Enter to Win a Set of Series One Raised Feeders from Vurv Design

Mon, Nov 15, 2010

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The team at Vurv Design continues to produce beautiful, handcrafted pet products that look absolutely fabulous in a modern home, and their new Series One raised feeders are no exception. These individual raised feeders are designed to be used alone or as a set. Each size is available in two different heights, allowing you to place kibble in the lower dish and water in the taller dish to keep the kibble from getting in the water. This idea actually came from the comments that Moderncat readers left on the post about Vurv’s Maow Deluxe feeder. Vurv really listened to your feedback!

I’m using the Series One feeder that Vurv sent me to review for water, while I use all three bowls in the Maow Deluxe for kibble and it’s working out quite well. This is a medium, 4″ tall in walnut.

The Series One feeder comes in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large) and each size is available in two heights. Each feeder comes with a removable stainless steel bowl for easy cleaning, and the wood veneer is coated with a polyurethane finish that makes it very easy to remove water spots.

You can choose from six different real wood veneers: bamboo, maple, douglas fir, cherry, walnut, or wenge. Prices range from $98 to $198.


One lucky reader is going to receive a pair of Series One feeders! The winner will get to choose two feeders, either small or medium, in any combination of sizes, heights, and veneers. This will make a great holiday gift for someone! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on November 21. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

Special Offer

Anyone who purchases a Series One feeder from Vurv Design will receive an extra stainless steel bowl with each feeder for free. Just mention Moderncat when you place your order.

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1,151 Responses to “Enter to Win a Set of Series One Raised Feeders from Vurv Design”

  1. 1101

    I’d like one of these…especially like the wenge.

  2. 1102

    These are gorgeous and my cats are purring for a win!

  3. 1103

    My kitties would love this!

  4. 1104
    Raphael Adidas

    I love Vurv!

  5. 1105

    So beautiful, and would look great in our loft. I’m sure our cat would love them… and so would we!

  6. 1106

    These are really pretty..actually much prettier than my cat!

  7. 1107
    karen leonardo

    These are nice. Love the elevated bowl effect.

  8. 1108

    My cat would really like these stylish,trendy feeders

  9. 1109
    Laura Suchocki

    These are so clean line looking. Very decorative, but also extremely useful at the same time.

  10. 1110

    These are beautiful. Would love to have them.

  11. 1111
    Ward Suddaby

    Our senior Cats would be so grateful to use these!

  12. 1112

    I have an older cat with a touch of arthritis in her back and an allergy to plastic. What a purrfect product for cats with special needs.

  13. 1113
    Fame Alejo

    these are soO COOL! my henrik would love them!

  14. 1114

    My cat would love these! They are so nice.

  15. 1115

    Fred would be movin’ up in the world!

  16. 1116
    Jennifer Amery

    How lovely and what a great design! We have such a problem with tipped biscuits on the floor and the cats water accidently spilling everywhere. I am sure our cats would be most greatful for such a lovely prize – thankyou

  17. 1117

    Very posh. Kitty will think she’s moved into a boutique cat hotel.

  18. 1118
    Jody Stephens

    i’ll eat out of them

  19. 1119

    My boys approve the practical yet beautiful design of these feeders and would be honored to use them in good health.

  20. 1120

    Spenser and Spring would truly enjoy the luxury of these dishes!

  21. 1121
    Emily H

    Our cats would be stylish using these bowls rather than the plastic Tupperware bowls they are currently using.

  22. 1122

    Would love to win these for my Hannah and Rusty!!

  23. 1123

    These are simply gorgeous! My kitties would love to have one of these.

  24. 1124
    kathy gruss

    i want to win, what a great prize

  25. 1125

    I could REALLY use these, especially for my brain-damaged girl who eats MUCH better when her food dish is raised.

  26. 1126
    Michelle rue

    Gorgeous cat dishes! I love them and so would my kitties!

  27. 1127

    WOW these feeders are fantastic! My spoiled little kitty would love these!

  28. 1128

    Those are reeeeally nice looking feeders! Although I think it might be just a tad too deep for my kitty.

  29. 1129
    Maryann Royster

    My cats don’t like to drink out of dishes on the floor – they prefer drinking out of a watering pail. Having a raised dish would make my 2 boys happy.

  30. 1130
    Sarah Williams

    These are really prestige designer bowls, I would love to give my kitties a treat with these.

  31. 1131
    Linda Sadler

    Lovely! I also have cats who don’t like their water dishes on the floor.

  32. 1132

    Bookie and Gemma love to have a raised bowl. I love the design and the light colors very rich looking. Our Girls are princess’s and would be easier for Gem to eat and drink so she does not fall over when she eats she has 3 legs and would be good for her. thanks, love your products.

  33. 1133

    I know this i a cat bowl, but My frenchbulldog should love this elevated ones, he has a problem eating when the bowls stand just on the floor,
    good site,

  34. 1134
    gloria comstock

    I have a 9 year old female cat who is diabetic and an insulin shot twice a day. she has started playing in the water an we have quite a mess. since I am in my 80′s this bowl would keep the water off thefloor an pushing the dish around and would save me alot of cleaning

  35. 1135

    My three cats would absolutely love these!!! Really like the wenge color :)

  36. 1136
    Laura Quinton

    I absolutely adore these. They would go perfectly with all of my 1950′s teak furniture! <3

  37. 1137

    I really like this. Beautiful design. Nothing like the ordinary feeder.

  38. 1138

    No more tapping the dinner fork on a crystal dish…
    The Vurv design team just re-invented dinner time!!
    Way to go, I love it!

  39. 1139

    those are beautiful! my kitties would love to have these!!

  40. 1140

    WOW! I love these. Just renovating in my new home the kitchen, and these would work perfectly! Love all your ideas!

  41. 1141
    Amy Still

    We are getting a kitten and excited about the cool cat gear that I’m finding!

  42. 1142
    Shelby, Christopher & Jupiter

    Please, please, please, pick us,

    Jupiter is a big fan of the cherry set, which matches the cherry table that I and my boyfriend, Christopher and eat at.

    We adopted Jupiter two weeks ago and he just turned 6 months old. We’d love to give this to him as a gift to celebrate his new home, and becoming an adult cat (he just lost his last baby tooth)!

    Thank you for considering. :) :x ) :)

    & PS We love everything on your Website so far, so excited about modern cat designs.

  43. 1143

    I am about to be a new cat owner and coming from a family of artists I like things to be functional and beautiful. These are both! I would love to have these as an addition to my home.

  44. 1144

    Nice. My cats will love eating out of these bowls.

  45. 1145

    These bowls are the cat’s meow. They will feel as if they live in a Park Avenue apt. How simply divine.

  46. 1146
    Carol Bauer

    Wow! These bowls are so neat! We have cherry wood kitchen cabinets & these bowls would look so sharp in my kitchen. My 4 kitties would think they were so special eating out of these, of course they are special in my eyes anyway! :) :) :) :)

  47. 1147

    Who knew that a cat’s dish could be so attractive!

  48. 1148

    These are wonderful! Beautiful design!

  49. 1149

    Love the maple dishes!

  50. 1150

    KEWL BEANZZZZZZZZ! Would love one!

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