Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Sleepypod or Sleepypod Air Carrier WINNER’S CHOICE!

Tue, Dec 21, 2010

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Here’s a giveaway I know you’ve all been waiting for! The wonderful folks at Sleepypod are offering the winner’s choice of either an original Sleepypod carrier or their new Sleepypod Air carrier! The giveaway winner will get to choose and the same carrier will be sent to the winner’s chosen charity. Theses carriers would be great for transporting rescue kitties, or the charity could use it as a fundraiser for an auction or raffle prize. Win win!

If you don’t already know about the Sleepypod carriers, then you should. Sleepypods are the Cadillac of cat carriers! The original dome-shaped carrier converts to a bed when at home so kitty can travel in familiar surroundings. It has a removable, washable plush liner and a plug-in heater that you can use at home or in your car. Toasty!

The new Air carrier is designed for jet-setting kitties. The Air carrier adapts to fit under various airline seats, and easily expands when there’s a little more room.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which carrier you’d choose and also leave the name of your charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,383 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Sleepypod or Sleepypod Air Carrier WINNER’S CHOICE!”

  1. 1151
  2. 1152

    Love the Sleepypod Air!
    Caring for Creatures ( in central VA.

  3. 1153

    My Harry & SheShe would love this, as would the fantastic cats at Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue!

  4. 1154
    Snoopy 'n Meowm

    WOWZERS! My brofurz and I just lubz deeze carrierz!

    We wud share the odder one wif our furriendz at Good Mews.

  5. 1155
    c. urata

    what awesome products these both are! it’s a difficult decision to choose between them, but benicio del gatto would like the red sleepypod, if we are selected as the winning entry. please send the second to the CAT adoption team.

  6. 1156

    This would be great for my kitties and for Operation Kindness in North Texas.

  7. 1157
  8. 1158

    the sleepy pod and the other would go to the National Cat Protection Society in Spring Valley, CA

  9. 1159

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect airline carrier for my 10-month-old (soon to be jet-setting) cat! What a stylish couple we’d be flitting through the airport with a Sleepypod Air Carrier!

    I would love for the second carrier to go to the deserving animals and hard-working folks at the Edmonton Humane Society.

  10. 1160

    love the original sleepypod!! the kitties at will too!

  11. 1161
  12. 1162

    Fabulous! For my kitties and those waiting to be adopted at!

  13. 1163

    We would like sleepypod original carrier.

    our charity – helen woodward animal center

  14. 1164

    I’ve seen this at Noble Beast in Phoenix, and it is cute! Not sure my cat would dig it (I think it’s cute, especially the carrier in a silver green), but I have a friend and cat owner that travels, and this may be the thing for her and her baby if she needs/wants to take her along. The charity I’d like the other to go to is Poverty’s Pets,

  15. 1165

    I would love one of these for Bentley – he is so afraid of a regular carrie – this might help. I.d like a sleepy pod carrier, and my rescue of choice is

  16. 1166

    I would love the Sleepypod Air Carrier. We’ve been stuck with our poorly designed airline one for years now, and we’d love an upgrade.

    Recycled Pets, Inc.
    Rock Hill, SC

  17. 1167

    Wow, what a stylish carrier!! I’d donate the second carrier to the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter project in Lynnwood, WA.

  18. 1168

    this is so cool. my charity is no more homeless pets

  19. 1169

    My kitties would love one, and we’d love to give the other to CARE Cats

  20. 1170

    Would love the original sleepypod!

    San Diego Humane Society

    5500 Gaines St, San Diego, CA 92110
    (619) 299-7012 Website

  21. 1171

    standard carrier
    Onslow Co. Animal Shelter

  22. 1172

    Nice carrier. My charity of choice is Casa de Los Gatos in Tucson, AZ.

  23. 1173

    I would go for the original SleepyPod. My kids love beds of all kinds and my youngster would feel more comfortable being in it while traveling. So would my charity

  24. 1174
    Carol Janoff

    These carriers look so great! Our cats would have to fight over it if we would be so lucky as to win a Sleepypod.
    I would give the other to the Arizona Humane Society Sunnyslope Campus in Phoenix.

  25. 1175
    Catherine Fleming

    The sleepy pod should go to the Houston SPCA.

  26. 1176

    I love this so much! It’s my favorite of the give-aways so far! I think I would have to choose the original Sleepypod carrier. It’s just too cool! Thank you so much for helping get all of these items and donating to people’s rescues of choice! I would like to donate the second one to Project Precious Paws:

  27. 1177

    Such a cool mode of transportation. Please donate to Town Cats

  28. 1178

    Could this be true? I am feeling a bit lucky this week. All cats must be in carriers while in the Nantucket MSPCA so this no kill shelter could use the pod as an elevator. Even tho the property is on a single level.

  29. 1179

    Would love the original sleepypod for Rilke and the other one to be sent to

    Happy 2011!

  30. 1180

    I’d have to go with the sleepypod carrier…although I’m afraid my cat would choose this over my lap, so maybe I’d give both the paw & whiskers :) (Toledo, OH)

  31. 1181

    Sleepypods are adorable; I’d love to win one for my kittens. If I won, I would like the second Sleepypod to go to the Worcester Animal Rescue League,

  32. 1182

    I love the sleepypod!! Brilliant idea. I would give the second to the Potter League in RI (

  33. 1183

    I need a forklift to carry my male ragdoll as it is, so I could really use a light yet sturdy carrier like those from this company. And they’re beautiful too!

    Helen Woodward Animal Shelter in San Diego is my charity of choice. I bet they’d auction this off to make the maximum $$$ for the animals. They need all they can get. :)

  34. 1184

    Rescue kitties would love a warm, snuggy original Sleepypod. My favorite charity is

  35. 1185

    Ooh, tough decision! The Air carrier seems like a good idea, and I could perhaps stack on my cat carrier that rolls like a carry-on bag when taking multiple kitties to the vet. I’d share with Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment in Wakulla County, Florida.

  36. 1186

    I love the sleepypod carrier! It’s spacious and styling! The charity of my choice would be for my feline friends at WARL >^-^<

  37. 1187

    Our kitty would absolutely love a Sleepypod carrier, we have been looking longingly at them for some time now and dreaming of a red one! The wonderful and deeply committed Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC) is our favorite charity and could use one too!

  38. 1188

    I looooove both!! I think it would be the sleepypod though… Meow cat rescue in kirkland, wa.

  39. 1189

    These are very nice and appear to be well made.
    If I won, i would like the other to go to my local Humane Society, please.

  40. 1190

    Since our precious kitties are decidedly NOT jet-setters (!) the Sleepypod Carrier would be their local transport of choice and I think they would turn it into a favorite piece of everytday furniture!

    Gift should go to the very special animal rescue organizations we found our kitties through: Animal Outreach Society in McHenry, IL 60051

  41. 1191

    I would love the original!
    Charity is Pets unlimited in SF, CA

  42. 1192

    please count me in! my charity is the animal rescue league of boston

  43. 1193
    Terri L.

    My charity of choice is Merlin’s Hope, a Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue located in Ennis, TX.

  44. 1194

    great carriers! I know could make good use of it (and my kitties too).

  45. 1195

    The sleepypod would perfect for my kitty. Chicago Treehouse Cat Shelter

  46. 1196
    Bruce Kelley

    The sleepypod carrier would be handy! I’d donate the second one to Noah’s Ark in Phoenix.

  47. 1197

    Our kingdom for a Sleepypod carrier! The second would go to Ollie’s Place for cats, of Mighty Mutts (

  48. 1198
    Jean Smith

    My 12 year old cat would love to keep warm in the sleepypod. The 2nd one would go to Friends of Animals.

  49. 1199

    I have drooled over this carrier (the original sleepypod) for a long, long time. I would love to have one for the girls to use. I bet Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary could use one too especially when they take the kitties to adoption events.

  50. 1200

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