Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Three Blind Mice from Marvelous Melissa

Thu, Dec 2, 2010

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Today’s Holiday Give-a-thon prize is from Marvelous Melissa, who makes the cutest cat toys with reclaimed materials like old wool sweaters and holey socks. The winner of this giveaway will receive a set of Melissa’s Three Blind Mice, plus she will send a set to the winner’s favorite animal charity.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post. Don’t forget to mention the name of your charity, plus add a link to their website if you have it. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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518 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Three Blind Mice from Marvelous Melissa”

  1. 151

    If I won this one I’d ask for my prize to be sent along with the charity. My cat just loves to chew so wool toys last for about 30 seconds with him, but I think could find a few cats who these beautiful toys would last a lot longer with : )

  2. 152
    Eric Seberg

    Kallie and Sal both love their miceys.

    Nebraska Humane Society, Omaha, NE

  3. 153

    Cats love recycled items as toys! My kitties love when I put catnip inside an old sock and tie it in a knot. The cats at Alley Cat Rescue would also love to play with some of Melissa’s home made toys!

  4. 154

    Fantastic toys that any cat would love. I’d give the second set to Sean Casey Animal Rescue, a local rescue in Brooklyn where a good friend adopted her dog.

  5. 155

    Louie says, “Please choose me & Bidawee!” (that is, Bideawee’s hospital & adoption center on East 39th St. in NYC –

  6. 156

    these are really cute and would bring out the kitten in my two senior kitties

  7. 157

    Oh how cute! my kitties would love these and so would the kitties at Carroll County Humane Society , in Westminster, Md.

  8. 158

    My kids would love to bat these toys. So would the critters at

  9. 159

    These would also be great for the wool-suckers among us! My charity would be Ollie’s Place for cats, part of Mighty Mutts (

  10. 160

    I’ve been wanting to try these toys! My local shelter is the Humane Society of Chittenden County.

  11. 161

    That tabby in the photos is so cute! My local shelter is the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

  12. 162

    We go through cat toys like there’s no tomorrow. I think our local cat shelter & TNR program Carol’s Ferals does too.

  13. 163

    Our girls would loves these. They would like a set to go to Miss Kitty’s Cat House in Prescott, Arizona.

  14. 164

    my kitty loves these kinds of toys, especially on the hardwood floors.
    MD SPCA –

  15. 165

    Cute toys, my cats would love them. The cats at
    would definitely love them to.
    Alda, Chloe and Bast

  16. 166

    These would be fun to bat around, and last a long time too!
    Our charity is the new Kitten Associates!

    spay2save @

  17. 167
    sandy c
    Clarion PAWS is trying so hard to get started, they need help form everywhere! The state facility closed with little warning and this local private group is working to help our homeless friends.

  18. 168

    How cute! I would give the extra to, where I rescued both of my kitties.

  19. 169

    These toys are awesome! I have some already and they get a lot of play time. My favorite cat Charity is Feline Rescue in St Paul, MN.

  20. 170
    Jennifer Simpson

    Lovely design, cute toy! My local shelter is the Vernon & District BC SPCA

  21. 171

    Toys are like shoes you can never have too many. My local cat charity is Cat Call –

  22. 172

    i bought a set of these for my kitties several months ago and they absolutely LOVED them! they went totally nuts for them :)

    i’d love for an extra set to go to PAWS ( in Norwalk, CT.

  23. 173
    Chelle M

    How nice, thanks for donating these delightful toys. Many cats will enjoy them!

  24. 174

    A Cause for Paws would get my extra!!

  25. 175

    Adorable toys! Another plug for my shelter, Hyde Park Cats:

  26. 176

    I’d share the wealth with Toronto Cat Rescue (, where we got our kitty and where I volunteer. They have so many foster cats, I’m sure there are some playful kittens that would love this toy!

  27. 177

    I know the kittys at Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals ( would love to have some of Melissa’s wonderful toys to play with as I know my 3 would.

  28. 178

    Marvelous toys indeed. Luigi and Smiley, if they won, could like to see the toys go to:
    Tri-Valley Animal Rescue
      PO Box 11143
      Pleasanton, CA  94588

  29. 179
    Debra Pringle

    I would love to win a set of these cute toys….The organization where I work is Gulf Coast Community College Commodore Cat Rescue would be the organization I would want to donate to.

  30. 180

    These toys look really fun!! My guys would love them!!

    And so would all the gang over at

    (all pets deserve good homes!)

  31. 181
    nicki s.

    I could use those!

    I work with two animal rescues, and since I entered the other one in the last giveaway, I’ll enter Berea Animal Rescue for this one.

  32. 182
    Anne Divine

    thanks for the offer. My charity is Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society

  33. 183
    Brooke Jacobs

    Love these! I would donate to the NYC Feral Cat Initiative space I’ve been volunteering in. We do TNR work and find great adoptable cats along the way… but until they find their forever home, they have to live in a cage. So toys are always welcome!

  34. 184
    Emily D.

    I would donate to the Cherokee County Humane Society in Tahlequah, OK.

  35. 185

    Awww!! Love these! And what a wonderful Christmas gift for my friends at K9Kat2 Rescue!

  36. 186

    OH I am SUCH a sucker for knitty and reclaimed cat toys… these are perfect. If I won I’d donate them to The Cat Posse,
    from whom I adopted my enormous Siamese. They do so much great work and need help!

  37. 187

    Cute! I’d give to the ASPCA’s New York chapter.

  38. 188

    My little boy Batman (5 months old) was adopted from Ingrid’s Haven

  39. 189
    Lizzi K

    Very cute!
    The organization I would donate to is Red Door Animal Shelter:

    They are a cageless cat shelter.

  40. 190
    Mario & Ruby

    Meeoweewowee!one for each of us and the Liberty Shelter of Jersey City, NJ.

  41. 191
    Ericka T

    How great that these are made this way. My guys LOVE mice. I’m sure the ones at the shelter, Habitat for Cats ( ) would love them too.

  42. 192

    The charity I’d pick is Santa Barbara Humane Society

  43. 193

    Very cute! Our local shelter is The Sterling Animal Shelter.

  44. 194

    Environmentally responsible and good looking cat toys too! Simple toys like these are often the favorite toys. My cats would like them, and so would the shelter kitties at Cozy Cat Cottage

  45. 195
    Karen Heltzel

    Very fun toys my four would love them but the kitties at

  46. 196

    These receycled mice are great. I’m sure the kitties at Brigid’s Crossing would love them too

  47. 197

    I love to reuse and recycle things. Couple of days ago I filled an old mascot with a catnip. Cats love it. Those mice are a very good idea and I’m sure our cats will love it too.

    I don’t know who should be donated, because I don’t live in the USA and I don’t have my favourite charity. If it could be a place in my country (Poland) I’d donate Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami (Animal Care Association) in my city: (they take care about dogs from our local animal shelter, which is quite poor, and quite often they find them a new home, and also they care about free living cats in our city – food, medical care etc.) but if it couldn’t be – I’ll let You decide. :-)

  48. 198

    Such a cute way to incorporate the holidays! And my charity is the Calgary Humane Society,

  49. 199

    the oakville and milton humane society kitties would sure appreciate these toys.

  50. 200

    I would love to win and share these with City Kitties –

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