Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Igloo Cat Bed from The Refined Feline

Fri, Dec 17, 2010

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I told you we’d have the hottest new products during our Holiday Give-a-thon! Today’s prize is the brand new Igloo Cat Bed from The Refined Feline! Just introduced a couple of weeks ago, this awesome cat bed is the perfect cozy cave for napping. Made of natural rattan with espresso stain, this cat bed would be a wonderful addition to your interior decor.

One lucky winner is going to receive an Igloo Cat Bed and so will the charity of their choice! To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the charity you’d choose. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,366 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Igloo Cat Bed from The Refined Feline”

  1. 851
    Debra Pringle


  2. 852
  3. 853
    jenn b.

    fantastic piece! felines inc. in chicago would get the other:

  4. 854
    reva skie

    I adore this bed! I know my kitty would love it, too. He is a cave dweller. I would share with NMHPKC.

  5. 855

    This would be a great addition to my home for my girls. I would give the other one to Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary

  6. 856

    I would donate my second cat bed to Lost Paws Inc. I’m sure all the kitties there would love a fancy new bed!!

  7. 857

    This is beautiful. I think it’s my favorite item so far in the give away. My rescue is Whatcom Humane Society: Thanks for these great give way gifts!

  8. 858

    this is incredibly stylish – Newington CT ASPCA

  9. 859
    Amanda McG

    I love, love, love all things refined feline. The charity I’d share with is the Wake County SPCA.

  10. 860

    this is so cool!
    I’d donate the other one to Pets Over Population Prevention – a local volunteer organization that helps foster animals while they find their forever homes.

  11. 861

    One for my guys to fight over, and one for the sweet older kitties at my local shelter ASAP CATS

  12. 862

    Bella would love the igloo and so would the cats at North Toronto Cat Rescue.

  13. 863

    How very refined looking! My modern cat & I love this bed, and so would the High Peaks Cat Shelter,

  14. 864

    The Igloo Cat Bed would look great in my cat’s favorite room in the house. If I won, the charity I’d like to receive a second bed is the Worcester Animal Rescue League,

  15. 865

    what a beautiful bed! if i win, i would like to donate the second bed to blind cat rescue and sanctuary in north carolina.

  16. 866

    i would love to win this for my furbabies and the Michigan Humane SOciety (Westland chapter) would love one also!

  17. 867

    Very stylish. Love the dark color, as would the kitties at BARC in Brooklyn!

  18. 868

    Another great giveaway …..

    My pet charity is the ASPCA in NYC…..

  19. 869

    Another bed my kitties would love to snuggle in! Charity of Choice is:

  20. 870
    Janie Harley

    I love this, I could just see my 5 cats fighting over who sleeps in this.

  21. 871

    Aw, I hope I win this one!!!! My charity is the North Central Animal Care and Control Center in Los Angeles. :)

  22. 872

    I would donate it to my local SPCA

  23. 873

    Cute! We’d happily donate one to PFC.

  24. 874

    I have to admitt, I want this one for myself. It’s a perfect side table (my boy Harry Winston can share). Beautiful! I would love to donate one to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne, Australia (where we adpoted our boy)

  25. 875
    Tina Cavaco

    I would love to win one for my kitties! It would look great in our cat room! I would love one to be donated to Sanctuary Animal Refuge

  26. 876
    Darla Giles

    My 82 year old mom would love this for her cat. She would give the other to Jessamine County S.A.V.E. center.

  27. 877

    What a gorgeous hideaway, we’d love it! I would also love for Treehouse cat shelter in Chicago to receive one as well,
    They are truly a wonderful shelter that specialize in sick, injured and abused strays.

  28. 878

    Very stylish! Lizzy would love this! So cozy and it matches my decor.

    My pet charity choice is Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah, GA.

  29. 879

    Oh my goodness! I want one of these so badly. My kitties would love it as would the kitties at Austin Siamese Rescue!

  30. 880
    Shelly Taylor

    Oh, I love these!
    If I won, I would donate one to the Cat Ladies Society @
    They rescue cats that are about to euthanized because of overcrowding or because of physical issues. The Cat Ladies Society does not turn cats away due to age or physical handicap. They believe, as I do, every cat deserves a forever home.

  31. 881

    Hehehe very cute!
    The 2nd one would go to in Burnaby BC!

  32. 882

    Oh my gosh! You are giveing away such great stuff! My kitties would really enjoy all of these things!

  33. 883

    yin and yang would love to give one of these to the shelter they came from for christmas.

  34. 884
    Jack Kayden

    We would love to win this for ourselves and the deserving kitties at Blind Cat Rescue.

  35. 885
    Sally Turner

    Phoebe would think she is one cool cat if she had this. I bet the cats at Joyful Rescues would, too.

  36. 886
    Rona Y

    I can’t remember if I already entered this one, but oh well!

    The twin would go to

  37. 887

    One for my own clan and one for the Iowa City Animal Center in Iowa City, IA!

  38. 888
    sandy c

    This is a small group trying to fill the void left when the state shelter closed without warning. they need alot of help

  39. 889
    Dawn Garlick

    such a nice bed looks like regular furniture too

  40. 890
    susan stewart

    My cats would have to take a number to get their turn in this. I’d donate the other to Cullman County Animal Control Shelter in Alabama.

  41. 891

    Absolutely love this!

    My charity is Francivale Home for Small Animals,

  42. 892

    I forsee a really, really happy Kitters if we win this one. As in everlasting joy. And we would give the second to the pixie project, pixie

  43. 893

    My two cats would enjoy making that their own. So would the kitty crew at SASHA Farm in Manchester, MI.

  44. 894

    lovely! i would give the second one to the vancouver orphan kitten rescue association

  45. 895
    Melanie Williamson

    I love, love, LOVE these! I have a round piece of tempered glass that would look awsome on top and turn this into the most awsome multi- functional piece. Misha, Charlie and I hope we win!

  46. 896
    Melanie Williamson

    oops- forgot to mention our chariety would be FURR- Feline Rescue & Rehome in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  47. 897

    Great design…the cats at Animal Rescue Foundation in Beacon, NY would love this too!

  48. 898

    I want one badly, getting another kitty and this would help!
    The second bed would go to

  49. 899
    Kristal Ball

    My babies would sooo love this!

  50. 900
    Ducky Doo

    THAT IS SO KEWL! We used to have a bed igloo thing but it looked nothing like that, was made of material that collapsed if anyone stood on it and it was too dangerous as some of us had too much fun collapsing on each other so the human threw it away. But that looks very sturdy and very fun and comfy!

    If I won I’d give the other one to SPCA Monteregie.
    One of only two no-kill shelters in all of Quebec.

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