Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a SnoozePal from Cat Above

Tue, Nov 30, 2010

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We’re going to kick-off our Holiday Give-a-thon with one of the coolest cat inventions ever — the SnoozePalâ„¢ from Cat Above! This inventive cat hammock-in-a-box is a sure crowd pleaser for kitties looking to hangout in comfort. The sturdy cardboard box creates a cozy enclosed area with lookout windows on three sides. The fleece-lined hammock molds to kitty’s shape for extreme comfort, plus it’s removable and washable.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us the name of the charity where you will donate the second SnoozePal if you win. Please leave a link to the charity’s website if possible. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners. The winner will get to choose the fabric for the hammock.

Thanks, Cat Above!

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1,481 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a SnoozePal from Cat Above”

  1. 701

    I love these & our cats love boxes. I would donate it to St Charles Humane Society, a no-kill shelter

  2. 702

    I work at Rock County Humane Society in Janesville, WI. They would get the SnoozePal for Pounce House, a community room for the kittens, or maybe Cat Towne, our adult cat community room!

  3. 703
    Marty Thomas

    How great this is for a cat!! I would donate to Animals Abused & Abandoned whose mission is to help animals who are ill or victims of traumatic injuries and who have been abused, starved and/or abandoned by their owners.

  4. 704

    If I win I’ll send both my Snoozepals to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (also known as OSPCA).

    Great idea for Christmas, thank you for helping the animals.

  5. 705


    I’d donate to the Animal Haven Shelter near my home.


  6. 706

    I would donate to Catman2, a local cats only no-kill shelter

  7. 707

    The kitties at Happy Tails in Sacramento, CA would be happy to get one of these.

  8. 708

    CUTE!! I would want it donated to Animals Can’t Talk, Inc.:

    One of my favorite cat rescue/no kill shelters — there are so many good ones.

  9. 709

    Sante D’or Animal Rescue is no kill and caters to kitties, dogs, and bunnies.

  10. 710

    Love this! One for my boy, Batman, and one to his rescue shelter Ingrid’s Haven ( where many cats still wait for their forever homes.

  11. 711

    Love this hammock! If I win, I will donate the second one to, a group I foster kittens and cats for.

  12. 712
    Suzanne Leavitt

    My cat would love this! I would donate the second one to the Humane Society.

  13. 713

    My kitty would love this and I’d donate the other one to Animal FAIR – a local cat and dog rescue in my town.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

  14. 714
    michelle bembo

    OMG how much is this? i love it and i know my little ones will too.

  15. 715
    Erin Walsh

    I would donate to the “Open Door Animal Sanctuary” Thanks for the chance to win and help.


  16. 716
    Kathy N.

    What a cute nook for my kitties to snuggle into. I will donate my to the Salem Oregon Friends of Felines.

  17. 717

    I would donate to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

  18. 718

    great idea, cats love boxes and sleeping

  19. 719
    kathryn demarco

    I love this! I can picture my foster cat, Fuzzy, taking this to his new home! So I would donate the bed to Independent Animal Rescue in Durham, NC.

  20. 720

    I’d donate the 2nd one to Castaway Critters. A place of hope and love in a sometimes hostile city.

  21. 721
    Jennifer M

    I would donate to the Humane Society where I volunteer – Burlington Humane, Burlington, ON. Amazing, no-kill shelter that goes above and beyond to ensure their animals not only are cared for, but are loved!

  22. 722

    I would donate the other SnoozePal to Phelps County Animal Welfare League in Rolla, Missouri. They help find homes for homeless animals and they spay and neuter feral cats. Believe me, Missouri animals need all the help they can get.

  23. 723
    Lisa Kurklis

    this would be a wonderful addition to the Felv kitties at Helping Paws Pet Haven……… of course my kitties would love it too!

  24. 724
    Edward Sonnenschein

    what a great use for a cardboard box. my donation would be to the humane society in Tallahassee, Florida.

  25. 725
    sean Sonnenschein

    this would be a great addition to the house – and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Animal Welfare of Indianapolis, IN is my donation choice.

  26. 726

    I belong to a TNR group that helps the friendly kittens that we encounter by finding shelters to take them in, in the meantime, we our volunteers foster them and this would be perfect for our kittens!

    The shelter I would donate the second SnoozePal to is Felines Inc in Chicago ( a wonderful shelter that at any given moment houses 130 cats and has a great adoption record. If you visit their website you will see how comfortable the cats are as they lounge at the shelter, which is a Victorian house outfitted just for the cats!

  27. 727

    I would donate one to The Saratoga Animal Shelter.

  28. 728
  29. 729

    This is so great. My cats LOVE cardboard boxes. I’d donate the other one to

    where I got two of my adopted cats.

  30. 730

    I bet the San Francisco SPCA would love to receive a Snoozepal!

    Right now they have live streaming video of frolicking kittens at the Macy’s Holiday Windows:

  31. 731

    We would love to win this! We would donate the second one to our local animal shelter in Hazleton.

  32. 732

    My donation would go to the ASPCA in NYC. I adopted my very first cat from there and then years later, another one. Both deceased, but the “A” holds a special place in my heart.

  33. 733

    wow, my cat would love this!

    i would donate to the popcorn park zoo/associated humane society in forked river, nj. they are an amazing rescue zoo and have a wonderful shelter. they have a very nice “kitty city” on premises, which is a big awesome room with lots of places to play for all the kitties up for adoption. this would be a lovely addition for them, i am sure!

  34. 734

    This is so cool, my two cats love any box-even if it is too small for them! Hah, they would LOVE this.

  35. 735

    i would donate it to the oakville and milton humane society:

  36. 736

    Tristan, Puck, Delilah and Monkeybelle would have a gunfight @ the OK corral over this SnoozePal. I would donate the second one to Ollie’s Place, the cat shelter branch of Mighty Mutts(

  37. 737

    I’d share my prize with Alley Cat Allies!

  38. 738
    Tanya B.

    HI! This is a really good opportunity for those charities!! <3 Thank you so much for being so active and organized :D and having so much energy for kitties!! I don't have a specific charity in mind, so I would defer to you to pick one– any one– b/c I'm sure they all would benefit from a gift like this! :D

  39. 739

    Would definitely donate to Lollypop Farm!!

  40. 740

    My donation would go to Good Mews, Georgia’s oldest cage-free, no-kill cat shelter. I’ve been volunteering there for years and can just imagine how the kitties would enjoy it!

  41. 741

    My little Shirley cat would LOVE one of these…and so would the rescue organization we got her from, Independent Animal Rescue in Durham, NC

  42. 742
    Susan G

    Daisy is the queen of lounging! She would donate the other one to Pet Orphans of Southern California

  43. 743
    Johannah B

    Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

  44. 744

    My cats would love this – especially my 13 year old Elly.
    I would donate the other one to my friends at Forgotten Felines, to use in one of their foster homes while the cats are waiting for their furever homes.

  45. 745
    Mary M. Braunlich

    I have and will continue to donate to Spring Farm Cares, located in Clinton, NY. They are a no kill shelter dedicated to Animal Communication, Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center. Their website is
    They truly are dedicated to all animals ensuring a loving, safe home.

  46. 746

    No question about it–I would donate the second SnoozePal to Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats. Their web site is They are a small nonprofit that operates almost entirely on volunteers and not much money, but they rescue a lot of cats. Their facility is also cage free. The cats are about as happy as a cat can be without a forever home. My first cat came from their and she is my sweetie. I’d love to give back to them in this way.

  47. 747

    I would donate the SnoozePal where I donate all my animal items, to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. The shelter in my area where my 2nd beloved cat Cali came from!

  48. 748

    My “boys” Caesar and Cicero would love this! They love crawling into cardboard boxes and have really missed our human-sized hammock since we packed it away in the fall. They are both from Richmond C.A.R.E. and I would certainly make sure the second one went to their wonderful foster mom, Chris. (Momma Chris as we call her!)

  49. 749

    My cats would adore this. I’d donate the second one to Second Chance Pets (where my brother and sister cats came from):

  50. 750

    I would donate it to the Washington Animal Rescue League

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