Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Four Box Kit from Catty Stacks

Mon, Dec 13, 2010

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Some lucky kitties are going to win a new designer cat house from Catty Stacks! These fun cardboard cubes connect together to create all kinds of configurations that cats love to climb on and hide in. With Catty Stacks you can create a structure that both you and your cats will love. Choose from five designer colors to match your decor.

Catty Stacks is offering two four box kits, one will go the the winner and the second to the winner’s charity of choice. Catty Stacks are perfect for shelters because they give cats and kittens a comfy place to call their own while they are waiting to be adopted.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to tell us the name of the charity where you will donate the second kit. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,078 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Four Box Kit from Catty Stacks”

  1. 751

    Wow, that’s so nice! I bet my two babies would love to play in those! I’d donate the second one to ADAP – They have lots of kitties in need.

  2. 752
    Laura Kirk

    My cats would have a blast playing on Catty Stack.

  3. 753
    Kristen C

    My cats would love these! I’d give the second one to N’oahs Bark, Santa Rosa, CA. It’s where I got my two kitties and I couldn’t be happier with them.

  4. 754

    So cool!

    Friends of the shelter in Clifton, NJ

  5. 755

    If my Gracie and I win this, we would share with our rescue friends at Wally’s Friends (

  6. 756

    I am really intrigued by these catty stacks. What a great way to provide my cat who wants to be in the sky, an inexpensive, yet safe way to get there.

  7. 757
    Peggy D

    If we won this prize, it would be totally pawsome! We’re sure come kitties at the Mississippi Animal Rescue League would love them too!

  8. 758
  9. 759

    My three babies would so love these! They would make the best Christmas ever! My charity of choice would be Kitten Associates in CT. :)
    Thank you,
    From Aimee, Karma, Kismet and Sadari

  10. 760

    Our gang would love hang out in these cubes. We would give the others to our freinds at the Hazleton Animal shelter.

  11. 761
    Zabet Stewart

    My cats would love these, and I’m sure all the kitties at the Woodford County Humane Society (where my SIL volunteers) would like a set as well.

  12. 762

    My cats would love the catty stacks. My charity would be:

  13. 763

    My cats love cardboard too. My charity is Milford Humane Society.

  14. 764

    my two beautiful kitties would definitely love these cubes, and so would all the cats over at!

  15. 765
    Shari Larsen

    No kitty I know can resist a box!

  16. 766

    I would donate the second to the Lone Pine Animal Shelter.

  17. 767

    These are so cool! My two would love them – no empty cardboard box or paper bag at our house goes unexplored! Feline Rescue, the no-kill shelter I adopted mine from, would love them too!

  18. 768

    oh my gosh would my 2 little kitties love these!! so would the michigan humane society in westland, michigan. thank you!!

  19. 769

    Oh I can’t remember if I commented yet – But I would love one! I have the perfect spot already picked out… And I would like the second set to go to the Winona Humane Society (

  20. 770

    New kitten Tyler would L-L-L-Love this! The 2nd set would be super appreciated at

  21. 771

    Our cat loves when we get things from because he loves hopping in and out of boxes! I’d love to help out!

  22. 772

    Not sure what I’m loving more – the items in the giveaway or the photos!

    My pet charity is the ASPCA in NYC

  23. 773

    Our 3 boys would love to wrestle and chase eachother through a castle made of these! Our charity of choice is the Hudson Valley SPCA,

  24. 774
    Darrell Becker

    Our crew would love to lay around in the cubes. Austin Pets Alive is the rescue group.

  25. 775

    Cats love boxes! I would give some to the cat enrichment program at the Erie County SPCA.

  26. 776

    Love these and so would my three cats! The second set would go to the Winnipeg Humane Society

  27. 777

    My three kitties would love a set of these. I’ve wanted to get them some ever since I first saw them.

    My second set would go to

  28. 778

    These are great! My cats would love these and I like the design
    and the color. I would give the second set to my local Montclair Animal Shelter.

  29. 779

    Our six kitties (the first we adopted, the other 5adopted us) would love to play and hide in these Catty STacks. I would donate the other set to CHallenger’s House http://www.challengers

  30. 780

    Super cool! The best toy you can ever get a cat involves cardboard :)

  31. 781

    Fun! I’d share with Maxfund.

  32. 782

    Neat! My second prize would go to the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh –

  33. 783

    this looks like a great way to wear out my cats

  34. 784

    My ragdoll kitten would absolutly love them =)

  35. 785

    What a very cool concept.

    I would give my extra set to Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon (

  36. 786

    Buffy and Spike would love a set of these for the house and for PAW – Partnership of Animal Welfare ( – where we adopted them from.

  37. 787

    These boxes look like so much fun for a kitty. I’d give the 2nd set to Carol’s Feral’s:

  38. 788

    Love the mobility factor, although who knows how quickly my 2 yr old son would destroy the kitty paradise. The 2nd one would go to Shadow Cats.

  39. 789

    i absolutely love these and i’m sure my kitties would, too, since they spend most of their time exploring any box that comes into the household (currently a LOT, with the holidays upcoming)!

    i would give an extra set to:

  40. 790
    Kat Candelaria

    What cat doesn’t love a cardboard box! I would want the second set to go to

  41. 791
    Edward Sonnenschein

    It never ceases to amaze me how much the cats enjoy playing in the empty boxes that i give them when something comes in the mail. Theae just seem better since that is their designed purpose. The other one is for the Leon County HUmane Society

  42. 792

    My girls would surely love this! The extra set would go to Mewtopia Cat Rescue.

  43. 793

    Wonderful place to play! Elizabethton TN shelter. Thanks so much!

  44. 794

    We would have so much fun with these! And we would probably donate to Pet Pride of NY, a cat-only shelter.

  45. 795

    Thank you for a chance to win, my cats + I would love it. The 2nd set will go to

  46. 796

    My little ones, Jax & Shelton would have so much fun with this!!, and my charity would be our local SPCA in Lakeland, Florida.

  47. 797

    My 5 persians would love to play in these! The fact you can change it up to keep them from getting bored is a great thing too! I would love to donate the other to Thank you!!

  48. 798

    i would love to win and my charity is austin pets alive in austin tx

  49. 799

    These are soooooooooooo cool…thanks for the giveaway!
    PAWS in Chicago.

  50. 800

    My cat, Elli, would love those boxes! If I won, the second set would go to Bingo’s Foundation (in Penndel, Pa.).

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