Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Set of Neko Flies Cat Toys

Tue, Dec 7, 2010

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We’ve had so many great giveaways and we’re just getting started! Today’s holiday give-a-thon offering is from Neko Flies. One lucky winner is going to receive a set of Neko Flies toys including a Kragonfly with rod, a Katarantula attachment, plus an extra 22″ rod. And the winner’s charity will receive the same package. Neko Flies are some of the most entertaining interactive cat toys out there, as previously demonstrated by my cats in our YouTube video (if you can’t see the video below in your email, click here to watch it on the site.)

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and make sure to mention the charity where you will be donating the second set of Neko Flies. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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973 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Set of Neko Flies Cat Toys”

  1. 551

    If I were to win these for Boots, the other set would go to the Greenbelt Animal Shelter .

  2. 552
    Linda Bailey

    oh my goodness. creepy AND cute! the second set would go to the kitties at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center in Riverside, CA.

  3. 553

    My Bengal mix would love this; and I’m sure the cats of the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society would too!

  4. 554

    My charity of choice is Purrfect Cat Rescue and especially Rose who helped me out a lot with my rescues.

  5. 555
    Susan Roragen

    My cats would have fun with these. So would the kitties at the Kitsap Humane Society.

  6. 556
    Courtney W.

    The orange kitty sitting on my lap would love this! I would give the second one to

  7. 557

    Neko Flies are cool,
    Neko Flies they rule.
    Neko Flies for me,
    And one for a charity….

    Which is…. Ingrids haven

  8. 558
    H McD

    Lucy and Linus would love to play with Neko Flies and so would the kitties at Bay Area Cat Rescue.

  9. 559
    Maryann Royster

    north shore animal league

  10. 560

    I have two kittens that would love these toys. The charity I would donate the other set to is

  11. 561

    OOH very cool! I bet this would make my kitties and a some kitties waiting for homes very excited!

  12. 562

    This product is cool. looks cute

  13. 563
    jenn b.

    very cool toy! i would give the other set to felines inc. in chicago:

  14. 564

    We would love a Neko fly! Our charity is Purrfect Pals in Arlington Washington.

  15. 565

    I was leery of all the hype about Neko Flies, but then I broke down and bought one of the smaller rods with two flies and my lazy boy loved it on the bed! So, I got a large rod and the mouse type lure and both of them will leap for it.

    And I’m sure the kitties at Stray Pets In Need, of Wellesley, MA would love them too.

  16. 566
  17. 567

    my charity of choice is blind cats sanctuary and rescue in north carolina.
    my kitties would go crazy over this.

  18. 568
    Laurie O'Connell

    AWESOME toy Neko Flies ;-) . My fur babies can burn off those extra holiday calories ;-) . I’d love to recommend the Delaware Humane Society in Wilmington as the non-profit group – I know their cats would LOVE these toys as well. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  19. 569

    These look like fun little toys. I would donate to the CT Humane Society:

  20. 570

    Oooh! Fingers crossed for this one! One for my Graham, and one for the rescue group he came from – Arizona RESCUE! Thanks for the giveaways!

  21. 571

    These look fun!
    Valley Animal Center

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  22. 572

    My cats would love this, as would the Voorhees Animal Shelter in South Jersey.

  23. 573
    Angel Kitty's Mom

    My charity is the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region :)

  24. 574

    Oh, my cat would love this. I would give the second to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society (

  25. 575

    Imp loves to chase things, I think that she would love them.
    My charity would be Cat Adoption Team (

  26. 576

    Even though my girl is 18+ years old she still likes to play. These would make her very happy. I know the many beautiful kitties available for adoption at the ULster County SPCA in Kingston, NY would love them too.

  27. 577
  28. 578
    Athena's mom

    Athena has always been an indoor cat since I rescued her at 9 months old off the streets. We now are living in a REALLY small space. She’d love the added exercise and fun!!! Our charity of choice? The Whatcom Humane Society.

  29. 579

    Caring Hands Humane Society volunteers would get a kick out of this.
    Of course. The cats would, too!

  30. 580

    Oh, my cats definitely would love these! And I would give the second pack to “Foothills animal rescue”, whose cats I’m sure would enjoy it too.

  31. 581

    Always can use more cat toys here at home and I’m sure C.A.T.S. could too. Committed Alliance To Strays

  32. 582

    Oh my goodness!! These would be hours of fun for my cats!

  33. 583

    Snickers loves to “fly” with her Da-Bird. The Neko Flies would be a great way to keep her interested. It’s great exercise. The other should go to Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff, AZ.

  34. 584

    I’m always amazed how my cats love flying things on sticks :) I will donate the second Neko fly to Zavetisce Horjul, one of the few Sloveninan animal shelters ( They make magic happen with their modest funding.

  35. 585
    Koko's staff

    Great toy!!
    Charity to Finnish shelter:

  36. 586

    would be perfect for my Abby :)
    Happy Holidays to all of you!

  37. 587

    We would donate the second set of Neko Flies to the Helen Woodward Animal Center That’s where we got both our furbabies.

  38. 588
    Some Lucky Dog

    We’d have so much fun playing with those and so would the kitties at Friends of the Shelter in Eureka, MT!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  39. 589

    My 3 cats would dearly love the Neko toys! The charity I would give the second set of toys to would be the Jacksonville Humane Society.

  40. 590
    L Dub

    I’d donate one of the sets to Red Lake Rosie’s!

  41. 591

    The corpulent Monkeybelle and Puck could use this most, but 2-year-old Tristan would most likely co-opt it in a heartbeat. 17-year-old Delilah would likely get into the act, albeit fleetingly. She has always loved toys like this. The 2nd one would go to Ollie’s Place for cats of Mighty Mutts (

  42. 592

    My cats would love to play with this. Save a Pet in IL. would love them for sure.

  43. 593
    Mary M

    Charley would go nuts for this!

  44. 594
    Mary M

    My Charley would go nuts for these!! And she’s be happy to share with the Cat Adoption Team :)

  45. 595
    deb santa fe

    omg – my cat was watching this over my shoulder! I guess he thinks they would be super fun! Charity would be either Felines and Friends or the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

  46. 596
    Roberta Jocius

    This look like the purrfect cat toys! Mr. Six Toes and The Independent Cat Society in Westville, Indiana, will love these,too.

  47. 597

    Buffy and Spike would love these to play with. They would also like the cats being fostered by PAW (where they were adopted from) to have some too – Partnership for Animal Welfare

  48. 598

    Our girls would love these. So would the kitties at Miss Kitty’s Cat House in Prescott, Arizona.

  49. 599

    My cats would love these. Charity would be Second Chance pets

  50. 600

    My cats say more toys are better and so do the cats at

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