Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!

Wed, Nov 24, 2010

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Do you have a scaredy cat at home? One who’s afraid of the vacuum and the mailman? I do, and the thought of getting him groomed is very unpleasant. The clippers used by groomers vibrate, making a noise that is frightening to nervous pets. And using regular scissors is not an option. Did you know that it is very dangerous to use regular scissors on a cat’s fur because their skin is so delicate that when you lift the fur it’s almost impossible not to clip the skin, which could be disastrous.

Well, Scaredy Cut is a new invention that provides a simple solution. This grooming set uses scissors with a clip-on blade to protect delicate skin when trimming kitty’s fur. They sent me a set to try, and I tested it on Mackenzie, my big chicken-butt, and I was thrilled at how well it works! Sometimes Mackenzie needs a little assistance grooming his wooly britches and I was able to use the Scaredy Cut to help him out — without freaking him out. The Scaredy Cut is Mackenzie approved!

The set comes with one pair of scissors with a special comb holder and six plastic clip-on combs ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. These are the same combs used with electric clippers and are designed to glide smoothly through fur while resting on the skin and keeping the blade at a safe distance. It’s easy to see the pink comb in any color fur.

In addition to eliminating the vibration and sound of electric clippers, the Scaredy Cut prevents uncomfortable hair pulling. Even with regular clippers the fur is pulled from one side. With Scaredy Cut, the scissor blades come together from both sides, eliminating pulling.

The Scaredy Cut set comes packaged in a little box with instructions, perfect for holiday gift giving. The set is available from Amazon for $25 with free shipping. Get more information and watch the demo video at


Five lucky winners are going to get to test the Scaredy Cut themselves. Each winner will receive a Scaredy Cut grooming set PLUS the special Tiny Trimball-tipped scissors for finishing touches. To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 1, 2010. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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549 Responses to “Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 451

    My long-haired kitty sure could use this!

  2. 452
    Kelly Burch

    I need this! This is great!

  3. 453
    Patsy Chattley

    How wonderful what a lovely safe way to trim a snarl without upseting your baby.

  4. 454

    My Lucifurr is the scaredy cat and needs this!!!

  5. 455
    Susan Dagg

    I have 5 cats. But one could really use this. I can not get rid of all the matted hair on him. Especially on his belly.

  6. 456

    This would be great for my cat! Please count me in too ~ :)

  7. 457
    Cat Chew

    Looking for ward to trying these.

  8. 458

    My little fraidy cat would love this

  9. 459

    such a smart idea. i’m always so scared to use regular grooming scissors. i would definitely give this a try.

  10. 460

    This is a great idea. I have always wanted to clip some of my kitty’s hair but was always worried about cutting her.

  11. 461

    My Coco is scared of everything – she is scared of pieces of clothing lying on the floor, not to mention the trimmer. She has long, wooly hair and hates grooming, so her hair is constantly matted, especially on the back of her thighs.

    Scaredy Cut seems like a great solution for her grooming problems!

  12. 462

    I could sure use this!

  13. 463

    Oh man! this is such an awesome and nifty invention! Im sure my kits would love it..

  14. 464

    This is the product I’ve been waiting for a long time. I need this so bad!!

  15. 465

    This is awesome, my long-haired feline friend, Mona, could really use this. She is a prime example of a “scaredy cat.” [:

  16. 466
    Gotchi - The Cat

    I would LOVE to win the Scaredy Cut, because I hate being groomed and I don’t like the electric trimmer either. That would be perfect forthe mats on my belly.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  17. 467

    what a great idea. I think I am more scared approaching the cats with scissors than they are.

  18. 468

    My twenty year old long-haired torty no longer grooms like she used to. This looks like something we both could use.

  19. 469

    This kit is a dream come true. I have 5 long hair kitties and this would get alot of use in my household!

  20. 470

    Finally, a way to help my cats, without terrifying them (and me!!) when they need a little assistance.

  21. 471

    This is perfect for my long hair one which scary of every electronic motor sounds!

  22. 472
    eduarda verrino

    omg, this is certainly the solution of problems with my hair thrown out the house. 2 furry cats its not easy

  23. 473
    Michie Page

    My kitty has to have his “tail feathers” trimmed to keep litter from sticking to them. He is afraid of the buzzer and I am afraid of cutting him. This is the perfect solution!

  24. 474
    Donna Poynor

    I have four cats but the fifteen year old has the problem with mats. I have tried so many things that have not worked with her. I would love to try this and let all my cat loving friends know.

  25. 475

    Wow! I have two long-hairs and I usually groom by just hacking at the fur with scissors. The result is something like the after-effects of a drunk gardener going after the cat with a weed-whacker. This would make that so much better!

  26. 476

    I will love to have this for my 2 cats!

  27. 477

    I’d love this for our two longhairs!

  28. 478

    My poor boy is in desparate need of this tool!! It sounds like a life saver!

  29. 479

    These could be great for my Norwegian Forrest Cat….Uhmmm wonder how well they work? Experience anyone?

  30. 480

    What a nifty idea! Our cats are long haired and we have to keep them groomed on a regular basis. Miss Gracie, in particular, would love an alternative to the electric clippers – especially on her “tail feathers”.

  31. 481

    This looks great for my 21 year old long-haired kitty! She needs more help with grooming as she’s getting older.

  32. 482

    omg, I sooo need one of these. I am so over trying to cut out butt dreads with regular scissors!

  33. 483

    Wow, this is a fantastic idea! We have one semi-feral sweetie who is long-haired and has trouble feeling safe long enough to be brushed, she’d never be able to stand a shaver which makes snarls a major effort. What a great solution!

  34. 484

    My long-haired feral-born cat still freaks out when people walk toward her too vigorously, much less while carrying scissors. It’d be nice to convince her they aren’t totally evil.

  35. 485

    This will make it easier to trim a Maine Coon’s delicate parts since kitty litter seems to stick to it.

  36. 486

    This would be perfect for my girl cat. She’s long hair, and always getting matted. Terrified of getting groomed, this would be much less stressful!

  37. 487

    This is just what I need for my foster cat! She’s a bit overweight at the moment and can’t quite reach all the way around to groom her britches, though she does give it her best effort :) So glad to know this exists!

  38. 488

    What a great idea! For certain members of my household who are not known for their clean furry-pants, I would love this. You know how we detest kling-ons!

  39. 489

    I could certainly use this on my babies!!!

  40. 490

    Wow whoever created this set is both smart and compassionate towards cats.

  41. 491

    This would be perfect for 2 of my long-haired cats. They get matted fur under their paws or behind their hind legs, which is very hard to cut or clip.

  42. 492

    What a practical, safe idea.

  43. 493
    Linda Moore

    These will definitely be on my Christmas list. I am also going to suggest that we purchase a set of these for the local shelter.

  44. 494
    Darcy Griffith

    I just shaved my poor cat & she looks naked! This is just what we need!

  45. 495

    This product is a fabulous idea for nervous kitties and dogs!

  46. 496

    My poor medium hair kitty gets horrible mats under her arms and on her chest, no matter how often we brush her– she needs this! This is the best grooming invention for cats EVER!!!!!

  47. 497

    I would definitely need a set of these for my boy Reginald! His long fur can get so tangled!

  48. 498

    That would be so perfect to use with my cats! One of my Maine Coons just cannot keep up with his own grooming, but he’s terrified of vacuums, the broom, and especially combs that pull his fur. This would make his grooming so much easier!

  49. 499
    jadedea jade

    hmm that may be better than the buzz clippers lol

  50. 500
    Lisa V

    What a great product. Quiet is so good for a little chicken liver purrbabie.


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