Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Four Box Kit from Catty Stacks

Mon, Dec 13, 2010

Climbing & Perching, Giveaways

Some lucky kitties are going to win a new designer cat house from Catty Stacks! These fun cardboard cubes connect together to create all kinds of configurations that cats love to climb on and hide in. With Catty Stacks you can create a structure that both you and your cats will love. Choose from five designer colors to match your decor.

Catty Stacks is offering two four box kits, one will go the the winner and the second to the winner’s charity of choice. Catty Stacks are perfect for shelters because they give cats and kittens a comfy place to call their own while they are waiting to be adopted.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to tell us the name of the charity where you will donate the second kit. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,078 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Four Box Kit from Catty Stacks”

  1. 701

    Honestly I haven’t chosen a charity yet, but I’m sure these ‘stacks’ would make any cat happy, and the fact that they are visually pleasing ain’t such a bad thing either.

  2. 702

    Not only would my cats LOVE these, I’m sure the cats over at The Hervey Foundation would love them too!

  3. 703

    Oh, I love this idea! I would give the second set to an amazing local cat rescue, VOKRA.

  4. 704

    How fun! My cats and the resident felines of SASHA Farm in Manchester, MI would love those. :)

  5. 705

    And just how cute are these?! My charity is the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders Rescue, for abandoned and in danger Burmese cats.

  6. 706
  7. 707

    Oh, these are so cool! I’d share with Alley Cat Allies –

  8. 708

    Both my kitties and the kitties at the Yonker’s animal shelter would be tickled pink with this !

  9. 709
  10. 710

    My cats love the cloth cubes but they are not sturdy. These look like they would have much more fun with them.

  11. 711
    Jolanda Beima

    OMG! My 4 cats would go nuts over these.

  12. 712

    A very fun jungle gym for cats. I’d donate the second set to Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn,

  13. 713
    Azar Attura

    Big Bad Baby Twinkle and Sweet Cee Cee would have fun fun fun in these!! And so would the kitties at the Washington (DC) Humane Society!

  14. 714
    Joy M.

    My cats would be all over these. I would donate the other set to our local pet shelter: Humane Haven Animal Shelter where I adopted my first cat.

  15. 715
    Sara P.

    Gainesville Pet Rescue, Gainesville, FL!

  16. 716

    These are great hideouts for kitties! My 3 cats would love them. My charity is the Poweshiek County Animal Lovers Shelter (PALS) near my home.

  17. 717

    these are great. my cats can’t find enough places to hide! my charity is cat house on the kings in california! the cats there would love these too!

  18. 718
  19. 719
    shay hadass

    The kitties at the shelter will be trilled !

  20. 720

    I love these, all cats love to climb and get into tight spaces, so I think this would be a hige hit with any cat.
    My charity of choice for these cubes would be the Calgary Humane Society in Alberta, Canada, where we adopted our boofhead:

  21. 721

    This looks like a lot of fun for a kitty! If I win, I would like the second one to go to the Chippewa Falls Humane Society.

  22. 722

    These look great, they can be configured to fit any space, and be rearranged to increase cat interest as well. Cats love places to climb, hide and perch, so these serve several purposes. Cozy Cat Cottage, a no kill cat shelter in Powell Ohio is rennovating and these would be great for the new cageless space!

  23. 723

    Very cool. I know my kitkats would like these.
    Safe Have for Cats in Raleigh NC is my charity of choice.

  24. 724

    looks fun!!!!

  25. 725

    Both of my girls and the kitties at One of a Kind Pet Rescue (Akron, OH) would love these!

  26. 726
    sandy c

    please help this small group trying to replace the state facility which closed unexpectedly

  27. 727

    My kitties will love hiding in these.

    Project Precious Paws is my rescue of choice.

  28. 728
    peggy w

    These are great!
    The York County PA SPCA kitties would love to have these.

  29. 729
    Diana Gervits

    our younger kitty loves cardboard and loves to jump and climb. She’d have a ball with this. I’d like the second kit to go to Md spca

  30. 730

    i love these and my cardboard-obsessed cats would to. the urban cat project in san francisco would be my charity of choice.

  31. 731

    my two little ones would LOVE this! they get into so much trouble! my charity of choice would be the Town Lake Animal Shelter of Austin, TX :-)

  32. 732

    These are so awesome. My two cats would have so much fun with them. I would donate the second set to

  33. 733

    so cool! my cats would love these! The xtra set would go to Thanks!

  34. 734

    Oh! This is truly what I’d love to give my little Potsticker Kitty THIS for Christmas!I’d love the second one to go to Poverty’s pets Phoenix.

  35. 735

    Adorable! I would give the second set to the New York chapter of the ASPCA, Thanks!

  36. 736

    Blackbeard, the pirate cat, would go overboard for these!

    Heaven Can Wait, Las Vegas

  37. 737

    our kitties would love to cuddle up in a cube. animal allies humane society would love them too!

  38. 738
    kelly dineen

    i love these and would love to try them! the 2nd one i would give to the mspca at nevins farm in methuen !! they are overloaded w cats for adoption and would be something fun for the cats to enjoy

  39. 739

    Luv these!! The House of Mews in Memphis,TN

  40. 740

    My cats would love these!

    I’d share with the Denver Dumb Friends League:

  41. 741

    My crazy cat Oscar would love to lurk around in some CattyStacks! His favorite activities are burrowing and climbing!
    I would absolutely donate the other set to the private shelter I got him from, the Charles River Alley Cats in Boston. For the wonderful fosters there who work so incredibly hard to make sure every kitty has a home!

  42. 742
    Marissa Weber

    I do lots of fostering, so between them and my own cats, the Catty Stacks would get a ton of use!

    I would donate mine to the rescue I work with- Pet Adoption Network based in Red Bank & Holmdel NJ.

  43. 743

    My four cats would love these!!!

  44. 744

    I have six beautiful kitties that would love some Catty Stack boxes. <3 I would also like to donate the second set to the OahuSPCA ( )

  45. 745
    kayleigh beirne

    I’d love this for my 2 cats, I’d send the second prize to my local RSPCA shelter in Newport, Gwent

  46. 746
    Connie Cozart

    I’ve been eyeing these for quite some time…it’s nice to see such an up-close picture so I can see how they really work and attach. Very nice! We will be traveling in an RV soon, and I could configure his catty stacks to MY convenience!

  47. 747

    I think my cats would love to play in these! My charity of choice is the Texas Exotic Cat Rescue.

  48. 748

    Our kitties would love some Catty Stacks. We adopted Chloe from a shelter and Butterscotch adopted us 5 Christmas Eve’s ago (How could we say no? Smart cat). Our charity that we would love to send some Catty Stacks to is called, “Affordable animal Clinic-Noah’s Bark” (don’t let the name fool you they house cats too). They are a no kill shelter, and have been a blessing since our town does not have a shelter of its’ own and for some reason people tend to drop their cats off at our place.
    P.S. Amazing story: One day a cat arrived, hungry and cold. It had a pink collar (no tag), and I knew that it belonged to somebody. I just didn’t know who. We put up flyers, called shelters, and we even drove to the closest shelter to see if it had been microchipped. We couldn’t bring it inside and the weather was being quite harsh so we called Noah’s Bark, and they were the only one’s totally willing to make room. A few days later we got a call from someone who had seen our flyer. She thought that the description fit her neighbor’s missing cat. Guess what? It was. It belonged to an older gentleman who was a Veteran who served many years for our country. His beloved cat had disappeared months ago. He had posted in the newspaper (not one we read) about missing his cat. Strange thing was, the cat and owner lived in a different town than us. It was an older cat and we’ll probably never know how it made the trek of 20+miles. He drove down to the shelter to pick up his cat, which thankfully, as previously mentioned, was a no kill shelter, and found his kitty healthy and warm and very grateful to see her owner.

  49. 749

    My kitties would love, love, love these! So would the kitties at Lollypop Farm!

  50. 750

    My cat loves cube shaped objects. I know that he love them! Cache County Humane Society , Utah

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