Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Big Baby Jr. Comfort Lounge from Brawny Cat

Sat, Dec 18, 2010

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We have another Moderncat favorite today for the Holiday Give-a-thon! It’s the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge from Brawny Cat! It’s an all-in-one cat scratcher, activity center, grooming pad and bed designed for cats of all sizes. Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest, the Scratch’n Slumber features a raised solid wood platform which holds the high-quality, reversible, replaceable Scratch’n Slumber padlet. It will be hard to pry your kitty away from this ultimate cat scratch lounge!

The winner will receive a Big Baby Jr. Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge and so will the winner’s charity of choice. This giveaway includes shipping to the lower 48 states, but others can enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to tell us which charity you’d like to donate the second lounge to. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,305 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Big Baby Jr. Comfort Lounge from Brawny Cat”

  1. 601

    This regal pad will suit my “King ‘o the House” quite nicely!
    I love it!

  2. 602

    This regal pad will suit my “King ‘o the House” quite nicely!
    I love it!
    And so would:

  3. 603

    yin and yang would love to give one of these to the shelter they came from for christmas.

  4. 604

    This is great! I would give one to Adopt-A-Pet in IL.

  5. 605

    I have a couple of boys who are solid, sturdy cats, and they would love this kitty lounge. And it is a smart and attractive alternative to the plush and soft kitty beds they have now. My choice of a rescue organization is the amazing Goathouse Refuge in Pittsboro, NC. They give hundreds of homeless cats a comfortable, cage-free environment to live in while they wait to find adoptive homes. And feral cats, and cats that may be considered unadoptable, due to age or infirmary, have a permanent and nurturing home there.

  6. 606
    Jack Kayden

    We would love this for ourselves and the kitties at Blind Cat Rescue.

  7. 607

    oooo – Tallulah would LOVE this!
    and I bet the kitties at the Humane Society of Charlotte would like it, too!

  8. 608

    My tuxie would love this and we’d donate the second one to our local shelter: TriLakes Humane Society

  9. 609

    Ah the perfect multifunctional cat bed for stylish apartment living!

    I would donate one to PAWS of Philadelphia ( I’m sure the kittehs in their downtown adoption center would love to lounge on one of these beds while they wait for their forever home.

  10. 610

    Great idea. My charity is Albuquerque Humane Association :)

  11. 611

    The Fargo Humane Society. Thank you.

  12. 612

    add me again. Bingos Foundation

  13. 613

    Just what my big destructo-cat needs! Helen Woodward Animal Center could use one too. Thank you.

  14. 614
  15. 615

    I love this bed… Please pick me! And Winona animal humane society. Thank you!

  16. 616

    Oh this is awesome!!! Http://, specifically for Kitty Motel. :D

  17. 617

    Wow, that is so cool, my cat would love it! And one for too.

  18. 618
    Judith Agogliati

    What a fantastic bed!! My cats would love it! So would the cats at MEOW Inc in Litchfield Connecticut

  19. 619

    My three cats would love to have this in our home. My charity of choice is PAWS.

  20. 620
    Cynthia L

    My 8 rescued kitties would love this, and so would the shelter where I adopted 6 of them from: the ASPCA!

  21. 621

    As the co-owner of a Big Baby and a Big Baby, Jr, (own them with my crew of five precious kitties) I can say these beds are great for sleeping, scratching and playing. They are a beautiful addition to our home and last forever since you can turn the pad over after the first side’s scratched-up. The kittens at the Humane Society in Pulaski County would love one.

  22. 622

    Amazing, love it. My cat could lounge & keep her toys neatly in one spot.

    North Shore Animal League is my charity. :)

  23. 623
    Sally Turner

    These beds are out of this world! I would love to donate one to Joyful Rescues so cats who haven’t had much joy could experience this fantastic lounger.

  24. 624

    With 20+ homeless/adoptable kitties in one shelter, this lounger would certainly get plenty of use!

  25. 625

    These are so cool! My kitties would love it!
    Our charity is Last Chance Animal Rescue in Waldorf, MD.

  26. 626

    I am a former shelter kitty, and although there were scratching posts available, nothing looked as inviting as this one! My former roommates would LOVE it!

  27. 627

    The kitties look so comfy! I love it!

    My charity is Francivale Home for Small Animals,

  28. 628

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous piece! The great folks at would love one for all of their sweet kitties.

  29. 629
    gina or

    too cute! i love the cubby space for toys :]

  30. 630

    my cats love beds! Animal Defense League:)

  31. 631

    scratch,store and rest !!!!

  32. 632

    great beds……….any kitty would love them
    my shelter is alley animals and I know they would appreciate them 2
    Merry Christmas Everyone

  33. 633

    I think some of my girls would be intrigued by this — especially my Chartreux who sometimes
    is almost manic in her horizontal scratching efforts. Purrfect Pals would no doubt find this very useful for many of their cats in the shelter.

  34. 634
    sandy c

    Please pray for this group. they are a small private group trying to replace the state shelter which closed without warning.

  35. 635
    Linda Roycroft

    My kitties would absolutely LOVE this – and so would the cats at my favorite non-kill cat shelter SAFE Haven for Cats in Raleigh NC!

  36. 636
    Patsy Chattley

    I lost my big boy two years ago but it would be great for the two cuddle bugs that nap together. The other one would go to of Hancock Maine.

  37. 637
    Rona Y

    Ooooooohhhh!!! I hope my cat’s big butt would fit on this! :-)

    The twin would go to

  38. 638

    What an awesome prize… My 24lb Cat “The Rock” would love to have something made especially for a big guy like him. If we were to win… the favorite charity would of course be the place where I adopted him…
    Lumpkin County Animal Shelter & PAWS Humane Society of Dahlonega, GA.

  39. 639

    My own 4 cats would love this, and the 2nd would go to the Iowa City Animal Center in Iowa City, IA.

  40. 640

    This would make my big babies so happy! As it would their friends at Bideawee NYC: (thanks again for the fabulous giveaways!)

  41. 641

    another cute one….my babies would enjoy this so much…and the kitties at Good Mews of Marietta, GA would too.

  42. 642

    My boys would love this! So would the kitties at Carol’s Ferals.

  43. 643
    Mchelle K

    This is so nice and would look beautiful in our shelter. Our big kitties would love to lounge on it! :) I can just picture them now. And of course, my kitties would like it too! I would donate it to Good Mews, a no-kill, cage free cat shelter in Marietta, GA.

  44. 644

    this is very adorable! The charity is Cal Poly Cat Program in San Luis Obispo.

  45. 645

    Hi, this is great, I wonder if it will get the cats to stop scratching my carpet?, we have 9 rescued kitties and sometimes they can be destructive. And since it wouldn’t be right to use mine as a charity…lol. Then I guess I would have to leave that up to you to pick who needs it most!

    Merry Holiday!

  46. 646

    I love items that multi task. This is great.

  47. 647

    This is so great!! This Giveathon is wonderful. My charity is

  48. 648

    Love that there’s storage too! I’d give the second to

  49. 649
    Leigh K

    This is a lovely item! One for my kitties and one for Cactus Cats in Arizona.

  50. 650

    My cat would use it every day. I would donate to Meow Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA

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