Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Hepper Pod Bed!

Thu, Dec 16, 2010

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Our holiday give-a-thon would not be complete without a Pod bed from Hepper! This sweet little bed remains an icon of true Moderncat design. It’s the perfect little hideaway for kitty, raised to just the right height, with a removable, washable liner and the sleekest modern design. One lucky winner is going to receive an Earth & Sky Pod bed and the same will be sent to the winner’s chosen charity.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to name your charity and add a link to their website. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,575 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Hepper Pod Bed!”

  1. 1001
    Erika W.

    I could definitely see my cats using this cool bed! As two of my five kitties were adopted from the Arizona Humane Society, I would like for this organization to receive one, too. Their website is:

  2. 1002

    A cozy hide-away in a pretty color combo. My favorite charity is the Ulster County SPCA in Kingston, NY.

  3. 1003

    Thank you for the chance at this giveaway. The group I would share it with would be the Greenbelt animal shelter.

  4. 1004

    Very cool and stylish. My second one would go to the Brant County SPCA

  5. 1005

    Oooooh! A throne! Please pick our comment and give the second royal thing to SOS Miow :

  6. 1006

    Second one would go to BARCS Baltimore, MD . They are very busy with incoming pets and could use something off the ground in the cat area.

  7. 1007

    This has been on our wish list! Webark Estates No-Kill Animal Shelter —

  8. 1008

    Wow, those beds look amazing. I would ask that the second one be sent to Cat Adoption Team (

  9. 1009

    Would love to have one for our guys. And one for Good Mews.

  10. 1010

    Beautiful! I choose – Dallas’ oldest & largest no-kill animal shelter.

  11. 1011

    My kitties and the kitties at the Verona Street Animal Society would love to have this bed! (

  12. 1012

    My charity of choice is Purrfect Cat Rescue and especially Rose who helped me out a lot with my rescues.

  13. 1013
    Beth F.

    The kitties of the Delaware Humane Association ( would look great in this bed!

  14. 1014

    Neat. Feline Rescue of SI would have cool bed #2.

  15. 1015


  16. 1016

    been wanting one of these forever!
    pets unlimited in SF, CA

  17. 1017

    I’d give the second to the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh –

  18. 1018
    Issey the Cat

    An elevated bed like this will keep kitties warm at night. I hope that the Helen Woodward Animal Center will get one at

  19. 1019

    This would be a hit at our house and the Anaheim Feral Cat Project at

  20. 1020

    I would donate mine as well to my favorite Cat rescue… As much as I love my kitties… the kitties at the rescue could use them MORE!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    Cats Bridge to Rescue

  21. 1021

    Wow, lots of interest in this one – no wonder, it’s fabulous! I’d love to see my Tally in one, and any of Arizona RESCUE’s cats as well! Thanks!

  22. 1022

    Cupcake is obsessed with this bed. She even wrote a letter to Santa. The kitties at PAWS Chicago would love it too… part sleepy pod, part play space station.

  23. 1023

    I love these beds! The cats at One of a Kind Pet Rescue would love one, too!

  24. 1024
    Shadie Kaye's Mom

    Dez iz kewl, de ittehs cud catch sum zzzz in secusion. awww de beuty sleepz >^..^< We tinkz de kittehs at wud likez too.

  25. 1025
    Heather Salomon

    Wow – I’ve been admiring these Hepper beds for awhile. If Coco won, then she would contribute to (Austin Pets Alive).

  26. 1026

    These are so cute.

    I’d like the second bed to go to the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society

  27. 1027

    What a great cat bed! My charity of choice is the WInnipeg Humane Society –

  28. 1028

    I’ve been wanting one of these!! Would love the second one to go to Lifeline Animal Project:

  29. 1029

    My cat would love one of these, & so would the cats at North Shore Animal League

  30. 1030

    We would donate the second Hepper bed to the Helen Woodward Animal Center That’s where we got both our furbabies.

  31. 1031

    such a cool idea for a bed. It will look great at the Perry Animal Care Center as well

  32. 1032

    So many fabulous giveaways! I’d love to win this too. Of course, my charity is LAPCATS.

    Thanks for these opportunities–

  33. 1033

    I’m not sure who would be more thrilled to win this beautiful modern pet bed – me or the kitties (although I’m sure our friends at Bideawee NYC be even MORE thrilled!).

  34. 1034

    A sleep pod! A sleep pod! Our kingdom for a sleep pod! We would so love to have this magnificent earth and sky sleep pod and would allow our guardian to give the other to Ollie’s Place for cats, of Mighty Mutts (

  35. 1035
    Lisa Loo

    You could even decorate the bed with a string of lights! How cute would that be? I would give my 2nd one to Heaven on Earth Society for Animals who are helping me with my feral colony!!

  36. 1036
    Michelle Madden

    I recently (just 2 weeks ago) took in a very sweet but skinny stray cat that had followed me home one night. I hadn’t had a cat since I was a young teenager but I just couldn’t leave this poor little guy out in the cold. So, I named him Tom, gave him a flea bath and took him to the vet to get de-wormed and treated for ear-mites (poor little guy).

    I think after all he’s been through, little Tom would love to lounge in the luxury of a bed all him own.

    And I think the wonderful people at A Animal Clinic in Ridgewood, Queens, NY should receive a cool sky pod too for being so wonderful and sweet! I think they’re resident cat/nurse, Noel, would love it!

  37. 1037

    Very Nice. my charity is the Warren County Humane Society,

    Thanks to all again!

  38. 1038

    How pretty! If I won, the second bed would go to Cat Adoption Team (

  39. 1039
    R-Laurraine Tutihasi

    My charity of choice is the Hermitage in Tucson.

  40. 1040

    I’ve wanted to get my kitty this bed! And I’m sure the kitties at would love one too.

  41. 1041

    So nice.
    The second one would go to Miztlan

  42. 1042

    Great addition for our 15 furbabies with the other to go to the Greater Dayton Humane Society.

  43. 1043

    Looks nice and cozy. charity: Santa Barbara Humane Society

  44. 1044

    I love this spaceship-style bed. I’m sure the younger cats would have a blast playing in and on it, as well as sleeping in it. If I win, I’d like the other bed to benefit the Humane Society of Pensacola.

  45. 1045

    My kitties would love to snuggle in the Earth and Sky Podbed and so would the kitties at the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County

  46. 1046
    Ducky Doo

    Ooooh those are so kewl! Oh do pick me for this one! *tries to cross toes on front paws*

    If I won I’d give the other one to SPCA Monteregie, a no kill shelter in Quebec, one of only two in the whole province.

  47. 1047
  48. 1048

    This is such an awesome idea and already a lot of great groups have been mentioned. but if they have not been mentioned already
    here is
    afghans for animals

  49. 1049

    My little Snickers would LOVE a Hepper Pod to keep her all warm and protected and out of the way and she would like to share one with the kittens she left behind at the Coconino Humane Association ( They are a great organization and all little abandoned kittens deserve a place to feel safe.

  50. 1050

    I have one in gray/orange and would love a second for another cat! I would love to donate the second to NYC ASPCA –

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