Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Wed, Dec 15, 2010

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The folks over at Glacier Point are generously donating two of their basic pet fountains for the holiday give-a-thon! The winner and the winner’s charity are both going to enjoy the cleanest freshest water with these awesome fountains! The Glacier Point is the preferred fountain in our house. I can’t believe how much the cats drink with this fountain and it’s very easy to keep clean.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the charity where you will donate the second fountain. The winner will receive a basic fountain and the same will be sent to their charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift, Glacier Point can make a custom fountain just for you, like the one pictured above. This is their IMS Immune Support model that sterilizes the water as it circulates. All the mechanical parts are enclosed in custom oak housing.

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1,123 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain”

  1. 301

    Would love this! I would share tiwth the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition!

  2. 302

    This is a great alternative to all the other (mostly plastic and difficult to keep clean) fountains out there. And what a cool look. Right now my Sophie drinks mostly from the bathtub faucet. I would absolutely adore having one of these and bet that my charity would also.

  3. 303

    Our family loves the popular plastic fountain, and I’m sure they’d love this one as well. We’d like the second one to go to FORGOTTEN FELINES of Delta, B.C.

  4. 304

    I would love to win one for the fabulous First Coast No More Homeless Pets!

  5. 305
    Linsey Stiles

    Would love this – kitties too!

  6. 306

    Fantastic. My cats would love this. The second would go to the Oregon Humane Society in Portland, OR>

  7. 307

    Awesome! My kitty would love this!
    My rescue is Animal FAIR in Sedalia, MO >^..^<
    cokelush at gmail

  8. 308
    Ann M

    Fantastic product! I could really use the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain. I formerly used the Drinkwell Pet Fountain but had to stop using it because Kismet got acne from the plastic, and the fountain was too hard for me to clean. I browsed the Glacier Point website and was very impressed with what I saw. Made in the U.S. and with no plastic! It looked easy to assemble and clean.

    I have a Main Coon kitten (Orca) who is starting to exhibit the Maine Coon penchant for drinking only running water, and the PPF would be a perfect fountain to have for him to use.

    I would donate the other fountain to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

  9. 309
    sharon cawley

    My 3 cats would think they died and went to heaven, sure beat the fountain we have now! I would give my other one to Mostly Mutts no-kill shelter in our local area. I would also give them my old fountain!

  10. 310

    Oh these are very nice! Would love to win for the kitties at tabbys place ( As before,if I am lucky enough to win, both can be sent to the cats at Tabby’s Place.

  11. 311

    my cats NEED this!! charity is safe haven for cats in raleigh nc

  12. 312
    Sarah Williams

    My boys would love this, and I would love it so I can check that they are drinking enough water. Brilliant Prize, Thankyou. My local animal sanctuary is

  13. 313
    Jennifer Hill

    My cat would love a fountain of lovely, cool water. If I win, I would like the other water fountain to the Tree House Cat shelter in Chicago, Illinois.

  14. 314

    Oh that gift would be perfect for my cats! They always prefer to drink freshest water in my glass rather than in their water bowl! ;-)
    I would donate the second fountain to the Actuanimaux association (“”)!

  15. 315

    My cats would love to have one!!!!


  16. 316

    Neat and simple! I like the fact that since I know a lot about aquarium pumps I may be able to trouble shoot any issues that may arise!
    I will donate both to my local Humane Society:

  17. 317

    Fountains are a great way to get a cat to drink more water, and this one is interesting. I’d love to give the second fountain to Kitty Connections in Medford, MA, since Marie and her volunteers do so much for abandoned cats — without pay.

  18. 318
    Karin C

    This would be so perfect for the dogs at our local rescue in the desert.
    I would love to give one to Lisa’s Angel Dog Rescue.

  19. 319

    My cat is picky with his water. Always needs fresh water. This would be great.

  20. 320

    I have four cats that drink alot and even though I wash the bowl(s)
    and put fresh water this fountain would make us feel very luxurious
    Bravo to the creative person who invented it!

  21. 321

    Omg! Since I first saw this fountain, I found it brilliant and just great! The problem is that it’s far too expensive for me. It’s wonderfull to have a chance to win one! Thank you so much. My cats and I really appreciate :)

  22. 322

    These look like they would really be handy – I’m sure Sugar would love one. And of course the little guys at the Hamilton County SPCA.

  23. 323
    Zippy, Sadie & Speedy

    Oh, dat is a nice fountain and we would use it regularly…mostly because we broke our Drinkwell fountain. We would give the other one to Wisconisin Humane Society fur da kitties in da community room.

  24. 324

    This would be a great addition to our home! Maybe then Monkee would stop trying to drink out of everyones cups! I know the kitties at Forgotten Animals of LA would love it, too!

  25. 325
    Susan R.

    She loves drinking from the tap so this would be her version the second one would go to the Ottawa Humane Society.

  26. 326

    This fountain would be much appreciated by my kitties and their friends at Bideawee NYC ( – thanks!

  27. 327

    My charity is the Lenawee Humane Society.

    This is something everyone should have, very healthy for your furry babies.

  28. 328

    With one of these around, Hanso and Bananas could stop drinking from the tap. I’m sure Toronto Cat Rescue would love one too.

  29. 329

    It would help a great deal if my kitties had one of these drinking fountains-to enjoy fresh, clean water all day long.

  30. 330

    oh man i absolutely would love one of these. i considered buying one but i just don’t have the money right now.

    my charity would be the san francisco spca


  31. 331

    The Kat Pack would enjoy a fountain of their very own, thus leaving the Roman fountain to look decorative as was intended. The 2nd fountain would go to..

  32. 332

    Mr Mumps would love this. He drinks out of the sink and showers! I would donate the second one to the windmill animal rescue (

  33. 333
  34. 334
  35. 335

    I think my kitteh would love this, as she always wants me to turn on the bathroom sink for her! I would give the other fountain to Watermelon Mountain Ranch in Rio Rancho, New Mexico!

  36. 336

    My cat zorro would love this – he’s always jumping up to drink from the sink. The second one would go to the Shamrock Foundation in louisville, KY. (I won’t have internet access from the 24th until the 27th, so if i win don’t discard me if you don’t hear from me straight away–I’ll be back online as soon as I can!)

  37. 337
    Bobbie Welch

    So awesome especially for a multi-cat household! I would give the second one to Animal Rescue League of El Paso!

  38. 338

    The cats would probably love one of these. As would the cats as Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, IL.

  39. 339

    Wow those are pretty neat, I know my three cats would love one and we would love to have the Harford County Humane Society get the other one. They are a good organization that works hard to do alot with a very small budget.

  40. 340

    Oooh, my kitties would love this! So would the kitties at Nashville Cat Rescue!

  41. 341

    My cat’s would adore this! The second would be gifted to Spring Farm CARES Animal Sanctuary of Clinton, NY. There are rooms (not cages!) full of kitties that would utilize this.

  42. 342

    This is a wonderful prize that would get so much use in my 8 cat household!I know the Noah’s Ark Rescue Shelter in Ledgewood NJ would also be very appreciative of this.

  43. 343
  44. 344

    We’ve tried several types of fountains for our four cats and this one looks just perfect!

  45. 345

    Such an awesome looking fountain! I would share with BARC Shelter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  46. 346

    Love this water fountain and I know the cats at would love to have one too.
    Alda, Chloe and Bast

  47. 347

    My kitties LOVE drinking running water from the tap, so I know they would love this fountain. I like how the water resevoir is tall so they won’t stick their paws in and dirty up the water…although I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to make this also a toy. :)
    The 2nd fountain will be donated to the Kitten Rescue Homeless Cat Sanctuary where it will provide fresh, clean water to their 150 resident cats.

  48. 348

    My cats LOVE staring at the water spout in the kitchen and bathroom, and picking up drops from the bath tub faucet – I am sure they would LOVE to drink water just for them!

    I would donate to Heads 2 Tails – which saves kitties from kill shelters, where I adopted my rugrats from!

  49. 349

    You can never spoil your cat too much.
    And, my charity, a place I volunteer at is:
    The SPCA of TampaBay…

    Keep up the good work. We love the ingenious ideas and this fountain is tops !

  50. 350

    Oooh!! I know my kitties would love these as well as the kitties at Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary!

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