Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Custom Pet Portrait from Jobi Harris

Sun, Dec 12, 2010

Art & Sculpture, Giveaways

We have a bonus give-a-thon prize today from watercolor artist Jobi Harris. Jobi is offering two 8 x 10 custom water color portraits, one for you and one for your favorite charity. This is a great prize for a charity to receive because they could use it to honor a special kitty or volunteer, or they could use it for a fundraiser by offering it as an auction or raffle prize. The retail value is $150, so that could be a very nice fundraiser.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the charity you would donate the second portrait to. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners. Thanks, Jobi!

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766 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Custom Pet Portrait from Jobi Harris”

  1. 401
  2. 402
    Marty Thomas

    What a wonderful idea! I’m sure my favorite charity would love this!

  3. 403
    Lora Bretz

    An amazing way to catch the essence of Coco.
    My charity: Westend Cat Rescue (Richmond, VA).

  4. 404

    Beautiful! This would be wonderful to win, and my daughter could take a sweet reminder of her cat when she goes to college. I would like the J B Ogle Animal Shelter to be the other recipient.

  5. 405

    I would love to get a picture of my Jenna, a sweet, gentle, and shy little soul. She is a pretty, medium long haired tuxedo kitty and my charity is the Forever Home Feline Ranch, 3600 Persimmon Drive, Springfield, IL 62712 currently. I think she would make a great cat portrait for the walls of the new ranch that is still being renovated for our felines to move into soon in Rochester township, near Springfield, in 2011. Love the watercolors.

  6. 406
  7. 407

    Oh, dear! Which kitty would I pick if I won? Eenie, Meenie, Miney…
    Charity is

  8. 408

    Soooooo beautiful! My charity is the Animal Shelter in Rancho Cucamonga.

  9. 409

    I would love this to capture a portrait of Fiver, I think that Jobi would be able to capture her. I would donate the second portrait to Cat Adoption Team (

  10. 410
    Anita Murano-Sweetman

    Brilliant! I think the Maxfund will use it well…

  11. 411

    This is a wonderful gift! I hope I win. The charity I’d give one too is Alley Cats & Angels. It would be a great fundraiser for them.

  12. 412

    very nice, the other will go to Friends for Life –

  13. 413

    Very cat like paintings indeed!
    If I (or my cats) were lucky, our fav charity for the second painting would be Austin Pets Alive.

  14. 414
  15. 415
    Lauren McDonald

    I would choose Caboodle Ranch as my charity.:) beautiful portraits!

  16. 416

    Love these. Charity: Gastineau Human Society

  17. 417

    What a wonderful prize! What a talented artist-simply catrific! What an honor. Tri-Valley Animal Rescue would definitely be thrilled with this as well.

  18. 418

    Great-looking portraits! We would love to share with:

  19. 419

    The second one I would donate toa local cat rescue here called Rocky’s rescue.

  20. 420

    I have so many cats I wouldn’t know which one to immortalize so I would love to win this and give both to charity. One to C.A.T.S (Committed Alliance To Strays) and the other to the Southern Oregon Humane Society Both are trying to do a tough job in tough times.

  21. 421

    Beautiful paintings! The kittehs and hoomans at would love this!

  22. 422

    I love this artwork! My organization is Forever Home Feline Ranch at

  23. 423
    Lisa Loo

    These are so sweet! I would give mine to Heaven on Earth Society for Animals.

  24. 424

    Beautiful work! Hm, which cat should be your muse… that’ll be tough ;)

  25. 425

    These are beautiful! I would love to be able to donate one to the Iowa City Animal Shelter (, as they have had to move to a new location due to a flood.

  26. 426
    Dawn Garlick

    I would love this beutiful painting of one of my kitty babies, and sure the charity would also. thanks for the great giveaways.

  27. 427
    Missy K

    I think a place like Angelsgate Animal Hospice in Delhi NY would do best with this,as all their animals are there for the duration.


  28. 428
    Stinky and Flip

    My fav charity right now is Connecticut Humane Society where I adopted Flip. I also love the Center for Animal Care and Control where Stinky was adopted from.

    This giveaway is the best one yet!

  29. 429
    Courtney W.

    I would love to display a gorgeous painting of my furry munchkins in my apartment. I would share the creativity with

  30. 430

    Thank you for the opportunity for this give-away.

    The charity I would pick would be the Greenbelt (MD) Animal Shelter.

  31. 431
    Ducky Doo

    Wow! Very Cool. I’d have to be careful not to let my bratty sister Patches know if I won this or she’d want the painting done of her instead of me.
    If I won this I’d give the other one to SPCA Monteregie
    They are one of only 2 no kill shelters in all of Quebec. I’m sure they could find a use for it.

  32. 432

    my baby Oscar would make a fine painting! The VOKRA (Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association) would be my choice charity.

  33. 433

    I would really, really love to have one of these because my kitty baby, Moxie, is sick and might not be around too much longer. My friends at Happy Tales Humane in Franklin, TN would love one, too!

  34. 434

    I always wanted a watercolor of my cats and I’m sure Happily Ever After- no kill shelter would be able to put this to good use for the animals they help.

  35. 435

    All three of my animals were adopted from the Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control (FWACC) in the past 10 years. They truly do everything they can to get the animals forever homes so I know they would totally appreciate a gift like this and would love to have one of their animals forever remembered in a portrait as nice as this (and I think any of my critters would look awesome as well). Thankyou!

  36. 436

    i would love to help out forrest and jenny’s place in tulsa, oklahoma. they need everything they can get. :)

  37. 437
    Claudia m


  38. 438

    I’d have a horrible time choosing which cat would get it, but it looks cool. 2nd one would go to Second Chance Pets

  39. 439
  40. 440

    very nice. The second one will give to the Humane Society Montgomery County Maryland.

  41. 441

    We’d have to draw names to decide which of our cats to immortalize. The second portrait I would donate to Jury-Duty Spay and Neuter –

  42. 442
    Karen Culp

    I love that these giveaways all benefit charity! I would choose the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga. They would appreciate a portrait of my kitties to hang in their space! They have an awesome cat named Jesse who needs his portrait done. His legs don’t work but he’s such an energetic little kitty!

  43. 443

    I think I would want to have a portrait done in memory of our cat Sepia. I would like to donate the other to Meow Cat Rescue in Kirkland, Wa.

  44. 444

    Great portraits! Our Gator would make a handsome model, to be sure.
    I would give the second portrait to the Urban Cat League in NYC. Amazing people who do amazing work.

  45. 445

    A beautiful portrait of my handsome cat would be wonderful. Smokey Joe and I would love to donate a portrait to Robinson’s Resuce.

  46. 446

    i would get a painting of my cat who was lost by American Airlines during a change of flights a few months ago.

  47. 447
    Constance Plank

    How wonderful!

    It would be a hard choice between my three cats and the kitten, but I’d probably chose the grey mackeral tabby, Thistle. He has the most elegant and eloquent face- which would be useful for fund raising.

    My charity of choice is our local AARF, where I adopted one of our lovely cats.


    Constance, who says, “Pick me!”

  48. 448

    I would give the second one to Tree House Humane Society in Chicago:

  49. 449

    How wonderful! the second to Kitty City,NM

  50. 450

    I would love a portrait of my special furbaby who I lost to cancer in 2008. Using the second one as a fundraiser is a great idea, our local humane society has a telethon every year as well as other fundraisers so I know this would be put to wonderful use.

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