Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!

Wed, Nov 24, 2010

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Do you have a scaredy cat at home? One who’s afraid of the vacuum and the mailman? I do, and the thought of getting him groomed is very unpleasant. The clippers used by groomers vibrate, making a noise that is frightening to nervous pets. And using regular scissors is not an option. Did you know that it is very dangerous to use regular scissors on a cat’s fur because their skin is so delicate that when you lift the fur it’s almost impossible not to clip the skin, which could be disastrous.

Well, Scaredy Cut is a new invention that provides a simple solution. This grooming set uses scissors with a clip-on blade to protect delicate skin when trimming kitty’s fur. They sent me a set to try, and I tested it on Mackenzie, my big chicken-butt, and I was thrilled at how well it works! Sometimes Mackenzie needs a little assistance grooming his wooly britches and I was able to use the Scaredy Cut to help him out — without freaking him out. The Scaredy Cut is Mackenzie approved!

The set comes with one pair of scissors with a special comb holder and six plastic clip-on combs ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. These are the same combs used with electric clippers and are designed to glide smoothly through fur while resting on the skin and keeping the blade at a safe distance. It’s easy to see the pink comb in any color fur.

In addition to eliminating the vibration and sound of electric clippers, the Scaredy Cut prevents uncomfortable hair pulling. Even with regular clippers the fur is pulled from one side. With Scaredy Cut, the scissor blades come together from both sides, eliminating pulling.

The Scaredy Cut set comes packaged in a little box with instructions, perfect for holiday gift giving. The set is available from Amazon for $25 with free shipping. Get more information and watch the demo video at


Five lucky winners are going to get to test the Scaredy Cut themselves. Each winner will receive a Scaredy Cut grooming set PLUS the special Tiny Trimball-tipped scissors for finishing touches. To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 1, 2010. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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549 Responses to “Introducing Scaredy Cut, Silent Home Grooming Set ENTER TO WIN! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 351

    Clever idea. Handy, too. I would find it useful and safer than what I have used in the past.

  2. 352
    Mchelle K

    My Marlee is always getting matts. She is not a scardy cat but is not a nice girl at the vet, so having something like this would be great.

  3. 353

    Harry actually cried real tears when I took him for a much needed grooming. I never want to see that again and would love to try this product.

  4. 354
    Donna Geiler

    I would love to win this because I recently trimmed my mothers rescue Poodle Honey & while I was groomin Honey she tossed and turned also snapped and growed at me and her fur looks terrible, she is a MAJOR ScareY Dog. I would like to fix her before Christmas.

  5. 355

    Love this! My longhair has started developing tons of furballs and I’m always afraid I’m going to cut her when I clip them.

  6. 356
  7. 357

    My Coco Chanel could use this. She absolutely hates grooming time. So bad, she attacks the dogs, LOL!!

  8. 358
  9. 359

    What a great idea. I have Siberians – who sometimes fall prone to mats! This would simplify my life and that of my beauties!

  10. 360

    very innovative product!

  11. 361
    Robyn Neitzelt

    Oh my goodness, this looks perfect for my long haired feral rescues. The mates are horrible to remove with a clipper on them due to the noise. This product would save me lots of blood loss. LOL But true. If this works I will be the first to post it on my blog page and share with my fellow rescue friends. Awesome I even love the color. Please please pick me.

  12. 362

    My older cat is starting to have trouble grooming and is getting mats but I have been afraid to trim him for fear of nicking the skin. This is a great idea!

  13. 363
    Linda Kish

    We have 9 cats. This would be great.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  14. 364

    It’s smart!!!

  15. 365

    Wow, this is quite a clever idea! I have some furry fuzzy kitties who would really appreciate it.

  16. 366

    What a wonderful idea! This looks like one handy gadget.

  17. 367
    Susan Scott

    I need this for Teva. She has big problems in the britches!

  18. 368

    It seems like the cat would’nt know if you were brushing him or cuting his hair. It would make it much less stressful neat idea!

  19. 369

    What a great innovation! This would definitely help me groom my cat Cosmo.

  20. 370

    What a great idea!! I too have a scaredy cat. Harry is quite the hairy kitty and his fur always mats when he starts to shed. These would be such a great help keeping Harry less hairy!!

  21. 371

    c’est très pratique.

  22. 372

    My 3 kitties an all the ones at the shelter would love this and make my job A LOT easier. Great idea!!

  23. 373

    This would be wonderful for my senior girl who is hard to groom. She was abandoned and has matted fur on her rear. She is scared of the noise of clippers. Looks like a fabulous product!

  24. 374

    Oooh, I’m so glad someone has come up with this product. My three long-haired (and somewhat irritable at grooming time) furkids need this, especially with winter coming. Long ruffs, bellies, tails, and ‘cabooses’ will be much easier. I’ve tried using grooming combs and flea combs under scissors, but trying to handle two pieces of equipment is impossibles for me — and annoying for the cats. I’m going to post this on some cat forums; I’ll bet many people will be interested in this great system!

  25. 375
    Robin Fiedler

    I have two very pretty and fluffy long-haired females. This would be an awesome tool for our home!

  26. 376

    Cool trimming kit.

  27. 377

    King Leo II is scardey cat all the time. I have tried every type of gadget to groom him but he just always runs away. This seems like a good, simple idea

  28. 378

    This would be great for my Caroline & Mimi.

  29. 379
    Katie B.

    Awesome!This looks fantastic! Can’t wait for the results!

  30. 380
    Sue R

    This would be great for the tenderskinned, longhaired cats at the shelter where I volunteer.

  31. 381

    May dear lady Eugenie endure more peacefully grooming time with this barbie-esque little kit!

  32. 382
    JoAnne Kleikn

    WHAT A FABULOUS INVENTION!!! It’s safe, not only for Kitty, but also for me – I’ve been stabbed in the past by an indignant cat and this products wouldn’t even leave a scratch. My Zigster (Ziggy) has an extremely thick coat, and while he doesn’t matt, there are too many times when to his annoyance, his bum is in need of a bit of “housekeeping” help.

  33. 383
    JoAnne Klein

    Woops… I was so impressed I spelled my name wrong….

  34. 384
    Ann Aldridge

    Would love to try the Scaredy Cut on my two, long-haired felines, Oslo and Persephone.

  35. 385
    Dawn Garlick

    this is a wonderful idea. I have 3 babies that just go nuts with the trimmer and definitely need help with their furry britches, lol love how you put that, too cute.

  36. 386

    This is awesome!!!! I am getting one of these one way or another.

  37. 387

    I’d love to try this! I have a long-haired 8-year-old puss whose fur is always snagging and tangling. Combing out the clumps is very painful for her, and I can’t afford to be taking her to the groomer’s all the time. This little tool looks ideal!!

  38. 388

    What a purrfect idea. Particularly for the “wooly britches” guys. We have one of those also – what a great description! Thanks for the chuckle.

  39. 389
    Carrie Phelps

    This would definitely help with my persian and himmy!

  40. 390

    I hate subjecting my scaredy cats to the groomer and this would be fantastic…..!

  41. 391
    Pam Nicholson

    This is absolutely wonderful. I would not hesitate to groom my cat myself with this product. Too bad they can’t make one for dogs as well and then I wouldn’t have expensive grooming costs at all!

  42. 392

    Tigger (the Totally Toothless), now 15+, needs extra help grooming; Bootsie (Her Fluffness to her subjects), now 13+, sometimes doesn’t need a full-out trimming but only some judicious snips. This would be a great help for both kitties and saave them the long-ish drive to the groomer (a.k.a., The Kitty Spa).

  43. 393

    What a great way to handle clipping – no noise, no vibrations. My cat would be comfortable with this, and so would I. I would like to win this prize and use it on my cat, and send you a photo of that. Thank you for presenting this product.

  44. 394

    What a brilliant and useful idea!

  45. 395

    Pie Pie could use some cat “scaping!”

  46. 396

    oh my gosh! this would be wonderful for my bushy guy, Ozzie! What a great invention!

  47. 397

    OMG! this product will so come in handy for my cats. trimming/grooming will be much easier & it’s very clever invention & doesn’t take up much space. i’d love to get my hands on these.

  48. 398

    These would be great for my long-hair that refuses to groom.

  49. 399

    Great idea! Need this for my long haired boy.

  50. 400
    Tammy Botzon

    What an awesome tool! I havw some kitty pants that need to be trimmed and this might do the job :)


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