friendly ones!

  36. 86

    Joey the red tabby and his mom would love the Imperial Palace! AND plenty of toys with whatever is left over!

  37. 87
    Linda Becar

    My 26 cats and kittens would love this! I could buy them many items to play with. What a wonderfully generous giveaway!

  38. 88
    Christina W

    My husband and I are in a condo and cat-less right now but I would splurge on my sister’s two kitties…with lots of fun new goodies – the Itch Wall Cat Scratcher, Huggers pet beds, some hip new food bowls and more toys then they would know what to do with!

  39. 89

    I would use it on one of the litter concealment products. I love the shaker ones, but the bench bed and cabinet is more likely.

  40. 90

    So many choices! I would probably split it half and half, buying some things for the rescue I work with and some for my Squeaky.

    I’d get the The Cat Washroom Litterbox Concealer and probably a fountain and feeder for us.

    For our rescue, I’d get a bunch of the imperial cat scratcher and snooze things.

  41. 91

    It would be so hard to choose something but I guess from all the things I’ve seen I would get a sleepypod with a warmer… =0)

  42. 92

    I love the Moon Shaped Tube Center. My cats would have a blast!

    I also love the Incredible Cedar Teaser Cat Toy. So fun!

  43. 93

    My kitty would love the Crazy Post Cat Scratcher, the Penthouse Woven Pet Bed, and the SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box. It would be like an early Christmas!

  44. 94
    Dr. Anne

    I have been wanting to try a Sleepypod carrier/bed for awhile, so this would help me get one. We also need a new cat tree!

  45. 95

    This will be my next stop for a kitty shopping spree.

  46. 96
    I would buy this fabulous cat tree for my kitty girls!!! They would love it because they could get away from the dogs!Ha!!
    Thank you,got my fingers crossed!

  47. 97

    I would like the cedar cat tree for our city animal shelter.

  48. 98

    I would definitely get a SleepyPod for my oldest cat, and either a bentwood scratcher, cat tree, or wall mounted perch also! I really hope I win!! What a great giveaway!

  49. 99

    I do so love them on the wall, I like them also big and tall. They help my sofa live with care, I do so like them everywhere. Scratchers.

  50. 100

    Pet steps so they can get up and down from the bed and couch easily (I have 2 elderly cats) and lots of perches so they can look out the windows.

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