Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Smart Cat Box & Ant Free Pet Bowl

Tue, Dec 14, 2010

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Today we have a special bonus give-a-thon prize package with two really useful products! First is the Smart Cat Box, one of my preferred litter boxes. This special system uses a two-part box. The top portion has slots in the floor that allow liquids to drain into a covered tray below. Simply scoop solids from the top and empty the tray as needed. The Smart Cat Box uses natural safflower seeds as the litter, a completely biodegradable and renewable resource. This system is excellent for cats with health issues that may require frequent urine testing. I have one cat who uses this box exclusively.

The second part of this prize package is a new find, the Ant Free Pet Bowl. If you have ever had problems with ants, especially if you feed feral cats outdoors, then you know that creating a water moat can be a solution, since ants can’t crawl across water, but this can get messy if food falls into the water. The Ant Free Pet Bowl has a large upper lip that helps prevent food from getting into the water below. The heavy weight high quality porcelain keeps the bowl in place, plus it’s non-porous, non-toxic, and dishwasher-safe. There are two sizes to choose from.

The winner of this give-a-thon will get a Smart Cat Box Starter Kit plus either a small or large Ant Free Pet Bowl, plus the same will be sent to the winner’s charity of choice. To enter, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the charity you’d donate the second set to. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.


Smart Cat Box is offering 20% off all purchases for a limited time. Just enter discount code MC2010 at checkout when placing your order at

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529 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Smart Cat Box & Ant Free Pet Bowl”

  1. 451

    The Cat Adoption Team over here in Oregon would appreciate this.
    And so would my kitty, Zim.

  2. 452

    These would be great for the clinic!

    2nd goes to

  3. 453

    Love the any free bowl! I would donate the other one to Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue.

  4. 454

    this is so cool. my charity is no more homeless pets

  5. 455
    Jean Kayat

    Excellent idea! I have 3 cats and I am sure this would be their favorite.

  6. 456

    awesome idea! Paws & Whiskers (Toledo, OH) would love one too!

  7. 457

    Our Salleefur/Yin Kitty isw VERY particular about her litter box – and I think this one would meet and exceed her very exacting standards!

    Gift should go to the very special animal rescue organization we found our kitties through: Animal Outreach Society in McHenry, IL 60051

  8. 458
    Bruce Kelley

    My cats would love these! My charity is Noah’s Ark cat adoption in GLendale, AZ.

  9. 459

    Great ideas both; I battled the ants all summer trying to find a cat-safe ant deterrent, wish I would have seen this then. Litter is always an issue with my two ..Feline Friends a no-kill shelter in Washington state would put these to good use too.

  10. 460

    One of my cats has kidney disease so she needs to have urine test frequent. It would be a great help for us. In my charity of choice there are sometimes cats with those problems, so they would be also very satisfied from this gift. Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami (Animal Care Association) in my city:

  11. 461

    3 paws up from Tiger, Kobe and Swoosh! They’d like to give one to Hopalong Animal Rescue/Second Chance…the organisation from which they were rescued in July 2008.

  12. 462

    My cat Mochi would love this. :)

    If I win, I’d like the second set would be sent to Halifax Humane Society, which is the shelter where I adopted her from.

  13. 463
    the cape on the corner

    fingers crossed. ARFSEPA in PA is my non profit.

  14. 464

    I would donate to Hope For Cats in Chandler, AZ.

  15. 465
    10 cat Mom

    What great products these are, and our cats would love them. Also if I win, send these to the Whiskers Project in Blairsville GA

  16. 466

    We get ants every summer, and though the cats don’t seem to mind them, I do! We’d give the second one to Siamese Rescue (

  17. 467

    The smart cat box looks amazing! I would donate the second to

  18. 468
    Christine O'Connell

    Mokie would love this and so would Gerdy’s Pet Rescue in Montreal:

  19. 469

    I would use the ant free bowl outside to feed my ferals. Tree House Humane Society – Bucktown Branch is my charity of choice,

  20. 470
    Cait Hawley

    Safe Haven for Cats in NC could really benefit from one of these.

  21. 471
    jessie b

    The slotted cat box is brilliant. My charity is the Michigan Humane Society, Detroit (

  22. 472

    Wayloncat would love this dish and the litter box would be great for the quick pre-work cleans! –> fantastic charity, and the guy really does it with no funding except charitable donations!

  23. 473
  24. 474

    It looks wonderful and my cat would love it.
    I will give the other one to DFW Humane Society.

  25. 475

    Wow so awesome. The cats at octavio feline foundation would love this also.

  26. 476

    Both of these are a really good idea :) My Sophie is very picky about her litter box, the types of litter used and it must be cleaned after every use. My charity is the North Bay Humane Society at

  27. 477
    shirley hsu

    Cats in Hawaiian Humane Society would need one or two of these! Thank you!

  28. 478
    Tina W.

    Cool idea! Second set would go to

  29. 479
    Barbara Masie

    The water bowl would be perfect for my little feral boy that lives in my yard. The extra set would go to the Wake County SPCA in Raleigh, NC.

  30. 480

    Both excellent ideas for maintaining the best environment for kitty to do her thing.

  31. 481

    The 2nd would go to The Freedom Farm!

  32. 482

    Thank you for chance to win this for our charity! Ark of San Juan is a group of amazing individuals that rescue animals from the local shelter in San Juan Capistrano, CA from being euthanized and put them in foster care until they can be adopted.

  33. 483

    This would be nice to try! Donation to

  34. 484

    I have an outdoor cat that this would love the bowl. And the litter box would be good for my indoor friends.

    My charity: TAPS in Pekin, IL.

  35. 485
  36. 486

    FINALLY! The charity is Towncats in California

  37. 487
    Marybeth L

    So useful! I would give to Safe Haven for Cats in NC

  38. 488
    Marybeth L

    The bowl is especially useful. I would give to Safe Haven for Cats in NC

  39. 489

    The ferals I feed would love to vanquish the ants! My charity is RESCUE.

  40. 490
    Kim Powell

    This would be great for my two cats. My charity is the Lake Martin Animal Shelter

  41. 491

    With all the recent rain I have been fighting an ant invasion and that ant free bowl looks great. The second set of prizes would go to the Animal Friends Rescue Project:

  42. 492

    One for Ms. Lola and the other for Cat House on the Kings!

  43. 493

    I missed this entirely when it was first posted. Excited to see another new and healthy litter alternative. I switched my cat to feline pine last year and we have both been so happy.

    And the ant free bowl is wonderful. I have a friend who feeds feral cats and would love this. I would give the extras to

    Paws and Whiskers, a no kill cats only shelter

  44. 494

    Always looking for a new way to serve my cats. This new style litter looks very nice and I’d give one to our local shelter too.

  45. 495

    Looks good. Hope it works. My charity is FuRR Feline Rescue and Rehome.

  46. 496
  47. 497

    Ant free pet bowl… perfect for my feral cat colony! My charity is

  48. 498

    These would be great for my cats.

    Charity of choice is Humane Society of Seattle/King County.

  49. 499

    This would be really useful for my cats. I’d give the extra to SAFE Haven For Cats

  50. 500
    Catherine Fleming

    Interesting idea! My charity is a wonderful organization, the Houston SPCA!!

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