Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a SnoozePal from Cat Above

Tue, Nov 30, 2010

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We’re going to kick-off our Holiday Give-a-thon with one of the coolest cat inventions ever — the SnoozePalâ„¢ from Cat Above! This inventive cat hammock-in-a-box is a sure crowd pleaser for kitties looking to hangout in comfort. The sturdy cardboard box creates a cozy enclosed area with lookout windows on three sides. The fleece-lined hammock molds to kitty’s shape for extreme comfort, plus it’s removable and washable.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us the name of the charity where you will donate the second SnoozePal if you win. Please leave a link to the charity’s website if possible. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners. The winner will get to choose the fabric for the hammock.

Thanks, Cat Above!

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1,481 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a SnoozePal from Cat Above”

  1. 651
    Anne Zavalick

    If I won this, I’d donate it to Friends of Somerset Regional Animal Shelter. We’re VERY fortunate to have an open cat room at the shelter, and this would be the “purr-fect” addition!

  2. 652

    If I win, I will donate to the AZ Humane Society, Sunnyslope facility on Hatcher Rd in Phoenix, AZ

  3. 653

    I would love to give this to my sweet rescue cats and donate the other to a wonderful organization called Animal Haven:

  4. 654

    Great idea! My cats would fight over this.

  5. 655

    My kits would really go for the hammock, but the kits at SpcaLa would really love it!

  6. 656

    My Lucie would love to hang out in this very cool kitty-cave! She would also like us to donate the second one to the Tri-Valley SPCA, on Gleason Drive in Dublin (CA), since that’s where she adopted me a year and a half ago.

  7. 657

    I would donate to:
    Friends of the county animal shelter in bergen county, NJ

  8. 658

    I would donate the second SnoozePal to Webark Estates No-Kill Animal Shelter ( ). I volunteer for Webark, doing TNR of feral cats, fostering cats for adoption (5 fosters with me right now), and helping with fundraisers.

  9. 659

    This must be one of the most adorable cat snoozies in the world! I find it wonderfully astounding that cat inventors are creating some of the most beautiful as well as practical items for their feline friends. It used to be that dogs ruled, but nowadays cats are “top dogs” in the playground. Of course, cats are much more entertaining than dogs. A dog will chase a ball. Maybe roll over if you are lucky. Cats on the other hand, are a continual surprise and delight. If I were to win, I would donate to Mason County Kitten Rescue in Shelton, Washington. This kitten rescue is outstanding in that the cats live in rooms. Their website is as follows:

  10. 660

    PAWS – Cat City. It’s where we adopted our two babies from.

  11. 661

    I’d like to donate to a small local rescue called Duncan’s Place.

  12. 662

    Smokey Joe and I would like to give a SnoozePal to Robinson’s Rescue.

  13. 663
    Rona Y

    I would donate to Quagga Stray Cat Rescue in Winnipeg. No homepage, but they do have a Facebook page!!/pages/Quagga-Stray-Cat-Rescue/9257826571?v=wall

  14. 664

    One of my boys, Gaius Baltar, would LOVE this – as soon as a box enters the house, it’s HIS! :)

    I’d donate the other one to Pet Rescue by Judy here in the Orlando area:

  15. 665

    I would donate mine to Whiskers, Tails and Ferals a rescue group that saves the pets from kill shelters. I got one of my cats from them and I would love to be able to help them out.
    Thank You :)

  16. 666

    I would donate to our local shelter, the Monroe County Humane Association here in Bloomington, Indiana. Thanks!

  17. 667
    E. A.

    Not sure if counts as a charity, they takes in kittens fr shelter and keep them safe before they can go for adoption ..

  18. 668
  19. 669

    Love the concept…!! Please donate the second one to The Humane Society of Tulsa.

  20. 670
    Erin C.

    Oh my goodness! My cat, Lilly is OBSESSED with anything cardboard! A must for our household!

  21. 671

    i know that my kids would just LOVE this – something to curl up in and still be sheltered! i’d give the second one without question to my vet, A Breed Apart, here in Madison, WI. the vets there are wonderful, everyone who works there is also wonderful and they took very good care of my little boy when he had to have surgery! they have a couple of live-in kitties that would snuggle like whoah in the Snooze-Pal!

  22. 672

    My cats would truly love this! If I’m the winner, I would donate the second one to Animal Rescue League in West Des Moines, Iowa. All little kitties deserve a rich, joyful life and this would certainly aid in their happiness.

  23. 673

    My charity is the Scratching Post Thank you so much for offering this.

  24. 674
    Karen Powers

    I would donate to the Washington Humane Society’s new cat room on Georgia Ave. in Washington, D.C. My Pixie loves any and all boxes, so this would be a speical treat for her too!

  25. 675

    I always liked this item. I would donate a second one to Cats Haven.

  26. 676

    I would give mine to the Arizona Humane Society where I got both of my cats!

  27. 677

    Love it! My too guys will battle over who’s in first.

  28. 678
    Lisa S

    I would give the second lounger to the animal defense league of San Antonio!

  29. 679

    want… want… want… want… want!

  30. 680

    sorry… didn’t read through for the contest…
    if I won, the 2nd would go to the P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village in Long Beach, CA

  31. 681

    Cute and simple; mine would go to Salem Friends of Felines

  32. 682

    What a fun place to hang out!
    My charity is the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga.
    We have a very sweet unadoptable “special needs” kitty who would love to have his own special place to relax the day away. :-)

  33. 683

    I’m afraid my 15 lb cat might bring down the house. Very cute though.

  34. 684

    I would like to donate this Snooze Pal to C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue/No Kill Shelter in Ruskin, FL. They built a special cat house on their premises and the cats love their new home. My staff woman even said she wouldn’t mind moving in! But, the kitties would love new toys and stuff and this new fangled sleeping place would fit in perfectly.

  35. 685

    I’ll love one of course!

  36. 686

    I’ll love one of course! and the other one will go to the Humane Society of Green Bay, WI.

  37. 687

    If I win, I’d like to donate my bed to Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Colorado Springs, CO ( ). They are a new animal rescue doing a great job with our homeless animals, but being a new organization they can use all the help they can get! A new cat bed would be a big help to them. Thanks for your consideration!

  38. 688

    I would donate the 2nd SnoozePal to the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach FL.

  39. 689
    Linda Stone

    Valley Animal Center would love one of these.

    So would my cats.

  40. 690

    I know my favorite cat shelter would love this! Please visit this link:
    They try to reduce the population of feral cats by taking care of them during their lifespan outdoors and spaying/neutering all of them, and they take those who are friendly into their shelter to be adopted.

  41. 691
    Papples the Cat

    Would love to donate this lovely lazy hammock swing to the kitties at the Forgotten Animals of Los Angeles:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  42. 692

    I’d donate the second to the Hawaiian Humane Society:

  43. 693
  44. 694

    How cute. I can see all my cats fighting for this.

  45. 695

    I would love one to go to the Kent Animal Shelter on Long Island, NY:

    They were the 2009 shelter of the year!

  46. 696

    I would donate it to the Atlanta Humane Society.

  47. 697
    Roger W

    I want a snooze pal. Great idea.

  48. 698
    Roger W

    Oops. Sorry I would donate to the San Francisco SPCA. Thanks!

  49. 699

    I would give the second one to the Arlington VA Animal Welfare and Rescue League!

  50. 700
    Kathleen Sakata

    The Seattle Animal Shelter would be my pick. Thank you!!!

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