Give Your Cat the Cleanest Freshest Water with a Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Mon, Nov 8, 2010

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I recently posted another pet drinking fountain and several people left comments saying how much they like the Glacier Point Pet Fountain, so I was excited to give it a try when the folks at Sierra BioScience sent me one to test. The Glacier Point fountain doesn’t have a slick modern design like some of the other fountains I’ve shown you, but when it comes to pure functionality and health and safety, the Glacier Point is a winner. I’ve tried several different fountains, and honestly, this is the fountain that the cats actually use the most.

Barry Farris, the inventor of the Glacier Point pet fountain, has a background in designing medical products, so he knows a lot about creating a safe and healthy device. He has chosen FDA approved water-safe components for his fountains, something I haven’t seen from other fountain manufacturers. The Glacier Point fountain uses a lead-free ceramic basin to hold the water. The basin can be easily and thoroughly cleaned, plus it is made in the USA. Also, the fountain is designed to use any standard bottle for the water reserve, and they recommend using glass instead of plastic. You can see in the photos above, I have the fountain set-up with one glass water bottle, but you can add three more if your cats go through more water in a day.

There are a few different models of the Glacier Point fountain:

  • Basic Fountain – This model includes the basin, pump, filter, and the black cabinet that holds the refill bottles. This is the model shown above with Theo and Ando taking a drink. The Basic Fountain is available in a 3 quart size or a high capacity size that holds 6 quarts.
  • The Perfect Pet Fountain™ – This model includes a water chiller that keeps the water cool. This is very unique, I’ve never seen a pet fountain before that actually chills the water. According to the Glacier Point website, chilled water encourages cats to drink more and decreases bacteria in the water.
  • Glacier Point IMS™ (Immune Support) – The immune support model includes a medical device that actually sterilizes the water, eliminating mold, bacteria, and viruses. If you have a cat with a compromised immune system, this may be a good investment.

The Glacier Point products are constantly being improved upon as new technologies are discovered. For instance, the company just announced that they are introducing a new filtration system, the NanoPetTech™, which uses “clean room” technology. This is one of the advantages of being a small company, continuous improvements always bring you the best product possible.

All the Glacier Point fountains are designed to be disassembled and cleaned, which I have found to be quite easy. You can also heat sterilize all the parts without worrying about damaging them. Individual replacement parts are available on the Glacier Point website, including filters. Another nice feature is that you can position the water spout in any direction. Point the spout up, like I have it in the photos, to hear the sound of running water, or position it down for a silent fountain.


Glacier Point is offering a special gift for Moderncat readers who order any fountain model now through Nov 30. Just mention Moderncat when you place your order and you will get to choose $10 worth of free replacement filters or a made-in-the-USA coffee mug to match your fountain. Please indicate your choice at checkout.

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23 Responses to “Give Your Cat the Cleanest Freshest Water with a Glacier Point Pet Fountain”

  1. 1

    This is the fountain that I ordered after fairly extensive research. I ordered the Perfect Pet model because I liked the chilled water feature, both because my cats prefer chilled water but also because it reduces bacteria. However, the Basic model would be fine as well. If anyone is hesitant to purchase the Glacier Point because you have a functioning plastic fountain at home, just do what I did: donate your plastic fountain to a friend!

  2. 2

    My cats have been enjoying the Perfect Pet water fountain since last February. Barry is wonderful to deal with, immediately answering any and all questions/concerns. Perhaps it is due to the water quality in my area, but I have not yet needed to change the charcoal filter. The chilled water does indeed encourage more water consumption by my cats; especially my geriatric ones, which is vital to their continued good health (especially their kidneys). I would never consider any of the plastic water fountains — too many health hazards!

  3. 3

    These are great, and may just be enough to get my cats out of the bathroom sink! They prefer drinking out of the sink over their water bowls, it must be the running, cold water…………this would be a much better alternative.

  4. 4

    Do cats really prefer chilled water? This is news to me but if so I will seriously consider buying one of these.

    How safe are they to be left running when no one is home but the cats?

  5. 5

    Agreed on how wonderful the product is *except* the design is hideous. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it had great design. For example, the Perfect Pet Feeder is expensive, but the quality and design are both superb.

  6. 6

    I have been wanting a cat water fountain with a chiller forever. My cat drinks out of the toilet and I believe the reason is because it is cold.

    I would definitly suggest some attention to design. I am going to wait to make my purchase until the design is a little more refined. I want something that I could actually display in my kitchen.

  7. 7
    Teresa Ann

    We have the 360 fountain. They love it,but it is plastic,and keeping it clean,even with regular filter changes ,is hard.
    I might have to try this one .

  8. 8

    Is thisw fountain safe to use for cats with the plastic allergy? The basin is ceramic and the water bottle is your choice, but there is still the plastic nozzle.

  9. 9

    REALLY nice designs and concept. Hope we’re able to afford one when we are ready for our next fountain — it definitely looks like the one for us.

  10. 10
    J Rose

    I love the idea, I just worry that it would end up a big mess due to the sprinkler-cat. We have a 1-gallon waterer because he kept knocking over the smaller one and spilling it all over. He has too much fun playing in the water. At least it would likely be sturdy enough to not tip.

  11. 11
    Stephanie G

    These are great for my cats with acne and prone to urinary issues (all male)!! Unfortunately, like many things I see here, the cost is just too high even with the extra deal. So I’ll be sticking with the bowls for now.

  12. 12

    Cool aqua-yummy!

  13. 13
    E. A.

    IF i can afford, i would buy this :)

  14. 14
    10 cat Mom

    If you go to the GP website, click on the FAQ tab, and scroll down to the bottom last question, it states that they have refurbished fountains available at times for 12% off the retail price. You have to call them and ask about availability. This is not a huge discount, but it will reduce the cost some. I love the idea of the chilled fountain, and I believe our cats would love it.

  15. 15

    I plan to order the perfect pet fountain when my finances will allow. I’ve had 2 male cats with kidney problems and it was the cause of death for one of them. Anything that encourages cats to drink more water is well worth it. I have noticed my cat does drink more water when the water is cooler and fresh from the faucet.

    I ordered one of the black “onyx” ceramic fountains from Dr. Foster’s and Smith. I called the manufacturer to discuss the origin of the ceramic base. They told me they own the factory in China where they are made but were cagey with me when I pressed about whether they test for lead in the glaze or component parts. I returned the fountain.

    The Glacier Point fountain is designed to give clean cool water to your cat by a company that seems to put cat health first. Would you really put style over the health of your cat? Seriously??

  16. 16

    I just bit the bullet and purchased one of these a month ago after reading about them on Moderncat. I was able to speak with the owner extensively–he is very accessible. He recommends that everyone start with the basic, and it’s easy to upgrade later if you want to. No, they are not a mid-century modern feature, but who the heck cares? They are excellently made using food-grade plastics using all US-made products in the USA. They are safe and effective, which makes me confident that my cat is not ingesting unstable degrading plastic. My cat took one day to get used to her new fountain, and now she loves it. It took me less than an hour to get used to the light hum. The owner stands completely behind his products and you can TALK to him about upkeep and why he has made the design choices he has. He understands that the initial cost is high, but he is all about keeping your overall cost down–if you want to use extra water bottles, he suggests you use old vinegar bottles that have been cleaned rather than asking you to purchase more from him. I think the initial cost is totally worth it considering that I think it is safe for my cat and that she likes it. The owner told me he has a 95% satisfaction rate and I believe it. I would recommend this product to any cat owner.

  17. 17

    Interestingly, I just ordered another fountain last night and one of my concerns was the fact that all my cats (present and past) prefer the chilled water that percolates in the toilet. Ice cubes set in a bowl of water don’t help because as far as my cats are concerned, ice cubes are some odd variation on frozen mice and serve as toys.

    I wish I’d seen this a few days ago; however, I’m going to set up the arriving fountain and then in a few days order and try this one since they have a guarantee–hopefully my furry felines will prefer it because I know from previous experience that the water gets quite warm in most fountains and no matter how particular you are about cleaning other fountains and how often you clean, they tend to develop ‘grunge.’

    I want my current cats to drink more water; I haven’t owned a fountain since one of my previous cats suddenly refused to drink from another fountain product and his twin suddenly developed a fondness for the cold water in the toilet bowl.

  18. 18

    I am glad to hear that so many people seem to be having a good experience but mine was not. After some issues with the fountain and trying to love it anyway, I returned it. It was after the 60 day return policy but Barry told me to anyway. He said the fountain had been “abused” and I told him I didn’t do anything to it. So I just asked him to return it even if it was broken, instead he threw my $200 fountain away without consulting me. He was so rude to me, hung up on me, didn’t return emails, and he personally insulted me. I eventually contacted the BBB. I wouldn’t buy something from someone that has such bad customer service skills, because you might have some problem with the fountain and he might go off on you too. You have been warned!

  19. 19

    My cats PetMate fountain recently died after 4 years and I have been searching for a new one. I read about this on the internet and then here. I have to agree with others – this fountain looks awful, sure if it is in a separate room and not in the living area I guess it would be ok but the cost certainly does not fit the product. After all, what is it really? A glass dish with an aquarium filter and a couple bottles on top – it looks like it was made in shop class. The other thing I don’t understand is on the website it says that charcoal filters don’t clean water yet this item has a charcoal filter – confusing. Anyway, if you have it and love it and more important it works for your cats that is great and what counts, but I am going to keep looking, I believe that there are better looking fountains out there that do the same.

  20. 20

    your main concern is how the fountain looks?? What if your child needed to be in a wheelchair or had to wear a helmet? How does that look? Not so fashionable?? Not “modern” looking? Get over it and get what is best for your CAT. That is what is most important the HEALTH AND WELL-BEING of you cat(s). This thing could be lime green and paisley and I am still going to buy it.

  21. 21
    Kris Craig

    The devil’s in the details. I remain very skeptical about this product because of how completely and utterly vague they are about the specifics. Their website spends about 90% of the text copy explaining why your cat needs this, but they don’t really go into much detail about what exactly “this” is!

    For example, here are some really, REALLY basic questions that are not addressed anywhere:

    1. How often does maintenance on the filter need to be performed?

    2. Can the filter be cleaned; and, if so, how? Is it dishwasher-safe or does it require a special method? How many times can it be cleaned before it becomes ineffective?

    3. If the filter needs to be replaced, how does one go about doing this? Is it a standardized type of filter or does it have to be purchased from Glacier Point; and, if so, for how much?

    4. Is there a hookup for an external water source?

    5. How frequently does the water need to be changed/refilled for each storage container?

    6. Speaking of which, does it come with ALL of the storage containers or only one? If just the one, how much extra do we have to pay to have them all attached as seen in your YouTube demo?

    7. What materials are used? If not plastic, then…. What? Glass? Stainless steel? Clay?

    8. Is there any paint used; and, if so, what kind?

    9. What is the estimated lifespan for this product, assuming no defects and specifications are adhered to completely?

    10. How often does the fountain itself need to be cleaned? Is it dishwasher-safe?

    11. Does the fountain need to be disconnected in order to refill, clean, or otherwise add or remove any of the storage containers?

    12. How does the water flow within the fountain itself? I.e. does it re-enter a storage container or is that merely the entry point? A demo or even just a diagram of how this thing actually works (which I’m assuming you must have included in your patent application if you had any hope of it being approved) would give your claims some MUCH-needed credibility!

    The internet is full of scams and fake reviews. I’m not saying this is one of them, but you are making a lot of grandiose claims and doing surprisingly little to back them up with anything concrete. No matter how interested I might be in a product like this, you’ll never, EVER get a sale out of me if I’m not able to evaluate your design to verify that it’s not just proverbial snake oil. I imagine most internet-savvy customers will have the same mindset.

    Answer the 12 above questions and you’ll notice a lot more interest in your product. And it might not hurt to clean-up the copy on your website while you’re at it. It’s important to include, “Why you want this,” statements. But if that’s ALL you have, most people will get frustrated and walk away just as I did. I was hoping this review would include the details your website lacked, but sadly it was almost as vague on the specifics.

    Think of it this way: I’m already sold on the concept. You’ve done great on that end. But you haven’t done ANYTHING to convince me that your IMPLEMENTATION of this concept is viable! You’ve answered the “why” and the “who,” but not the “what” and the “how.”

  22. 22

    My basic fountain will be arriving tomorrow. After reading all the comments, I’d like to add my two bits worth…at least as it stands, before getting the fountain. One…cats don’t care if it’s pretty. Personally, I like an ecotopian, functional design. Art is for humans, cat doesn’t care if you pay extra for something that looks good. If my cat drinks more, then that is all that matters. For the 12 step commenter, Kris…like you are going to get all those questions answered from any fountain manufacturer??? I don’t think so Tim, as Al Borland used to say on Tool Time. I like the industrial strength pump and easy to clean medical grade pieces. I’ll let you know more later…after “CJ” has tried it.


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