Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!

Wed, Nov 24, 2010

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Do you have a scaredy cat at home? One who’s afraid of the vacuum and the mailman? I do, and the thought of getting him groomed is very unpleasant. The clippers used by groomers vibrate, making a noise that is frightening to nervous pets. And using regular scissors is not an option. Did you know that it is very dangerous to use regular scissors on a cat’s fur because their skin is so delicate that when you lift the fur it’s almost impossible not to clip the skin, which could be disastrous.

Well, Scaredy Cut is a new invention that provides a simple solution. This grooming set uses scissors with a clip-on blade to protect delicate skin when trimming kitty’s fur. They sent me a set to try, and I tested it on Mackenzie, my big chicken-butt, and I was thrilled at how well it works! Sometimes Mackenzie needs a little assistance grooming his wooly britches and I was able to use the Scaredy Cut to help him out — without freaking him out. The Scaredy Cut is Mackenzie approved!

The set comes with one pair of scissors with a special comb holder and six plastic clip-on combs ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. These are the same combs used with electric clippers and are designed to glide smoothly through fur while resting on the skin and keeping the blade at a safe distance. It’s easy to see the pink comb in any color fur.

In addition to eliminating the vibration and sound of electric clippers, the Scaredy Cut prevents uncomfortable hair pulling. Even with regular clippers the fur is pulled from one side. With Scaredy Cut, the scissor blades come together from both sides, eliminating pulling.

The Scaredy Cut set comes packaged in a little box with instructions, perfect for holiday gift giving. The set is available from Amazon for $25 with free shipping. Get more information and watch the demo video at


Five lucky winners are going to get to test the Scaredy Cut themselves. Each winner will receive a Scaredy Cut grooming set PLUS the special Tiny Trimball-tipped scissors for finishing touches. To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 1, 2010. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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549 Responses to “Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 51

    This would be perfect for my Persian girls!

  2. 52

    II have a persian who goes to the groomer 4 timesa year. She still gets a few mats in between, no matter how much I comb her. I would feel so much better cutting them off with the Sacredy Cut than with a regular pair of scissors.

  3. 53

    What a great invention….!!!! No more trips to the pet groomer…!!! (Lucky is going to be soooo happy about that…)

  4. 54

    Great invention. My Fuzzy Britches would appreciate this rather than the clippers any day!

  5. 55

    We have 2 with zero tolerance for regular scissors. Very interested in trying these out!

  6. 56

    Wow! Genius idea! My cats definitely need this, they run away everytime they hear a sound!

  7. 57

    sounds like a wonderful invention

  8. 58

    Neat idea. Not sure how my Maine Coon would react, though, he lets the groomer clip him with no problems. Silly cat even raises his arms for them to shave under ;0}

  9. 59

    I would love these – my quarter-persian longhair hates having his belly and butt groomed, so any attempts usually involves pinning him down and avoiding the claws and teeth.

  10. 60

    Awesome! also sells the scaredy cut as well. :)

  11. 61

    Genius!! I have a few “scaredy cats” that could totally use a scaredy cut meow and then…

  12. 62
    Kathy Bergeron

    Wow! This would be such a boon for my furry ones, all of whom hate having their claws trimmed. What a unique idea!

  13. 63

    Mochi the ragdoll needs this :)

  14. 64

    My long-haired Scaredy Cat would enjoy being groomed much more with this!!! : )

  15. 65
    Cara Taylor

    Please enter me for this draw prize.

  16. 66

    I have a white long-haired cat that this would be perfect for! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  17. 67

    I have a scaredy cat with a big wooly coat that I would love to try these on. What a fantastic idea!

  18. 68

    What a great idea!!

  19. 69

    My Chego definitely needs this!

  20. 70

    what a great idea!

  21. 71

    We need it for our furry cats… Pity they don’t ship it to Russia!

  22. 72

    Great idea. I have two skittish kitties who would appreciate this.

  23. 73
    Andrea Robbs

    Jitterbug would love this for Christmas!

  24. 74

    i foster a lot of shelter kitties and so many are terrified and take months to socialize and those aren’t the feral ones, if there was a way to groom them without alarming them i would love to try it.

  25. 75
    Heather Blalock

    I would love to get this for Mr.Frank! His coat totally needs a trim for the holidays!

  26. 76
    Monica Collins

    What a great idea! I’ve had my cats get the occasional matt in their fur and this would be a wonderful way to safely help them take care of it!

  27. 77
    carole wilson

    Wow! That seems fantastic.

  28. 78

    i have several long haired cats that i sure could use this on. @ are indoor so they arent to bad, but my indoor/outdoor long haired….oy vey !!!! she gets into those little pricker bushes and gets her fur all tangled up into a matted nightmare and then of course tackleing her to get rid of them is so much fun…

  29. 79
    Lois Stockall

    I love this idea. It would be perfect for my vanilla calico kitty Sweet Pea, a Hurricane Andrew survivor (yes, she is 18 years old) who needs trimming around her behind now that she is incontinent. She lets me bathe her but trimming has been out of the question! This is a great idea.

  30. 80

    I really want to try this for my two Ragdoll girls!

  31. 81

    Absolutely fab!

  32. 82

    These scissors would be purr-fect for my hair haired cat. He is ten now and is getting lazy when it comes to grooming himself. unfortunately this results in mats which have to be shaved off from the vet, because i never cut them out. Great item, Great Price, Simply Wonderful!

  33. 83
    Jen Gallant

    This would make things sooo much easier!!

  34. 84
    Becki M

    This is pretty neat. Never would have thought of it.

  35. 85
    Linda Becar

    Oh I could really use something like this. My Belle has a horrible time grooming herself and gets such horrible clumps and such in her beautiful hair and when I try to help she screams and crys like I am killing her. This would be perfect her! She wouldn’t even know what I am doing!

  36. 86

    This is what I’ve been looking for!

  37. 87

    It’s taken me years to get a handle on my part-Himalayan cat’s hair – the scaredy cut would help so much!

  38. 88

    Where was this when I needed it! I accidentally cut my long haired cat trying to cut mats out of her fur. Kudos to whoever thought this up.

  39. 89

    This is awesome!!!! Zuri (Ragdoll) and Ajna (diluted calico) would appreciate to have this at home!!!

  40. 90

    Great idea! My kitties need a haircut that doesn’t look crazy!

  41. 91

    This is so excellent, I’m purchasing one right now! I can’t possibly wait when I have three persian fur babies in need of grooming care. Love it and wish I had thought of it!

  42. 92

    What a great product! It would be wonderful to try these out, as we have several long-hairs that do not like to be groomed. We have clients who would also be interested in this product if it worked for us.

  43. 93

    Boy, I have a couple of kitties who need this!

  44. 94

    Wow — I love this concept!! Would LOVE to try these scissors to groom my long-haired kitty who, of course, hates to be groomed!

  45. 95

    What a great invention! Looks like it will really make grooming time easier and more fun for the kitties.

  46. 96
    Sandy Y

    This would be great for all my cats, but it would be purr-fect for Buddy! He’s my little scaredy cat.

  47. 97

    What a great idea! I have a “challenged” cat who missed the “I am a cat and need to groom myself” gene! This would help Osk’ear immensely. Way to go!!

  48. 98

    These would be great on my big scaredy cat who refuses to groom his back.

  49. 99

    My two long-hairs, Lucy Lou and Charley Choo-Choo Bean would really appreciate this for the “in between” time, before they go to the groomer.

    My groomer has the neatest system. It is silent clippers with a vacuum (also silent) attachment. My cats absolutely love her!!

  50. 100

    Just what need my kitty! Great idea!


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