Introducing the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!

Wed, Oct 27, 2010

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I’m absolutely fascinated by cardboard design and these new toys are one of the coolest designs I’ve seen. The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers are little cardboard toys that you put together from pre-punched cardboard. Each one holds a catnip packet (comes with the toys) and has a compartment for placing treats. When the toys roll across the floor, the treats fall out, enticing kitty to keep playing (at least until all the treats are gone).

The rollers come in a set of four in a cool little box that would make a great gift for any cat lover. You punch out the pieces and assemble the rollers. The design is truly brilliant and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. There’s even a video showing you how to assemble the rollers.

They sent us some rollers to test out and the cats like them as much as I do. Ando and Theo were the first to give them a sniff:

Then I made this little video. As you can see, Ando is the worst treat thief ever! I didn’t realize just how bad he is until I saw all the clips of him stealing treats. He’s terrible! And, yes, he did throw up promptly after making the video. Too many treats. (If you can’t see the video below in your email, click here to watch it on the site.)

The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers are $9.95 for a set of four and can be purchased online at or at Amazon.


Five lucky winners are each going to receive a set of Amazing Treat Machine Rollers! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on November 3. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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771 Responses to “Introducing the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 351

    Great idea! Maybe i will be lucky:) and my cat too ;)

  2. 352

    My kitty loves toys, so treat toys would be even better! :)

  3. 353

    What a sneak! And how funny to watch his nonchalant success. What did you use for the treats?

  4. 354

    A new wireless home entertainment system – love it!

  5. 355
    Rita-Anne provenzano

    OMG! These are adorable! My furballs wold have a field day with these!

  6. 356

    Those look so fun! My kitties would love the stimulation almost as much as the treats inside!

  7. 357

    This would be hours of fun for my kitty!

  8. 358
    Laurie O'Connell

    HOW AWESOME!!! I’ve been trying to search for something like this for awhile. Unfortunately all I’ve located were balls that dispensed the treats. But the problem with these were they dispensed all treats at a time :-( (. Also, they weren’t as environmentally friendly as cardboard. I even tried to make my own from old prescription bottles but unfortunately found that these wouldn’t roll easily. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR IDEA!! I’m sure my furr babies would love both the hunt as well as the reward ;-) . Thank you for creating a wonderful product that both my cats & the environment will love!!

  9. 359

    As if these aren’t enticing enough, we get the pleasure of a new ModernCat video! OH, poor Ando (Rani is the treat-hog in this house — any time I come out to the kitchen in the evening is her cue to come out and pester me for treats) — and is that Flora or Dazzler trying to get her share? >^^<

  10. 360

    Our cats love treat balls, and these would be a great alternative to the noisy plastic treat balls.

  11. 361

    I bought Slate a ball that rolls and treats fall out and no matter how often we played together, he did not correlate the treats with rolling the toy and left it alone when I wasn’t there. I suspect that the smell of catnip will draw more interest and may lead him to make the discovery on his own that he can get a treat by playing with the toy.
    Its worth a try!

  12. 362

    Of my three kitties, two are “treat hounds.” And my XL Orange “Kritter” is OCD–if he gets a treat from a certain drawer or cabinet, that becomes his routine “meowing” point! Hiding the treats in a self-serve, movable feast is a great way to avoid an OCD episode!

  13. 363

    Awesome – my cats would have a great time playing with these!

  14. 364

    wow these are great, my kitties would have a fantastic time with them!

  15. 365

    My cats would LOVE! this.

  16. 366

    My kitties would love to chase these around!

  17. 367

    My nip-a-holics would NEVER leave these alone – at least not until the overdose of ‘nip knocked them out for a major nap! Leo the pig-cat would probably OWN the treat roller, too (don’t know about little Alexander yet – he’s not old enough to come home for a few more weeks).

  18. 368
    Denise Kelly

    Treats on command? Toys that smell like catnip AND give treats? What cat or cat person wouldn’t want these amazing toys?

  19. 369
    C. Temple

    Let the Good Times Roll!

  20. 370

    One of my cats has realized that if he rolls it so the hole-side is down, more treats comes out. So he rolls it there, then just gentle taps it so that it falls back on the same side. He no longer needs to exercise to get the treats!

  21. 371
    christine m.

    Love it! Love the eco!!!

  22. 372

    These look neat! I think my kittens might eat the roller itself, but would probably have a great time doing so.

  23. 373

    My kitty would love these!

  24. 374

    Super cool!

  25. 375

    What a novel idea! It incorporates exercise, fun, play, and a reward. My boys Simba and Smokey would give it 10 paws up.

  26. 376

    My kittens love cardboard so I’m sure these would go over great with them.

  27. 377
  28. 378

    My kitty would love these!

  29. 379
    Sarah Hock

    OMG! What a great idea! All I can imagine is having them at some of the local shelters for some much needed behavior enrichment!

  30. 380

    Oooh! Those are a great idea! It would give our boys someething interesting to do.

  31. 381

    These are AWESOME. I work in the corrugated industry and some of the products that people come up with just amazes me.

  32. 382

    These look great and my 3 would definitely love them, the only issue might be if Henry & Nigel try to eat the roller itself. They LOVE cardboard. I loved your video.

  33. 383

    Fun! This great cause it’s so simple, but fun for the cats!

  34. 384

    One of my cats – Mio – is a treat fiend. I’d love to make her work for it!

  35. 385

    Cool concept!

  36. 386
    Tina B.

    I’d love to see my guys n girls try to figure this out!

  37. 387

    My blind cat could stay occupied with this for hours. Yes, he is a VERY special child…

  38. 388

    Would love to win this and would share it with the felines over at our local animal shelter :-)

  39. 389

    so cute! what a great idea, will definitely be getting some as xmas gifts!

  40. 390

    These look like lots of fun!

  41. 391

    Oh wow … what a great idea! I currently have only one cat (down from four rest their furry little souls) and I think she gets bored. This would keep her occupied for awhile! Although the only “treats” she gets is her regular dry cat food due to too many cat yaks to recount.

  42. 392

    Nope would not work in our house. One of my Ragdolls love to eat paper of any type including cardboard. He would eat the treats and the toy. Best for us to stick to the plastic treat ball. Wonders where that was hidden.

  43. 393

    What a great idea! I get to assemble them (which I like) and I think the gang would really enjoy playing with these rollers and getting treats. Very clever.

  44. 394

    cute! i’d love to win. :)

  45. 395

    I bet these would even entice my geriatric cat to roll one for treats . . . although she usually just rips it apart to get the the good stuff. :)

  46. 396

    Very cool idea! My cats love cardboard, and anything that makes that attractive ‘scratchy’ noise, so this is a great gift for them! I hope we win! lol

  47. 397

    My cats would love one of these!

  48. 398

    Great idea, my cats should love this

  49. 399
  50. 400

    My 3 kitties would enjoy very much!!

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