Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Sleepypod or Sleepypod Air Carrier WINNER’S CHOICE!

Tue, Dec 21, 2010

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Here’s a giveaway I know you’ve all been waiting for! The wonderful folks at Sleepypod are offering the winner’s choice of either an original Sleepypod carrier or their new Sleepypod Air carrier! The giveaway winner will get to choose and the same carrier will be sent to the winner’s chosen charity. Theses carriers would be great for transporting rescue kitties, or the charity could use it as a fundraiser for an auction or raffle prize. Win win!

If you don’t already know about the Sleepypod carriers, then you should. Sleepypods are the Cadillac of cat carriers! The original dome-shaped carrier converts to a bed when at home so kitty can travel in familiar surroundings. It has a removable, washable plush liner and a plug-in heater that you can use at home or in your car. Toasty!

The new Air carrier is designed for jet-setting kitties. The Air carrier adapts to fit under various airline seats, and easily expands when there’s a little more room.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which carrier you’d choose and also leave the name of your charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,383 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Sleepypod or Sleepypod Air Carrier WINNER’S CHOICE!”

  1. 1051

    ohh love the sleepy pod. charity is the cat network, inc

  2. 1052

    My cats would choose the original Sleepypod, they just love round places. The charity one should go to

  3. 1053

    I love the original Sleepypod because it converts into a bed. Purr-fect! My favorite rescue organization is Tuxedo Junction Rescue, in Austin, Tx:

  4. 1054

    Sleepypod AIR CARRIER! Woohoo! Yes!
    I’m like a second donated to

  5. 1055

    I love these Sleepypod carriers – they make sense!

    My pet charity is the ASPCA in NYC

  6. 1056

    I have been wanting this carrier for a while now. My Glitch would probably sleep in it all the time. :-)
    The cats at Green Street Rescue in Philadelphia would appreciate it too!

  7. 1057

    I would choose the original Sleepypod although the air carrier is a great design as well! Would love the second one to go to VOKRA @

  8. 1058

    Looks like a cat’s world is unlimited!
    The cozy original carrier is most practical for my kids.
    Thanks Sleepypod!
    no kill shelter for any donations.
    Thanks Modern Cat!

  9. 1059

    Love, love, love! Perfect for sending home newly adopted cats in! My chairty is Lucky Day Cat Rescue.

  10. 1060
    John Panico

    Just ran up on your site as I was doing some research for a client. As a cat owner, you have some awesome products that I am sure that our cats will enjoy here shortly.

    I would like to support the Hall County Humane Society here in Gainesville, GA. They do a great job, but need whatever assistance could be sent their way.

    I am hoping that a Sleepypod will be coming my way!

    Happy holidays!

  11. 1061

    Original Sleepypod looks like fun! It’d be great for zooming around the kitties at the Anti-Cruelty Society, too:

  12. 1062

    Scottie and Jake are not much on traveling, but they like the idea of the sleepypod. They feel it would make a super bed. Again the second one would go to the Washington Animal Rescue League where it would be put to excellent use.

  13. 1063
    Cynthia Pierce

    Definitely the original for my kitties. They can go to the vet in style!

    I would choose Diamondhead SPCA as my charity. They are a very small group of wonderful ladies who take care of our community cats and dogs.

  14. 1064

    Dan kan ze als een koningin reizen,
    vooral erg mooi is de sleepypod en handzaam!
    Wie ik er ook een graag zou geven is de
    Sophia-Vereeniging tot bescherming van dieren.

  15. 1065

    Love them both – either one would be great. Maybe prefer the sleepypod air carrier. My charity is Paws Chicago –

  16. 1066

    my two girls, and of course all the little kitties the tampa humanesociety would love this!

  17. 1067

    Wow what a great design. Also, with the original I can use it at home and when traveling which I think my cats would like since they would be in something they are used to when taken into the car. The other one would go to a no kill cat rescue and tnr program in Chicago to help them rescue and transport homeless kitties.

  18. 1068
    tracy reed

    I’d choose the original sleepypod carrier. The second would go to Halo Rescue in Phoenix.

  19. 1069

    I would choose the original, as I am not a big air-traveler. I think donating the other for auction is a great idea and would be perfect for Pawmetto Lifeline’s annual Fur Ball (!

  20. 1070

    Alley Cat Allies! I’ve always wanted one of these, I would choose the original.

  21. 1071
    sandy c
    this is a small group working hard to get up and started to replace the state shelter that closed without warning!

    the original sleepypod would be great!
    with the plug in heater it would be super for a rescue in our cold snowy winters.

  22. 1072

    nice carrier, please share with

  23. 1073
  24. 1074

    OMG, I love the Sleepypod, I need one for my long road trip coming up with my Big fuzzy Girl, Midgey, who would adore sleeping in it, & my charity of choice is Tabby’s Place, in Ringoes, NJ…Thank you!

  25. 1075

    I would share with the wonderful no-kill Estherville animal shelter

  26. 1076

    Love this one .
    I’d donate the second one to
    “Love cat : rescue and cure homeless Project”
    in Thailand

  27. 1077

    My cat could really use the air carrier, we are getting ready to make a long move. Her favorite charity is Colony Cats in Columbus, OH!

  28. 1078
    Jess W

    I would love one of these for my Josie and for

  29. 1079

    I liked the sleepypod mini best for our use. These are well made products, thanks for a chance to win one. The 2nd will go to

  30. 1080

    Air carrier

    Dallas Cat Rescue

  31. 1081

    I forgot to mention my charity earlier – East Village Rescue.

    My cat would love this prize.

  32. 1082

    I soooo want this!!! it’s great

  33. 1083
    Indre Melynis

    I would love a Sleepypod for my kitties! I would donate the other to the Artemis Project:

  34. 1084
  35. 1085

    Not that my kitties want anything to do with flying. But if they did, they’d want one of these. Preferably the original one.
    Feline Lifeline would love one too.

  36. 1086

    Hoping one of these might help for my scardy cats that are completely traumatized each time we visit the vet.

    And I’d share the other one with

  37. 1087

    I love the sleepypod! My girl would love this! If I won, I’d love for the North Shore Animal League, Port Washington, NY to have one too. (I adopted my cats from the NSAL and believe me, this no-kill shelter is one of a kind, truly amazing!)

  38. 1088
    Lee W.

    Very nice. Great idea. My favorite rescue group is New Beginnings Cat Rescue:

  39. 1089

    Love both! I think I’d choose the air carrier but I’d like to leave it up to my charity to decide which they would like.

  40. 1090

    I especially love the new air carrier. My favorite sanctuary is Thanks for this giveaway!

  41. 1091

    so cool. we’d love the original dome carrier, and would i’m sure be glad to have either.

  42. 1092

    How comfortable Mr.Kitty would be traveling in style and in warmth in his own sleepypod! Kitties at wayside waifs would love this as a gift too!

  43. 1093

    I’ve been in love with the RED original Sleepypod carrier even since I first laid eyes on it! My kitties (Spooky, Eddy, And Speedo) have been eyeing it too and each asked Santa for one. Still the kitties and I would want this wonderful bonus to be shared with our favorite charity, The Humane Society Of Delaware…Thanks and Happy Holidays to All!

  44. 1094

    i am a huge fan of the sleepypod! i’d love to own that travel version.

    and i’d like to give one to

  45. 1095

    I would love to have an Air Carrier so my cats could travel in style with me.

    The other one would go to

  46. 1096

    What fabulous carriers! I would choose the dome-shaped carrier and donate the other one to Capital Area Animal Welfare Society –

  47. 1097

    The original Sleepypod looks really neat. I bet it would be so much more comfy than the hard plastic carriers my cats hate. A second, if I should win, would go to
    Thanks for the offer!

  48. 1098

    Love the Sleepypod! I bet Meow Cat Rescue would too:

  49. 1099

    Sleepypod carrier. Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor, MI

  50. 1100

    My cats would love The original sleepypod and I would like one donated to the Toronto humane society please.

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