Win an Organic Retro Collar and Hand-stamped ID Tag from Very Vintage Designs

Thu, Nov 18, 2010

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Very Vintage Designs offers a huge selection of adorable cat collars and ID tags, all handmade in Los Angeles. The collars have antique brass hardware and a breakaway buckle, and the organic cotton fabrics give them a cool retro flair. They also offer a variety of hand-stamped pet ID tags in brass, aluminum, and copper.


One lucky winner is going to get to choose any cat collar and ID tag from Very Vintage Designs! To enter, please visit the Very Vintage Designs Etsy shop, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which collar and tag you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on November 25. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses everywhere.

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484 Responses to “Win an Organic Retro Collar and Hand-stamped ID Tag from Very Vintage Designs”

  1. 301

    WOW the tags are so freaking cute! it’s really hard to choose, but i think i would get the metal madness king layered tag! i feel like, if the layers are loose, they’ll make noise, like a bell, so it’d be easy to figure out where my cat is!

    for collars, i like french strawberry and cherry jubilee!

  2. 302

    My fluffly girl Oscar would look very cute wearing the brown polka dot collar (New Englander?) with Spunky tags.

  3. 303

    Forgot to say which collar Wally would like. He likes the blue collar with polka dots and the Riley tag.

  4. 304
  5. 305

    The Havest Moon collar & The Emma Tag are beautiful!

  6. 306

    Absolutely beautiful!!! My favourites are the Take Flight Collar and the Riley Tag.

  7. 307

    Polka dots for everyone! Very 1950s!
    Double tags because I want to know what trouble my cats are getting into.

  8. 308

    The Robots Galore collar is too cute! My Malaki would look so handsome with his name engraved on the Seafarer II legacy tag on that collar!

  9. 309

    My little Domo would look adorable in one of these, I absolutely love them. The Happy Hippie Trees collar with The Chase tag would be great. Awesome giveaway idea! (: Much love!

  10. 310

    All the collars & tags are so cute but we’d want to go with the Travel The World collar with The Edward tag to match the brass hardware on the collar. :)

  11. 311

    Such pretty collars and tags! I would love “The Poppy” collar and the “Samantha” tag.

  12. 312

    I would choose “THE NEW ENGLANDER Chocolate Brown Dotted” for my cat Jack. But I have two cats, so if I won, I’d have to buy a “OLD WORLD ROMANCE Retro Vintage Black Red Dramatic Damask” one for my cat Tabitha so they could both have one.

  13. 313
    Jessica F.

    I enjoy the Forest Friends and the Lucas tag.

  14. 314

    Wow, this is hard! I narrowed it down to 2 collars and 3 tags… I suppose I’d pick the Bat Cat Collar and the Poe tag. My Potter would look quite fetching!

  15. 315
    Cindy Abernathy

    I LOVE the HAPPY HIPPIE TREES Organic Cotton CAT Collar and The Fluffy tag. How gorgeous! So much nicer than the stuff at the store and even cost less!

  16. 316

    Happy Hippie Trees with The Riley would be great.

  17. 317
    Raphael Adidas

    Maybe this will be the collar my cat doesn’t lose.

  18. 318
    Dawn Garlick

    I love the poppy, it is so cute. and would look great on Oreo, he is my fashion guro

  19. 319

    Love retro & so hard to choose-would be pleased with any one of them-Luigi & Smiley

  20. 320

    I like so many of them! Martini and olives with the olive tag is one of my favorite pairings.

  21. 321

    Fabulous designs – hard choice. But ‘tuff guy’ Max would look great in the Jack collar with skull & crossbones plus the matching Walk the Plank tag. Aarrg!

  22. 322
    Dee S

    I like the red poppy collar and the Julie tag

  23. 323

    gosh so many great designs to choose from how can anyone decide…
    I would pick the Whoo Brown Owl with the Maverick tag.

  24. 324

    I love these designs! I would choose the “Call of the Wild” or “Here, kitty, kitty” fabric for the collar, and the “Spunky” style of tag.

  25. 325

    Here Kitty, Kitty and the Julie Deluxe for Piewackett

  26. 326

    Abbadagio would look amazing in a leopard collar with the hope tag!

  27. 327

    I love them all! Just added a new bubba to my feline family and he would look so handsome in any of these, but especially Harvest Moon or Mandarin Marvel!

  28. 328

    So many choices!! I think Sis would look good in the TAKE FLIGHT collar with the GRACY tag.

  29. 329

    Spot, my diva kittyboy, would love either the Jackie or Ethyl tags, because they have stars on them and he is a star. The Old World Romance collar would go best with his white, luxurious fur.

  30. 330

    Love these, and the fact that they’re organic is even better! I’d choose the dot-o-matic and the spunky tag.

  31. 331

    The Frosty would be perfect for my cat North! Love the Happy Hippie Trees collar!

  32. 332
  33. 333
    Jennifer Simpson

    I love the Seafarer tag and Peacock Retro Lime collar (really hard to choose though, guess I could pick one for each day of the week).

  34. 334

    tough choice – probably the peacock with the olive tag but love spunky with either lucy or bohemian!

  35. 335
    Kathleen Kelleher

    I love the Layered 2-Disc Small tag with GREAT EXPECTATIONS Leopard Collar. That would look great on my Russian Blue boy, Zyd.

  36. 336
    Tracy Brewer

    my newest stray needs a tag now that she’s been here a year.

  37. 337

    We’d probably go for The Lucky for a tag and then the Galaxy Quest pattern for a collar! How fun!

  38. 338
    Andrea S

    I LOVE the Hampton’s Hideaway crab collar! and the Seafarer tag would just go wonderfully with it! Everything was adoarble!

  39. 339
    Hyun Young Yoo

    I really like the idea of these collars and ID tags cuz I looooove vintage style myself and I was actually looking for vintage style collars for my cats. I’m so happy that I found these. I really want the BLUE BUTTERFLY whimsical collar and both The Missy, The Emma ID tags. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I would definitely get it in future. :)

  40. 340

    I would choose the HARVEST MOON Whimsical Retro Orange Organic Cotton CAT Collar. Love the vintage feel.

  41. 341

    I would choose he The PEACOCK Retro Lime with the Emma – Bow Pet ID Tag Small Dog Cat Feminine Unique Handstamped.

    I love the retro colors and the added bow is a great detail!

  42. 342

    I’d love the Olive tag with the Happy Hippie design collar. But they are all really cute!

  43. 343


  44. 344

    I love the Hamden hideaway collar and the Poe tag. I love the crabs on the hideaway. The hideaway along with the Poe reminds me of where I am from in Maryland. My cat would look great in this!

  45. 345

    I think I’d have to go with the Peacock collar and Riley tag… but it’d be easy to change my mind, what a huge shop.
    Of course no matter what I won, I’d then have to get another one for the twin sister… Neither of them have a tag now, so it’d be great to introduce them to a collar in a stylish way. :) (cross fingers)

  46. 346
    Beth F.

    I really like the Peacock with the Olive tag, but they are all so adorable!

  47. 347

    How can you pick just one? I would love any of these: The Who Brown Owl, Peacock, Harvest Moon, Dot-o-matic, Galaxy Quest, Star Bright, Sakura Blossom. . . .
    And for the tag: Mayhem or Legolas.

    Very chic and stylish designs!

  48. 348

    As with all of your collar contests, it was extremely tough to pick just one favorite design, but I think I’d go with the ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ collar. It’s too cute for our boy kitty, Indy. And I love the ‘Olive Bow’ tag for one of our girl kitties.

  49. 349
    Shannon Shoemaker

    I’d choose the Harvest Moon collar and the Cosmos pet tag!! Awesome craft!

  50. 350

    Very cute and beautiful designs.

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