Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: NEW! Kitty Teepee from Loyal Luxe

Wed, Dec 8, 2010

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Our Canadian friends at Loyal Luxe have done it again! First, they brought us the Canadian Cardboard Cat Chalet, and now they have created another modern take on classic Canadian iconography, the Native American Teepee. This fun kitty condo is made from 100% recycled cardboard and ships flat, ready for you to assemble. The teepee comes with six interchangeable ornaments for over the door: the dream catcher, the feather, the tomahawk, the eagle, the bull’s head, or a banner that you can customize with your cat’s name. Measuring 22″ x 22″ by 26″ with a 9.5″ door opening, the Teepee is the perfect little hideaway for cool cats. Available from the Loyal Luxe online shop for just $24.


Loyal Luxe is offering two Teepees for the Holiday Give-a-thon! One will go to the winner and the second one to the charity of their choice. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to tell us the name of the charity you want to support. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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864 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: NEW! Kitty Teepee from Loyal Luxe”

  1. 201
    lilly in Round Rock, Texas would share with my cats.

  2. 202

    Really cute. I would donate the second one to the SPCA of Wake Country – NC, our local no-kill shelter. The kitties there deserve to feel at home while they are waiting for their forever homes.

  3. 203
    Jess W

    I would love one for my parents’ kitty and one for

  4. 204

    We actually own the original Loyal Luxe kitty box and they use it a lot but not at the same time. Well, sometimes they try to but one of them is usually sticking out half way. I think they would love a tee pee! Then they could each have their own swingin’ pad.

  5. 205

    Awesome! My charity is the local humane society.

  6. 206
    sally schwartz

    This is really clever. Send the second one to the Wisconsin Humane Society (Milwaukee), from which I adopted Sarah./

  7. 207

    I think the kitties would like this. Somewhere to hid and snooze. The folks over at would probably love it too.

  8. 208
  9. 209
    anita murano dang it! I always do that… can you eliminate the first comment??

  10. 210

    My Forest Gump and Sanouk would love this! And it would look great in my living room!

    I’d give the second one to Fancy Cats Rescue Team.

  11. 211

    how unique! love it! the other would go to Friends for Life –

  12. 212
    Karen R

    How cute! My kitties would love this and the kitties at the Vanderburgh County Humane Society would enjoy this as well.

  13. 213

    i can only say this: MEGA COOL DESIGN !!! SOOPER. and my donation would go to the fondation cause that`s the place from where i got one of my 2 cats :) .

  14. 214

    Oh, isn’t this little teepee the “cat’s meow”? Sophie says she can’t wait to play in it. It definitely gets a two paws up.

    my charity:

  15. 215

    Kozhuhovskiy charity in Moscow, Russia! :)

  16. 216

    Adorable! If I win, the other will go to Animal Friends of Pittsburgh.

  17. 217

    How cute! Looks very snuggly, would put a pillow in the bottom of it. The other one I would give to the Humane Society.

  18. 218

    This is absolutely adorable; never seen anything like it before. My ‘kids’ would love this, as I’m sure the abused & feral kitties at would too…

  19. 219

    Would love to win this for my kitties! My charity is

  20. 220

    The cats would love this! That kitty on the bottom right looks so much like our Pixie! I would give the other to Austin Pets Alive.

  21. 221

    teepees rule, so does the hayward animal shelter hayward calf.

  22. 222

    I would give to The Cat’s Protection – North London Adoption Centre and my cat would love them too!

  23. 223

    How cute and fun. We would love for the kitties at Valley Animal Center to enjoy the teepee. Hope they are the lucky winners!

  24. 224

    Fun! I would donate to Meow Cat Rescue

  25. 225
    Jennifer Simpson

    Too cool, this looks like fun for both my cats and my toddler!
    My charitiy is the BC SPCA:

  26. 226

    My cats and foster cats and kittens for adoption would love the Native American Teepee with dangling ornaments. So would the cats of the Forever Home Feline Ranch – , a place for young and old cats to be saved, adopted to good homes, or to live out their lives.
    The tribe is growing.

  27. 227

    This is really cool! My kitties would love it as would the kitties at

  28. 228

    What a great little Tepee! I would love to give one to Phelps County Animal Welfare League!

  29. 229
    Cort Kern

    Awesome totally fun for my three cats that I have adopted. I will take the extra one over to where I adopted my cats at my local PACT Adoption clinic inside Petsmart here in Darien IL.

  30. 230

    I know just the cat this is purrfect for.
    SPCA of Tampa Bay

  31. 231
    Gail Cinninger

    Oh how much fun is this?!?! Beautiful design and beautiful models (cats). My 5 would truly enjoy this dwelling!

  32. 232

    I am a Canadian transplant in the US and would love to share my “purritage” with my kitties! If I win this, I would love to donate the second to

  33. 233

    Trop drôle, j’en veux tellement un !

  34. 234

    My cats have a dog brother named Spirit. he is an American Indian dog. I think they would love to have this to remind Spirit of his heritage! And I’m sure that Tree House Animal Foundation in Chicago would love one, too!

  35. 235

    These are super fun. We would love one and the second would go to Hyde Park Cats.

  36. 236

    This is so cute, my kitty would have so much fun in this teepee! My charity is Animal Rescue League of Boston (where I found my boy)!

  37. 237
    brianna weymouth

    This is something both my cat, Castanza, would love but I would be thrilled to! Something about the teepee brings you back to being a child again.

    I would donate to Scottsdale Humane Society. They have such a great program and my family has volunteered there in the past. It’s a great organization!

    Thanks for another great post!

  38. 238
  39. 239

    Awesome! My cats would love this!

  40. 240

    My cat would totally dig this, looks fantastic
    Charity goes to

  41. 241

    Kitties will love this.
    If I win please donate one to

  42. 242
    Laurie O'Connell

    How AWESOME – I really love the teepee design :-) !! I’m sure my fur babies will spend countless hours dreaming happy thoughts (especially with the dream catcher ;-) in this hideaway. I’d love for the Delaware Humane Society in Wilmington, DE to be able to receive the second teepee. Their website is: Thanks Loyal Luxe for your beautiful & environmentally-friendly design. Happy holidays!!

  43. 243

    bitty would love this!

  44. 244

    So stylish! We would love curling up in this teepee and so would our buddies at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley MN.

  45. 245
    Jen Gallant

    I would love this! My charity is

  46. 246
    Laney Evans

    The girls would love this! The second one would go to Thanks for all the great products!

  47. 247

    I love this teepee and my cats would enjoy it, immensely…
    My charity is
    Many thanks, Cindi

  48. 248
    Marci P


    Alabama Animal Adoption Society

  49. 249

    My 5 persians would absolutely love this stylish tee-pee, especially my only male who thinks he is chief! cats in NC, would also benefit from using this until they are placed in their forever home!

  50. 250

    I love this! My cat would enjoy it a lot I’m sure! And I know it would make a great hideaway for the kitties at my local shelter: New Albany/Floyd County Animal Shelter,

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