Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: NEW! Kitty Teepee from Loyal Luxe

Wed, Dec 8, 2010

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Our Canadian friends at Loyal Luxe have done it again! First, they brought us the Canadian Cardboard Cat Chalet, and now they have created another modern take on classic Canadian iconography, the Native American Teepee. This fun kitty condo is made from 100% recycled cardboard and ships flat, ready for you to assemble. The teepee comes with six interchangeable ornaments for over the door: the dream catcher, the feather, the tomahawk, the eagle, the bull’s head, or a banner that you can customize with your cat’s name. Measuring 22″ x 22″ by 26″ with a 9.5″ door opening, the Teepee is the perfect little hideaway for cool cats. Available from the Loyal Luxe online shop for just $24.


Loyal Luxe is offering two Teepees for the Holiday Give-a-thon! One will go to the winner and the second one to the charity of their choice. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to tell us the name of the charity you want to support. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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864 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: NEW! Kitty Teepee from Loyal Luxe”

  1. 51

    Very artistic. My to kitties would love this. I would like the second one to go to the Peace River SPCA.

  2. 52

    Super sweet! Loyal Luxe makes some great cat stuff.
    My charity of choice would be the Dane County Friends of Ferals in Madison, WI.

  3. 53
    Jake & Micah

    OMG We want this teepee in the worst way!! I was just debating if I should buy it for the cats for Christmas this year.

    If we win I’d like the donation to support Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles.

  4. 54

    We bought the chalet last year for our moderncat Xabi, she loves it! It would be great to have a teepee and also have the opportunity to donate one to needy cats :) Thank you!

  5. 55

    I would give to the Tri County Humane Society:

  6. 56

    I would give both to Feline Rescue. What kind of kitties are those in the photos? They are beautiful. And weird looking.

  7. 57

    This is great! I’d love for the second one to go to

  8. 58

    So sweet! I support the animal charity PAWS Atlanta.

  9. 59

    how adorable! please send the other to North Shore Animal League in NY

  10. 60
    Amanda Glick

    How very affordable and adorable! I just adore those cats.

  11. 61

    My cat would loooove this!!!

  12. 62
    Mary M. Braunlich

    I name all of my Maine Coons after indigenous to where I live so the Loyal Luxe teepee would be PURR-FECT!!!

  13. 63

    Thank you for the fun contests! I would love for my cats to have one, and to share one with the Irvine Animal Care Center:

  14. 64

    How cute!!! I want to give the extra one to

  15. 65

    I love Moderncat, this Teepee, and the Ranch! (Mostly the Ranch!)

  16. 66
    Wendi W

    Ooh, Charlie would *loves* the cardboard teepee, it would bring out the primal hunter in him ! :) He also tells me the kitties of would love one too! :D

  17. 67

    Love this! It would totally go with our “mod cottage” decor. hehe I would donate my other one to the APL I volunteer at and they could give it away as a prize to a lucky adoptee!

  18. 68

    I have a feeling Nala would love this! So would the kitties at the Chippewa Falls Humane Society. (

  19. 69
    Debra Pringle


  20. 70

    super cute. The kitties at in Baton Rouge would luvve it.

  21. 71

    We love kitties and we love teepees, so we are definitely getting one of these! If we should happen to win, we would donate the other one to our local shelter the Monroe County Humane Association.

  22. 72

    These are so cute! I can see my cats fighting over who gets to use it first…might have to get several of them!

  23. 73

    Too cute! Animal Aid of Southwest Michigan.

  24. 74

    My cats would love and so would Bideawee.

  25. 75
    Simone Lippmann

    Hihihi – what a funny idea – love it! My boys would feel like chief
    *Sitting Bull* – hihihihi. Would give the second one to *Katzenglück*

  26. 76

    I would adore this! And maybe it would protect those rescue kitties who maybe need a little extra tlc and a hideaway from the bullies…

  27. 77

    This is the coolest cat house I have seen yet! SAVE

  28. 78
    Kimberly Felipe

    How fun is that!! :) I would like to nominate Treehouse Animal in Chicago:


  29. 79

    My girl, Liger, would love to sleep in one. And I would love to donate the other to the Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago!

  30. 80

    I saw this yesterday online and almost bought it!!! I would donate the second one to the mspca!

  31. 81
    Crystal S

    Hi Love it! I would give the second one to

  32. 82

    Hahaha! Oh my gosh, how funny and cute is that!! What kitty wouldn’t love their own little teepee!

    I would donate the second one to Paw Print Rescue out of Garner, NC.

  33. 83

    Forgot to enter my organization…San Francisco SPCA Foster Kitten program.

  34. 84

    My two cats would LOVE this and so would the cats of Feline Friends Chicago (where we got our second).

  35. 85
    crystal s

    Hi Love it. I would give the second one to

  36. 86
    Mary McMenamy

    My kitty would adore this he told me mommy i have been good all year long except of a few things we wont mention try to win it for me i will have to stay out of trouble then

  37. 87
    Liz Rollins

    This looks like fun! I would donate the second one to the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in North Carolina.

  38. 88
    Jennifer Jones

    Gracie kitty would love this! Please send the extra one to Tabby’s Place in New Jersey.

  39. 89

    Adorable! I would love to get rid of some of our plain cardboard boxes (which the cats unfortunately love) in favor of something more stylish like this! And we’d love the second one to go to Independent Animal Rescue in Durham, NC

  40. 90

    That is the coolest kitty hide-out EVER!!! The kitties at would just love to have a teepee of their own too!!!

  41. 91

    Love the teepee concept, very unique! I would give mine to the Last Chance Animal Rescue in Waldorf, MD

  42. 92

    This is just way too cute! My cats would adore one of these teepees, as would the cats at the Denver Dumb Friends League, where I adopted my kitties.

  43. 93
    Sue Ralph

    this is great – I would give one to the kitties in an adoption centre with our rescue group so they can play in it and keep one for the many foster cats that I have which still need to be adopted to new homes

  44. 94
    Heather Blalock

    This is adorable! I’d send the second one to the Humane Society of West Louisiana.…/Humane-Society-of-West-Louisiana/72992985316

  45. 95

    I’d like to donate both teepees to the wonderful Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Colorado Springs, CO (…a very worthy organization!

  46. 96
    Victoria C.

    How neat!! Love these!! If I win, I would like the 2nd one to go to The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington –

  47. 97


    Best Friends
    Kanab, Utah


  48. 98

    Love their products! The second one would go to the animal shelter of the University of Montreal Veterinary Faculty!

  49. 99

    Heap cute wigwam! It’d be great to share this with Rescue Cats of Fayette County, GA

  50. 100
    Michelle McK.

    Fun and cute!
    I would donate both to my local Humane Society:
    Thank you for organizing this!

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