Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Wed, Dec 15, 2010

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The folks over at Glacier Point are generously donating two of their basic pet fountains for the holiday give-a-thon! The winner and the winner’s charity are both going to enjoy the cleanest freshest water with these awesome fountains! The Glacier Point is the preferred fountain in our house. I can’t believe how much the cats drink with this fountain and it’s very easy to keep clean.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the charity where you will donate the second fountain. The winner will receive a basic fountain and the same will be sent to their charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift, Glacier Point can make a custom fountain just for you, like the one pictured above. This is their IMS Immune Support model that sterilizes the water as it circulates. All the mechanical parts are enclosed in custom oak housing.

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1,123 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain”

  1. 351

    Oooh, I really would love to have this for my cats. And I’m sure AnimaLovers ( would love it too!

  2. 352

    This is perfect for my finicky cats who only like to drink out of the faucet. The charity of my choice would be the MEOW (Make Each One Wanted) Foundation, a no-kill cat shelter in Calgary, Alberta

  3. 353

    My cats would love this and so would Angels Paws animal rescue in Wisconsin!

  4. 354
  5. 355

    I would love to have a cat water fountain. I’d donate the other fountain to Houston Humane Society

  6. 356

    I use stainless steel bowl, but I’m not so sure this is the healthiest option..I’d love to try the fountain. I’d love to donate the other fountain to PAWS Seattle as well!

  7. 357

    My cats would love playing in this, and possibly drinking from it, too! The second would go to Houston Humane Society

  8. 358

    Oh my, this would be great!! My eight catties like to drink out of the bathroom sink, the water is cold and flowing. This would certainly solve that problem, and their friends at Salem Friends of Felines would enjoy one too. They can be reached at :

  9. 359

    I have a cat who insists on drinking out of the sink – this fountain would be perfect for her! I’d be sharing my gift with the AZ Animal Welfare League and SPCA –
    Yay! Thanks Modern Cat and Glacier Point. This is wonderful.

  10. 360

    This is so cool! I’ve never seen one quite like this! I would give the second one to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League where I volunteer (The Humane Society of the Palm Beaches).

  11. 361
    Shadie Kaye's Mom

    I fell in love with these fountains when they were first featured a lil while back. With many multiple tongues in the bowl each day I think these can’t be beat for healthy kitths! I think in Tyler TX would really appreciate one also >^..^<

  12. 362

    San Francisco SPCA…love ‘em…meow
    our little fountain has just about seen it’s last days…we have 2 cats that suffer from chronic urinary tract infections…water fountains increase their water intake…less visits to the vet…makes us all very happy!

  13. 363

    My geriatric cat — age 20 1/2 — always meows at me to get her a fresh, cold glass of water (yes, a GLASS of water!) She and her four co-kitties would love this, as would the homeless kitties at the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County (MD)

  14. 364

    This is so neat. I would donate the other one to

  15. 365

    My fountain just pooped-out so this would be a great prize to win. Right now I fight for sink space with my 3 cats. If I win please send one to Casa de Los Gatos in Tucson.

  16. 366

    The Greater New Haven Cat Project in Connecticut would get my donation.

  17. 367
    Amy Bailey

    These are great. My fountain loving kitties, as well as those over at the Castaway Animal Rescue Effort will love them!

  18. 368
    C> Temple

    Our rescue and Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, Ca would love this fountain!

  19. 369

    Very nice! A great gift for the Delaware County SPCA.

  20. 370

    A kitty’s dream come true! The fine felines at the Fredericksburg SPCA would adore it!

  21. 371
  22. 372
    T.Y. Huang

    My kitty loves drinking from the faucet and the bathtub…. I am sure he would love a clean running water available all the time! So would the cats at CCHS, humane society in Illinois (

  23. 373
  24. 374

    My Neko would love this, and so will the Montgomery County Texas Animal Shelter where we adopted her!!

  25. 375
    Lisa L

    I’d share mine with the North Shore Animal League:
    They’ve been my favorite shelter ever since that story about Scarlett rescuing her kittens from the burning building:

  26. 376
    Melissa A.

    I would love to be able to donate this item to the Providence Animal Rescue League in Providence, RI. :)

  27. 377

    I would love to try out this fountain with my kitty… he has strange drinking habits. I’d also like to share it with the kitties at Happy Endings (

  28. 378

    This would be great for the cats at Robin’s Nest Indy –

  29. 379

    I’ve wanted one of these for a while!! After losing a CRF, I’m aware of how important it is for clean, fresh, drinking water that they actually DRINK! Our new kitty would enjoy one of these, and I’d donate the other to the Delaware County SPCA in Media, PA.

  30. 380

    My delicate princess kittie would love this! She would use it to wash her paws before getting a drink. My other two kitties would probably have a high jump contest over the fountain! What a neat gift this would be. And I’m sure Independent Animal Rescue would find it handy too.

  31. 381
  32. 382

    This would be a wonderful addition to the open cat room at my local shelter! And Sushi would absolutely love it to :) New Albany/Floyd County Animal Shelter,

  33. 383
    Kama Leier

    Looks wonderful. Would share it with

  34. 384
    debra b

    My kitties would go nuts for this! my charity is the Quinte Humane Society

  35. 385

    Oh, my two cats would love this fountain! And I’d love that it’d be easier to clean than the one we have for them now. I would donate the second one to the Halo No Kill Shelter.

  36. 386

    My cats love water fountains and would probably love this looks cool. I would donate the other one to Good Mews, a no-kill cage free cat shelter in Marietta, GA. They love water fountains too!

  37. 387
    b. badger

    a departed feline friend, leonard, was a very special cat. very special. and he would often sit on the submerged top step of my parents pool. he would also enjoy an occasional swim in that pool. that cat was never quite right…

    both fountains to

  38. 388

    I want to win this because I have a morbid curiosity to know how much more water will end up on the floor due to cats playing in the fountain. Two of them already knock so much water out of the bowl, we have to keep it in a 3-inch deep 2′x3′ tray.

    I’m sure the kitties at the Humane Society at Pensacola ( ) would also appreciate the fountain.

  39. 389

    My Sophie LOVES drinking from the faucet — she’d adore this. I’d donate to PAWS

  40. 390

    Shackleford and Blue both agree–this is a grand way to get water!! They would like to share the second one with where there are many kittens and cats awaiting their forever homes.

  41. 391

    My cats would love this, no more leaving the faucet on for these girls :)

    I’d donate the second to Orphans of the Storm shelter:

  42. 392

    Wow – what an amazing fountain! My 2 cats, and the cats at would really enjoy drinking from this.

  43. 393

    this is my favorite giveaway prize! the fountain i have now has algae in it -_- the cats aren’t drinking from it anymore, but they aren’t drinking much water from a regular bowl, so i don’t know what to do! i wanted this fountain since it seems REALLY clean. i know the rescue group i chose would appreciate this gift as well

  44. 394

    Flip and Stinky would love this as would the Connecticut Humane Society!

  45. 395

    I’m sure that my group Habitat for Cats, Rochester,NY. can make very good use of a fountain. My guys would most likely make good use of one too. Thanks. D

  46. 396

    Nice! My charity is Purrfect Pals in WA!

  47. 397

    I love this – one of my boys has urinary tract probs, so he needs to drink lots of water. I’d share mine with Treehouse Cat Rescue in Chicago.

  48. 398
    Mary Hall

    Awesome prize…I would donate the 2nd one to The Cat Shack, Trexlertown, PA.

  49. 399

    This is awesome! I’d give one to the East Bay SPCA.

  50. 400
    Tina Renee

    Olivia, Zoe and Percy would love this. They’re always drinking running water from the sinks in my house!

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