Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Big Baby Jr. Comfort Lounge from Brawny Cat

Sat, Dec 18, 2010

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We have another Moderncat favorite today for the Holiday Give-a-thon! It’s the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge from Brawny Cat! It’s an all-in-one cat scratcher, activity center, grooming pad and bed designed for cats of all sizes. Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest, the Scratch’n Slumber features a raised solid wood platform which holds the high-quality, reversible, replaceable Scratch’n Slumber padlet. It will be hard to pry your kitty away from this ultimate cat scratch lounge!

The winner will receive a Big Baby Jr. Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge and so will the winner’s charity of choice. This giveaway includes shipping to the lower 48 states, but others can enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to tell us which charity you’d like to donate the second lounge to. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,305 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Big Baby Jr. Comfort Lounge from Brawny Cat”

  1. 1251
  2. 1252
    Chantale Piche

    What an interesting concept! Love the hiding place for the toys. My girls would enjoy this I’m sure – as well as Calgary’s Meow Foundation ( It would get much use there!

  3. 1253

    This would be the subject of a fascinating turf war at my house and (no doubt) for the kitties at

  4. 1254
    Linda Everhart

    Just the thing for my very handsome and healthly large Stitch! The 2nd one would go to the Second Chance Cat Rescue, Sheridan, WY

  5. 1255

    We would love to win this and would give the second to Austin Pets Alive! –

  6. 1256

    I just got a new ragdoll and he would love it! I’d be more than happy to pay the shipping; there just aren’t many places that sell modern cat furniture in Australia. I’ve been looking to buy something as versatile and modern as this lounge for our open living area.

  7. 1257

    All my cats are big babies! My charity is

  8. 1258

    My Charity of Choice is Angel’s Wish

    This is a FANTASTIC product, I think even without winning it I’ll be buying a dozen (silly cats go through scratchers like it’s nobody’s business).

  9. 1259

    I’d love these for my two cats–especially the new little fellow I found dumpster diving a few weeks ago! He loves to get his claws into things.

    I’d also love for the Lange Foundation ( to have a set, especially since they helped us rescue the poor kitty that got trapped under a sidewalk outside my apartment this summer:

  10. 1260

    This would be a perfect bed for my cats and the cats at North Superior Paws

  11. 1261

    Both of my cats came from the Portsmouth, VA SPCA. I would love to see one of these beds go to that shelter.

  12. 1262

    Thank you for chance to win this for our charity! Ark of San Juan is a group of amazing individuals that rescue animals from the local shelter in San Juan Capistrano, CA from being euthanized and put them in foster care until they can be adopted.

  13. 1263

    Oh goodness, what a lovely addition it’d be in my apt for my cats.

    I’d pick the ASPCA =)

  14. 1264
    Nikki Gibson

    My kitties looove scratchers!

    My charity is Journeys End No Kill Shleter in Kingsport TN

  15. 1265

    This is a nice piece of furniture.
    My charity is the Humane Society of Broward County.

  16. 1266
    Mary Abbott

    My handsome putter would LOVE this! Luxury is his game and comfort is his name. I would donate the other one to my local humane society.

  17. 1267
    Carola Rodrigues

    OMG! Fritz would love it! And I think Jacksonville Humane would also adore it! :D

  18. 1268
    Carola Rodrigues

    OMG! Fritz’d love it! And I think Jacksonville Humane would also adore it! :D

  19. 1269
    Lisa L

    I would love to donate to The Humane Society of the United States.

  20. 1270

    I love this! My charity is where I came from:

  21. 1271
    Kathy S

    Since we adopted our beautiful girl Lilli from the local animal shelter, she sure has gained a few pounds! Guess she thinks that she’ll never eat again! This would be perfect for her…Thanks. My donation would go to the Town of Newburgh Animal Shelter where we adopted her from. She was the longest resident of the shelter (1 year, living in a cage after her kittens were all adopted.) Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. 1272

    Beautiful design and the cats would really enjoy getting to “guard” their toys. Better than keeping them under the cupboards or beds.

    I’d also send one to

  23. 1273

    Wow, nice and big! That would be great in the SPCA of Erie County’s Home Cat Room.

  24. 1274

    Crossing our fingers!

    Berkeley Humane Society:

  25. 1275
  26. 1276

    Going through the giveaways last minute, I’m 95% certain this is one of the few I missed. If not, please delete my other comment?

    Thank you!!!

    Caring Hands Humane Society (

  27. 1277

    My Max would love this and we’d donate to From The Heart in TX.

  28. 1278

    Great idea, now they don’t have to get out of bed to scratch! The cats at Dakin Pioneer Valley H.S. would love one of these.

  29. 1279

    My cats and the cats at Tree House in Chicago ( would love these!

  30. 1280

    My favorite cat people are at

  31. 1281
    Janice D-P

    I would donate the second item to Shadow Cats in Round Rock, Texas ( Thank you so much and merry Christmas!

  32. 1282

    I love the functional design. So would the kitties as Cozy Cat Cottage. :-)

  33. 1283
    Steve M.

    I would choose Pasado’s Safe Haven in Sultan, WA

  34. 1284
    Papples the Cat

    This would become the most popular piece of furniture in my apt.!!

    2nd one to:

    : ) Luv, Papples the Cat (& her owner Liesel)

  35. 1285

    I would love to give this to my room-mate’s cat, Moby, for Xmas. (though I am sure, technically, he has been quite naughty this year!) And I would be very happy to donate the second one to AniMeals in Missoula, Montana. (

  36. 1286
    kelley zanone

    I have several big cats that would like this scratcher bed.

    Rescue – Friends of Luigi – Nashville, TN

  37. 1287

    My cats would love to hang out and be in front of the patio window to watch the outside world go by in safety. They would donate the other cat bed to ASPCA.

  38. 1288

    My three would go nuts over this!

  39. 1289

    Very cool! The second would go to Thanks!

  40. 1290
    Lisa Kimmerling

    Oh! My kitties would have a fit over this! I don’t think I’ll hear the end of it (scratching) if I win! :D

    I would donate to Cats are Totally Special (CATS) in Chattanooga, TN, where I rescued my babies, Darwin and Calypso!

  41. 1291

    Happy holidays!!!

    My charity of choice:

  42. 1292
    Larisa B.

    The long haired cat in your photos looks almost exactly like my Teddy Bear!! He’d love one of these! Hope I am not too late to enter! Please consider MARL, Michigan Animal Rescue League!

  43. 1293
    Heather Hamilton

    This would be perfect for Socks to recover on after his surgery yesterday.

    The charity I would donate to is Berkeley County Humane Society in WV.

  44. 1294

    Another fabulous product from the Pacific Northwest!

    I would love to see a Scratch’n Slumber go to the shelter at Valley Animal Center.

  45. 1295

    Fit for a Quenn!

  46. 1296
    julie glesner

    oy, Miss Mousie would lay claim to this right away–as long as it’s positioned in the sun. She is a total heat-seeker and loves cardboard scratchers. Please share with Dane County Humane Society in Madison, WI

  47. 1297
  48. 1298
    Melanie Williamson

    I have one “big boy” who would love this! He is so jealous of my little one’s ability to lay on just about anything with out falling off. lol

    My charity is:
    FURR-Feline Rescue & Rehome
    P.O. Box 250567
    Little Rock, AR 72225

  49. 1299
    Stephanie Spiers

    Wow! Functional and luxurious! My aging kitties would love this!
    My favorite charity is Bone Appetit on Newport Ave.
    San Diego, CA 92107

  50. 1300
    kat myre

    Sudbury Pet Save, and I would love it!!!

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