Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Custom Pet Portrait from Jobi Harris

Sun, Dec 12, 2010

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We have a bonus give-a-thon prize today from watercolor artist Jobi Harris. Jobi is offering two 8 x 10 custom water color portraits, one for you and one for your favorite charity. This is a great prize for a charity to receive because they could use it to honor a special kitty or volunteer, or they could use it for a fundraiser by offering it as an auction or raffle prize. The retail value is $150, so that could be a very nice fundraiser.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the charity you would donate the second portrait to. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners. Thanks, Jobi!

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766 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Custom Pet Portrait from Jobi Harris”

  1. 301
    Maryann Royster

    The best prize yet. My charity is the north shore animal league in port washington NY

  2. 302

    These are really beautiful.

    My charity is Cat Tales in Warminster, PA

  3. 303
    Sara A.

    These portraits are gorgeous! Love one of my kitty plus I’d love to donate the second one to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley:


  4. 304

    oh these would be amazing of our two cats to put on the wall, love it! North Shore Animal League in NY

  5. 305

    These are gorgeous! I would love one of my cats and one to the Nine Lives Foundation.

  6. 306

    Beautiful portraits of cats shown! My kitty would love her portrait done too!
    I would like Towncats of Morgan Hill to be the recipient of the second portrait. They are the wonderful no kill shelter where I got my Charlie.

  7. 307

    I would love to have a painting of my kitty, and I’d like the second to go to Catman2, a cats-only shelter in NC.

  8. 308

    I would love to give the second portrait to Safeplace (Domestic Violence Shelter). In addition to supporting victims of DV, Safeplace makes sure their pets are taken care of when leaving an abusive home. Safeplace and their volunteers raise money to pay for vet bills and transportation of their pet.

  9. 309

    What terrific portraits! I would donate the second portrait to the Denver Dumb Friends League, where I adopted my cats.

  10. 310

    A great idea, my charity of choice is tabbys place ( If I am lucky enough to win, they can get both.

  11. 311

    What a unique way to show off your love for your pet! The fundraising idea for a charity is awesome, I would donate my second one to Animal Aid of Tulsa.

  12. 312

    Love these! I would donate the 2nd one to Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends

  13. 313

    The hardest part is to choose which cat! My charity is

  14. 314
    Polly Snodgrass

    Beautiful. I would give to OARS Orphan Animal Rescue in Neenah Wisconsin

  15. 315

    Very cool! Feline Rescue in St Paul is my favorite feline charity.

  16. 316

    I would love a picture of my cats! I am sure the AZ Humane Society would also love one too!

  17. 317

    Wow! It would be really cool to have a portrait of my Zeeke he is my firstborn. I would love for Carroll County humane society to have the second portarit. Their site is :


  18. 318

    These are just beautiful. I’d love to honor one of my kitties with a portrait like this. I would donate the second one to TreeHouse Animal Rescue in Chicago.

  19. 319

    Beautiful portraits! It will be going to Marley’s Cat Tales

  20. 320

    My cat, Smokey, would look amazing!

  21. 321

    I would love to have a portrait of my Button! I would donate the other to Greenhill Humane Society –

  22. 322

    The watercolors are breathtaking! I’d love for the donated painting to go to Meow Cat Rescue ( in Kirkland, WA. They do such fabulous work saving cats’ lives, especially with abused cats.

  23. 323

    Wow! What a wonderful gift! Beautiful work by Jobi. Friends for Life at would be the winner with me.

  24. 324

    Those are beautiful! I would give the second one to Pet Helpers

  25. 325

    What a lovely idea to give a portrait as a gift. My favorite charity is LifeLine Animal Project, They have LOTS of special kitties (and doggies) there. I’m sure they’d have a hard time picking just one special kitty. But, they can do it. I have lots of faith in them.

  26. 326

    This is a really lovely offer. I would donate it to my local group SANS (Spay and Neuter Syracuse). SANS has the wonderful “Pawcasso: Art By, For and About Animals” fundraiser/ silent auction every year.

  27. 327

    Oh this would be so sweet to have of our kitties Bandit and Shirley. We would love to have Hobbes House Feline Rescue in Raleigh, NC get the second one:

  28. 328

    I would share this amazing offer with The Save the Animals Foundation! It would be a great item for the silent auction in our yearly spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

  29. 329

    I would LOVE to have one of my kitty, and my local SPCA could use this as a fundraiser -they could really use the help!

  30. 330
    Jennifer K.

    I love these portraits! I would donate one to Save our Strays in Birmingham, Alabama.

  31. 331

    Oregon Humane Society

  32. 332

    Oh those portraits are beautiful, they would look so good on my wall, I would love to have them, Springfield Animal Welfare League Springfield Ohio, keeping paws crossed, Merry Christmas Meow Meow ~

  33. 333

    I’d love a portrait of my Frodo! is my choice.

  34. 334

    Beautiful work and so generous of you to give a gift to charity. >^..^<

  35. 335

    Ths will go to the CSRA Humane Society in Augusta, GA

  36. 336
    Brenda Watts

    These are wonderful portraits, very nice. I would be honored to have a watercolor of one of my British Shorthairs….our local shelter The PEI Humane Society work very hard to raise funds, this would help them tremendously in their efforts.

  37. 337
    Mario & Ruby

    A lovely sentiment. And one for the Liberty Humane Society of Jersey City, NJ.

  38. 338

    Hooboy! What a way to spoil my Lucie even more than she is now; and the second portrait would be a great fundraiser for Tony La Russa’s ARF in Walnut Creek (CA)!

  39. 339

    i’ve been looking to add a custom piece of our little love indie for awhile now; Jobi’s art is beautiful!!! this is one excellent prize! and i’m sure the great folks at would love a beautiful watercolor of one of their felines as well. Or the fundraising idea is phenomenal!

  40. 340

    So lovely. I would love to give one to Alley Cat Allies.

  41. 341

    My cat charity is Cat Call –, Great gift idea

  42. 342

    Oh Meow! Oh Meee owe! As much as I would LOVE to have a custom painting of my two little furr balls, I agree that these would make fantastic fund raisers, so I would offer both paintings to The Potter League of Middletown RI

  43. 343

    We’d donate the second one to PFC. It’d make for a nice raffle item at their annual craft fair.

  44. 344

    The watercolors are beautiful! I have a ragdoll cat and would love to have a watercolor portrait of him! I would give the second one to Young-Williams Animal Shelter in Knoxville, TN. They do so much good for the community and they deserve much more than I could ever give them myself!

  45. 345
  46. 346

    Wow! Beautiful!
    My charity would be Friends of Felines in Wichita, KS.

  47. 347

    How beautiful!! I’d like to honor my LeLe kitty who died suddenly in February with one of these. It would also be a perfect gift for SNAP in Houston. (

  48. 348

    Wonderful! My charity of choice is Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ. Thank you & Merry Christmas!

  49. 349
    Sandy Y

    Wonderful portraits! I already know where I’d hang mine if I was lucky enough to win. I would share the second with Stay A While Cat Shelter in North Royalton, OH.

  50. 350

    Love it, so beautiful! The Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center would be my chosen charity, they rock!

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