Introducing the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!

Wed, Oct 27, 2010

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I’m absolutely fascinated by cardboard design and these new toys are one of the coolest designs I’ve seen. The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers are little cardboard toys that you put together from pre-punched cardboard. Each one holds a catnip packet (comes with the toys) and has a compartment for placing treats. When the toys roll across the floor, the treats fall out, enticing kitty to keep playing (at least until all the treats are gone).

The rollers come in a set of four in a cool little box that would make a great gift for any cat lover. You punch out the pieces and assemble the rollers. The design is truly brilliant and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. There’s even a video showing you how to assemble the rollers.

They sent us some rollers to test out and the cats like them as much as I do. Ando and Theo were the first to give them a sniff:

Then I made this little video. As you can see, Ando is the worst treat thief ever! I didn’t realize just how bad he is until I saw all the clips of him stealing treats. He’s terrible! And, yes, he did throw up promptly after making the video. Too many treats. (If you can’t see the video below in your email, click here to watch it on the site.)

The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers are $9.95 for a set of four and can be purchased online at or at Amazon.


Five lucky winners are each going to receive a set of Amazing Treat Machine Rollers! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on November 3. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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771 Responses to “Introducing the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 251

    Oh, count me in, or should I say, count my cat Simba in! What a great idea and hours of fun! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. 252

    My four girls would probably fight over these! But wait, there’s four rollers in each package so they wouldn’t have to fight! One for each!

  3. 253

    My two boys would love these! Endless hours of entertainment… and treats…

  4. 254

    My cats beg for treats before I walk out the door every morning. It would be great to put these out before I leave for work and let them have at it all day.

  5. 255

    My kitties would absolutely love these toys!

  6. 256

    A combination of all the things my cats love: treats, catnip, playing, and cardboard! Why on earth do cats love cardboard so much??

  7. 257

    These cardboard rollers are awesome. I know how much cats love cardboard. I think these are a great idea!

  8. 258
    Jessica D.

    These are awesome! I think this is a great present for any cat owner this coming holiday season…they get the fun of putting it together and watching their cats play. :) love it!

  9. 259
    Marie Rivers

    Cool looking product. Our 2 boys (one of which looks exactly like the gray kitty in the above photos!) would love these and our girl cat needs the exercise!!

  10. 260
    Monica Collins

    These are adorable!

  11. 261

    OH! My cat Lucy would LOVE these!! We’ve been weaning her off treats bc she begs for them constantly; we’re about to have twins, so we know we can’t keep accommodating her desires for long. This would be great b/c she could get some exercise (which she needs as an indoor only kitty) AND get her beloved treats! Awesome!!

  12. 262

    I can’t wait to try these!

  13. 263

    Ando is a clever kitty! Mimi Cat loves to experiment with new objects, like Ando seems to do–it will be fun to see her puzzling out this treat roller.

  14. 264

    Great idea! I think once two of my kitties (Jasper & Gizmo) found out there were treats in there, they would learn how to hold onto the toy an shake it until everything fell out!

  15. 265
    Mary Hall

    These are so cool, love ‘em!

  16. 266

    Those are the same treats my cats go nuts for! They like the Milk flavored ones the best. Thanks for sharing a great product!

  17. 267

    my two girls would just love these, I can see them flinging them and batting and resting it on their tummy’s wrestling with

  18. 268

    My kitty would love this, even without the treats inside!

  19. 269

    Well, mine would have more than 1 treat because she LOVES biting into cardboard!

    She would love these – thanks for another great giveaway….

  20. 270

    Kitty energy sapper! yay!

  21. 271

    Great toy idea! My kitties would love them!

  22. 272

    The girls would love these, Inky would be my treat thief.

  23. 273

    What a wonderful idea! Exercise and treats all at the same time! I have a couple of heifers who would really benefits from these.

  24. 274

    Minou LOVES cardboard… I think she is more likely to gnaw on the cardboard even though she loves treats almost as much!

  25. 275

    A great novel idea — play toy rewards kitty workout!

  26. 276

    These would entertain us both, I’m sure!

  27. 277

    These are AMAZING!!! One of my two kittens are lazy so this would be a great toy to keep her moving!!

  28. 278

    I’m sure that Shackleford and Blue would love to investigate this item. I enjoyed seeing the video of 5 cats checking out the “Amazing Treat Machine.” It could be entertaining for the whole household.

  29. 279

    OMG, this is such a great idea! I would like to have one for my kitty!!

  30. 280

    What a great toy, Miss Maizey May would love it as playing and eating are her favorite things to do!

  31. 281

    What a neat idea….kitties love to claw cardboard and roll around. I can see my new kitty with these now!

  32. 282

    How Cute – I am sure that my three cats would be playing with them every chance they could.

  33. 283

    yay! my cat would eat the cardboard too. :)

  34. 284

    i like that they’re biodegradable! dang, a treat-toy made out of cardboard. super sweet!

  35. 285

    Too fun. Mine would be at it for hours. She’s a catnip junkie.

  36. 286

    So cute. I think my two kitties would love these. They absolutely love their treats and a toy to play with too! Thanks! :)

  37. 287

    LOL – I loved the video!! My Rascal would be the treat thief. Looks like a fun toy!

  38. 288

    These are awesome! I’ve actually been looking for treat dispensing toys and haven’t been able to find any at my local pet stores. My kitty Solo would have a blast with the amazing treat machine rollers!

  39. 289
    israel y

    our uncle fred the cat will love this!

  40. 290

    Our cats love cardboard anything and treats – these would be a huge hit!

  41. 291

    my kitties would love these! what a great idea.

  42. 292

    LOL! You’re right, total treat thief! These look like fun, though I don’t know if my cats would fall for it. They’re too used to making sure I stick to the regularly scheduled snack time.

  43. 293

    cardboard always wins! the kitties will love it

  44. 294

    So cool!! My Jack wouldlove it!!! =)

  45. 295

    Genius! I’ve seen these type of toys for dogs but not cats. I know a Siamese that will dismantle these toys to figure out how they manage to dispense treats. Better that than having her rearrange my furniture….

  46. 296

    My cat is always looking for something new to do !

  47. 297

    Haha….he is such a treat thief! Too funny.

  48. 298

    my cats (fosters and personal cats) are all treat addicts! this would just make their addiction more fun to watch :-)

  49. 299

    So clever. My kitty girls would have a great time with this.

  50. 300

    These are absolutely fab!! Our cats will go totally crazy! Make that crazier than they already are around catnip!

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