Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!

Wed, Nov 24, 2010

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Do you have a scaredy cat at home? One who’s afraid of the vacuum and the mailman? I do, and the thought of getting him groomed is very unpleasant. The clippers used by groomers vibrate, making a noise that is frightening to nervous pets. And using regular scissors is not an option. Did you know that it is very dangerous to use regular scissors on a cat’s fur because their skin is so delicate that when you lift the fur it’s almost impossible not to clip the skin, which could be disastrous.

Well, Scaredy Cut is a new invention that provides a simple solution. This grooming set uses scissors with a clip-on blade to protect delicate skin when trimming kitty’s fur. They sent me a set to try, and I tested it on Mackenzie, my big chicken-butt, and I was thrilled at how well it works! Sometimes Mackenzie needs a little assistance grooming his wooly britches and I was able to use the Scaredy Cut to help him out — without freaking him out. The Scaredy Cut is Mackenzie approved!

The set comes with one pair of scissors with a special comb holder and six plastic clip-on combs ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. These are the same combs used with electric clippers and are designed to glide smoothly through fur while resting on the skin and keeping the blade at a safe distance. It’s easy to see the pink comb in any color fur.

In addition to eliminating the vibration and sound of electric clippers, the Scaredy Cut prevents uncomfortable hair pulling. Even with regular clippers the fur is pulled from one side. With Scaredy Cut, the scissor blades come together from both sides, eliminating pulling.

The Scaredy Cut set comes packaged in a little box with instructions, perfect for holiday gift giving. The set is available from Amazon for $25 with free shipping. Get more information and watch the demo video at


Five lucky winners are going to get to test the Scaredy Cut themselves. Each winner will receive a Scaredy Cut grooming set PLUS the special Tiny Trimball-tipped scissors for finishing touches. To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 1, 2010. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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549 Responses to “Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 251
    Marge Tschida

    Great idea. I have a scardey cat here! Would love to try this on her.

  2. 252

    What an excellent invention! !!! I need one!

  3. 253

    Sounds like a winner!

  4. 254

    excellent! i don’t know if that will make my Monkey hate grooming any less, but it will make it safer. he definitely has cat butt grooming issues.

  5. 255

    George seems to love all things pink. This could really help his fluffy britches! Yes please!

  6. 256

    What a great product line! We don’t need any fur-clipping here, but if we did, those would definitely be the tools I’d use. ;)

  7. 257
    jennifer in sf

    This is such a good idea! I could really use these for keeping my furry pantsed friend trimmed :)

  8. 258

    Wow this would be amazing. I have a maine coon that we have thought about sending to the groomers but she is so afraid she even pees herself when we just take her to the pet store. Also I dont really want to shave her at home because her coat is beautiful just way out of control. This would be perfect for grooming her at home as it would help me to cut her hair to a good length without completely terrorizing her.

  9. 259
    Shay Williams

    Deja my longhair is most definitely a scaredy cat. These would work so well on him!

  10. 260

    What a great idea! I’d love to try it on Snufkin’s long, silky fur that tends to snag.

  11. 261

    Wow, wonderful product. Someone had a great idea. I definitely need this. Thanks!

  12. 262

    what a great product. This would have been great for my Polis cat when she was alive, it would also be great for my Buster cat. He hates clippers and groomers….

  13. 263
  14. 264

    what a great idea!!!

  15. 265

    that’s amazing!

  16. 266
    Susan Roragen

    This is a great giveaway…thank you. :)

  17. 267

    I will be getting this! after the last time we tried to trim up my poor kitty, i will deff be buying this no more fears of accidentally hurting him!

  18. 268

    What a great idea. I agree with Julia that this would be great for my Gizmo and his needed “hygienic” trim. Also, I work at a pet store and I will definitely mention this to the purchasing manager!

  19. 269

    My cat is afraid of being BRUSHED. This would be perfect for preventing the hairballs she hacks up all the time.

  20. 270

    This is amazing! I’ve been looking for silent grooming tools for a long time! Mark Twain could totally use a trim with these!

  21. 271

    What a terrific idea!! I have a longhaired cat that insists on living outside. Her fur gets matted, but she is terrified of the electric trimmers. I’ve tried using regular scissors, but it’s a slow and stressful process – I’m so terrified that I’m going to nick her (has happened twice :-C). This is the solution to my problem!!

  22. 272

    This is a nifty innovation. Making pet safety a priority in a grooming product is a wonderful thing to fin din new products.

  23. 273

    We have got to try this on our Siberians after bathtime. I hate usinging my “good” sewing scissors on their long hair, but I gotta do the bloomers!

  24. 274

    This would be perfect for my Himalayan! Going to the groomer is traumatizing for him!

  25. 275
    Jakupanec Bojana

    That seems to be a really intelligent grooming product !

  26. 276

    happy groomed kitty!!

  27. 277

    I wish I had thought of that! What a nifty idea!

  28. 278

    that is one fine machinery! would do great for my Porto!

  29. 279

    Wow this looks so much easier then trying to use just hair scissors! I have a super fluffy cat that keeps getting knotted. He’s been trusting me more and more with the scissors but this will do wonders to keep him from getting knotted!

  30. 280

    This is pretty ingenious!

  31. 281

    The other reason these are great is for wiggly kitties who won’t hold still.

  32. 282
    Maria S

    This would be interesting to try with my cat.

  33. 283

    How cute and it’s pink! Everything needs to be in pink these days.

  34. 284

    What a great idea, and safe for the kitty too!

  35. 285
    J Rose

    What a fantastic idea! I’ve got a couple of “woolly britches” ladies myself, although I’ve always said they’re wearing culottes. I’m sure that with the wet season coming up, I’ll have muddy butt-prints all over the place unless they get some assistance.

  36. 286

    This is genius! I would love to try out a pair.

  37. 287
    lindsey hill

    I love it! Can’t wait to try one out

  38. 288

    I’m more afraid to cut a snag out of my cats hair than I ever was to cut my newborns fingernails! This system looks PERFECT! (For the cat, not the kid!)

  39. 289

    i love such smart inventions!

  40. 290
    Some Lucky Dog

    My kitties haven’t needed help with grooming or a trim yet, but I’m sure the day will come. This is awesome! Maggie (above), I feel for ya! We use to have a Persian that needed help, too!

    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  41. 291

    OMG I really could use this for all my pets It looks perfect!

  42. 292
    Judith Agogliati

    I could sure use this! I don’t have a scaredy cat, I have four.

  43. 293
    Joyce Riedesel

    I think the Grumpy Old Man would much prefer this to the ride to the groomer. What a great idea!

  44. 294

    I am petrified of grooming my cat. Maybe this might not make it so bad.

  45. 295
    Becky Brown

    Finally a safe & pretty way to trim the skittish fluffy kitties!

  46. 296
    Linda Stone

    What a great idea.

  47. 297

    Mr. Boots would love it if I got this for him, since it’s a little tough for him to reach his, ahem, rear for grooming. Sarah the Diva Princess would probably appreciate a little TLC from it as well. Donovan, well, being a short-haired tabby, he probably wouldn’t care one way or the other!

  48. 298

    not only would these help with my wild child cat etta, her bother the dog would benefit too!

  49. 299

    What a great idea. This would reduce the stress to both me and my cats.

  50. 300

    I too have a long haired kitty, and we have a need for Scaredy Cut in this house. I can vacuum her without to much trouble, but only allowed top + sides.


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