Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain

Wed, Dec 15, 2010

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The folks over at Glacier Point are generously donating two of their basic pet fountains for the holiday give-a-thon! The winner and the winner’s charity are both going to enjoy the cleanest freshest water with these awesome fountains! The Glacier Point is the preferred fountain in our house. I can’t believe how much the cats drink with this fountain and it’s very easy to keep clean.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the charity where you will donate the second fountain. The winner will receive a basic fountain and the same will be sent to their charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift, Glacier Point can make a custom fountain just for you, like the one pictured above. This is their IMS Immune Support model that sterilizes the water as it circulates. All the mechanical parts are enclosed in custom oak housing.

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1,123 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain”

  1. 401
  2. 402
    Tina Renee

    forgot shelter… Burke Co. Friends for Animals

  3. 403

    My parents’ cats would love this fountain. I would send the second fountain to the Homeless Pet Placement League of Houston:

  4. 404

    Very cool fountain concept. Would give the other to Animal Aid of Tulsa:

  5. 405

    Ooh! This is on Tank’s Christmas list. And Santa, he’s been a very good boy this year. I’d be sure to share the joy with Folsom Felones, our local rescue organization.

  6. 406

    My cousin’s kitty Tama would love this fountain and the kitties at Halfway Home Rescue,CT

  7. 407

    Refreshment for Kitters, and the

  8. 408
    Sherri Leopold

    I love this! I have a torti who will drink out of anything and would think this was terrific. the Forever Home Feline Ranch would benefit greatly from one as well! Thanks Modern Cat for your generous support!

  9. 409
    Kathy C

    Oh this would be so fantastic for my herd ‘o kitties (I could finally turn off the kitchen faucet!) If I win (pick me pleaz???) I would donate the other to the Sacramento SPCA who are trying to do so much with soooo little…..

  10. 410

    This would be an awesome gift for my cats! The second would go to Forever Feline Home Ranch in Springfield, IL.

  11. 411

    I would be thrilled to win one of these fountains! I plan to buy one eventually. The second fountain would be donated to Cat World at Best Friends Animal Society for their lobby kitties.

  12. 412

    What a great idea! It’s so hard to get kitties to drink from stagnant water. I would donate the second one to Centre County PAWS (

  13. 413

    This is a great fountain – one of my cats is allergic to plastic (& much more) so this would be great for him. Plus the kittens at our local animal shelter would really appreciate the second one (Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control – FWACC).

  14. 414
    Wendi W

    I would love this! It takes something really special, like a wine glass, or fluttering my fingers in the water, to get my kitties to drink–they *love* running water, this would be such a great idea for them! I know my Lola would love to share one with Great Lakes Bengal Rescue:


  15. 415
    John Wisniewski

    I have a cat that pees in her water bowl. Unless I find it and clean the bowl my other cat has no water. i know this would be the perfect solution.
    The other bowl will go to Halo no kill shelter.

  16. 416

    I would love to have my kitty try out one of these fountains as he seems to not be drinking enough water at times! The charity I would like to receive the other fountain is the Denver Dumb Friends League.

  17. 417

    My boys, Gus and Gibson, would like a quieter fountain, and one that their pokey meowmie could clean quicker. Their charity is Tulsa Street Cats.

  18. 418

    my cats only drink water from a fountain… they would love to have to win it!
    the other one would be for gatunchitos shelter

  19. 419

    This would make Beau’s Christmas morning a little extra special and would make him so happy! He’d probably want to donate the second one to his old shelter, The Cat’s Meow in Anacortes, WA.

  20. 420

    Of my three cats, Smudge would love this the most! I have to work really hard to get past her to the sink myself because she loves her fresh water! The second one would go to the Kokomo Humane Society – Kokomo, IN

  21. 421

    Very refreshing, indeed. Got 2 kitties who would appreciate this though I do keep up with fresh water constantly but they love it when it flows from the sink. Feline Rescue in St Paul MN would be my charity of choice – thanks!

  22. 422

    These are fantastic! I’d love for the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in San Diego to have one, too.

  23. 423
    Laura T.

    Our cats would love this! They meow for us to turn on the faucet all of the time! My charity would be my local vet!

  24. 424

    My cats would be in heaven! This is who I would donate too

  25. 425
    Darcy B

    Yes please–and my charity is best friends.

  26. 426

    This is a wonderful design, and it would be nice to provide my troupe of kitties with fresh, safe water to drink, rather than out of a bowl. I would donate the second fountain to Promise Animal League, Kearneysville, WV.

  27. 427
    Lisa Barrett

    We would LOVE this! And I would love for the shelter to have one too. Thanks for the generous giveaway.
    641 S Crystal Ave.
    Benton Harbor, MI 49022

  28. 428
    Jennifer Amery

    What a great idea! My cats are hard pushed to find water outside at the moment due to the very cold weather I think they would love the novelty of this and encourage them to stay out that little bit longer!

  29. 429
    Cynthia & Montana

    My crew would probably all try to stick their furry faces into it! Purrever Ranch in TN ( would love it for their geriatrics also.

  30. 430

    My little calico loves to drink from the tap, so she would absolutely LOVE this!! She would gladly donate the second to Angels for Animals in Canfield Ohio, where her brother came from!!

  31. 431

    My cats would love drinking from this fountain. :-)
    They like to share with Green Street Rescue in Philadelphia.

  32. 432

    One of my cats might like this. The other goes to CSRA Humane Society in Augusta, GA

  33. 433

    This neat fountain may encourage my cat to drink more water. It looks great! Our charity is the Sterling Animal Shelter.

  34. 434
    carole wilson

    Oh! I love that and my cats who always drink in the bath or on the counter…would be crazy about that and I supposed that cats at Animescale will be too.

  35. 435

    My cats would love to win this! My charity is

  36. 436

    Oh — I would LOVE one of these!! That is, my cats would. :)

    Organization of choice would be Animals Can’t Talk:

    Thanks for doing this — it’s such a great idea.

  37. 437

    my kitties hate drinking stagnant water, they would love this and be so much healthier with all the water that they would drink. please santa!

  38. 438
    Liz M

    Super cool…I would love for the second one to go to the Animal Humane Society in the Twin Cities, MN.

  39. 439

    these water fountains are great cos cats love fresh water, my cats usually drink from our garden fountain but its nice to have an indoor fountain for days when the weathers not so hot. BTW the cat ornament in the picture reminds me that yesterday i was sat in the car in a dark street when i heard bells just like a reindeers bells, when i looked around a cat was walking by the car with a collar with 4 or 5 bells on like in the picture, but for a few seconds i was convinced I was gonna bump into Santa doing his rounds haha i felt like a kid

  40. 440

    My cats would really like this. My wonderful boy kitteh came from the Grosse Ile animal shelter and we would like to give them a fountain should we win.

  41. 441

    I would love to give this to my mom for her cats. Her cat Opal loves to knock her dish around so that the water moves and she has been wanting to get them a fountain for awhile now. And I love that this is ceramic and not plastic.

    The shelter I support is Paws and Whiskers a cats only no kill shetler.

    Thanks again to all the companies that have donated.

  42. 442

    I love these!! I keep going back to the website and checking them out. Brilliant design! I would donate to the San Diego Humane Society.

  43. 443
    Marge Tschida

    Wow, this is wonderful. I’ve never seen one of these.

  44. 444

    this would be much better than drinking from the bathroom taps!! my charity is Ingrid’s Haven –

  45. 445

    My cat loves drinking out of the faucet. Maybe I can finally break him from this. My charity is Viva

  46. 446

    OOOh, looks like a fabulous water fountain! My kitties would donate the second fountain to Good Mews Animal Foundation,

  47. 447
    Stephanie G

    I have been debating by this, but out of work means no new fountain. I have eyeballed this since you posted about it, since my boys went through kitty acne and 1 still has a teeny bit that I’m told will just be there. Another needs running water due to his crystals, so its a must in my house sometime soon.

    The other will go to Alley Cat Allies.

  48. 448

    Very cute — my cats love running water! My charity is the Hawaiian Humane Society. :)

  49. 449

    My cats would love this I was thinking about getting one.
    I would give it to the CARA center here in Jackson ,MS

  50. 450
    sally schwartz

    Sarah definitely prefers to drink water from the sink faucet, even when i have just given her a fresh bowl of water. She would love this, and would like to send one to her friends at the Wisconsin Humane Society (Milwaukee).

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