Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Sleepypod or Sleepypod Air Carrier WINNER’S CHOICE!

Tue, Dec 21, 2010

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Here’s a giveaway I know you’ve all been waiting for! The wonderful folks at Sleepypod are offering the winner’s choice of either an original Sleepypod carrier or their new Sleepypod Air carrier! The giveaway winner will get to choose and the same carrier will be sent to the winner’s chosen charity. Theses carriers would be great for transporting rescue kitties, or the charity could use it as a fundraiser for an auction or raffle prize. Win win!

If you don’t already know about the Sleepypod carriers, then you should. Sleepypods are the Cadillac of cat carriers! The original dome-shaped carrier converts to a bed when at home so kitty can travel in familiar surroundings. It has a removable, washable plush liner and a plug-in heater that you can use at home or in your car. Toasty!

The new Air carrier is designed for jet-setting kitties. The Air carrier adapts to fit under various airline seats, and easily expands when there’s a little more room.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which carrier you’d choose and also leave the name of your charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,383 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Sleepypod or Sleepypod Air Carrier WINNER’S CHOICE!”

  1. 1251
    Tina W.

    I would love to have one of these!

    My choice of charity:

  2. 1252
    Kim Felipe

    Sleepypod for two, please! I would love to donate the second prize to Treehouse Animal Foundation in Chicago:


  3. 1253
    Stacey Goldman

    I would love to own a sleepypod carrier. A nice way to go to the vets.

    The second one should go to

  4. 1254

    This would be the way to travel! If I were a cat anyway. Mine would be so spoiled by this I’d never get them in the hard plastic carriers again.

    My charity: TAPS in Pekin, IL.

  5. 1255
    Rhonda Douglass

    Who could be afraid of THIS carrier!! I’d like ASAP cat shelter to receive the second one.

  6. 1256

    The 2nd would go to The Freedom Farm!

  7. 1257
    Barbara Masie

    These look great. My charity is the Wake County SPCA in Raleigh, NC

  8. 1258

    Charity: Peaceable Kingdom in the Lehigh Valley in PA.

  9. 1259

    Looks like the perfect carrier to curl up in. I am sure my boys would love it. I am sure would be more than happy to find a home for the second carrier.

  10. 1260

    Wow! My cat and I would really be noticed everywhere with such a carrier. The SPCA Montreal would surely make a great use of it!
    Happy Hollidays!

  11. 1261

    I would love to give the Sleepypod carrier a try. One of my little kitties works herself up into a frenzy, panting, hyperventilating, meowing in terror, heart-racing every time I have to put her in a carrier, so maybe the bed-in-the-bag design would be more soothing. I know many org’s that could use a carrier, such as ARF of Colorado. Thanks!

  12. 1262

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a pet carrier…something that can feel familiar and like home to them when I have to take them away from their comfort zone. Beautiful design!
    I would donate the other to our local shelter and foster group,

  13. 1263
    MaryBeth Scanlon

    I want one for myself!

  14. 1264

    My kitties would love the original Sleepypod (they’re not big on travel!). I’d give the other one to The Cat House on the Kings in Perlier, CA.

  15. 1265

    The charity is Towncats in California

  16. 1266

    Oh man, I’ve been wanting these for a while!
    I’d give the 2nd one to the Providence Animal Rescue League

  17. 1267

    My own cat will prefer dome carrier, but for the “Laskoviy zver’” charity in Moscow, Russia ( I think will be better to have Air carrier. They try to adopt cats and dogs in Europe, but it is often a great problem to send animals there. This carrier will be a big help :)

  18. 1268

    I love these and so would the cats at

  19. 1269
    Jennifer Kessler

    most awesome my little girl would love it

  20. 1270
    Mitzi Melville

    Awesome item. My second would go to RESCUE.

  21. 1271
    Marybeth L

    Wow! I would give to Safe Haven for Cats in NC

  22. 1272
    Jeena D.

    Tonka would love the Pod!! As would some needy blind cats at the Blind Cat Rescue in St. Pauls, NC!

  23. 1273
    Laurie W.

    My cat would love this as she is always crawling in my suitcases! She’d much prefer it to her crate for trips to the vet! :) I would share the second one with the Chico Cat Coalition!

  24. 1274
    Lisa Roth

    Our house would love a Sleepypod and the second would go to the Homeless Cat Network, San Carlos, CA.

  25. 1275

    have two sleepy pod airs but only 1 cat bed so would pick the original sleepy pod so my second cat could have a bed. woulod donate the second to

  26. 1276
    Laura in AL

    My charity is my local TNR, the Azalea City Cat Coalition:

  27. 1277

    Gracie and I would share this win with our rescue buddies at Wally’s Friends (

  28. 1278
  29. 1279


    One for my kitty and one for Cat House on the Kings!

  30. 1280

    I absolutly love these products. The original sleepypod is my favorite. I do not take my cats on planes but the plane one would be good for a charity. I would give the second one to the BARCS foundation in Baltimore, Maryland.

  31. 1281

    What a cool carrier! My babies would love this. I’d give one to my local shelter as a fundraiser.

  32. 1282

    Hi, I would be thrilled with either of these- so would one of my kitties. We’re moving to Europe late this year. My fund of choice would be Delta Recue, run by Leo Grillo. He does amazing work, spends hours (TNR) rescuing ferals.

  33. 1283
    Maria S

    I would love the air carrier and so would the Humane Society of Fairfax County

  34. 1284

    I love the idea of the pod to use as a bed at home so that when you travel your cat has their own bed with them. Such a great way to bring comfort to a stressful time for any cat. I would give the free one to

    Paws and Whiskers, a no kill cats only shelter

  35. 1285

    I’d love the air carrier, very modern. One of my current carriers was clawed through by a previous cat during a cross country journey. This is a great innovation. Think cats would love this!
    The other would go the The Stray Hearts Animal Shelter and Gallery to benefit animals in Taos, New Mexico. Great Giveaways!

  36. 1286
    Bonnie C

    Though both carriers are great, the Sleepypod Air would be great not only for air travel but for general travel too!

    My kitties have yet to travel by air, but when they do the Sleepypod Air would be essential.

    I think the Nashville Cat Rescue would be thrilled to receive one of these!

  37. 1287

    Awesome. My charity could use one too. FuRR Feline Rescue and Rehome.

  38. 1288
    Shelly Taylor

    Very nice!
    If I won, I would donate the second one to the Cat Ladies Society @
    They rescue cats that are about to euthanized because of overcrowding or because of physical issues. The Cat Ladies Society does not turn cats away due to age or physical handicap. They believe, as I do, every cat deserves a forever home.

  39. 1289
    Carlos P

    Thanks for the opportunity! My charity is my favorite shelter, the Animal Refuge League.
    Thank you.

  40. 1290
    Kimberly Rice

    Love the sleepy pod carrier – I think the kitties would love it and it would cut back on the anxiety they feel when it’s time to get in the carrier to go to the vet. Since it doubles as a bed they’ll probably be a bit less anxious. My charity is the San Francisco SPCA – where we adopted both of our cats Faith & Rocky.

  41. 1291
    Susan R.

    I Think it will make travel to the cottage so much better!! The other would go to the great people at the Ottawa Humane Society

  42. 1292

    I need one of these so bad! Charity would be Humane Society of Seattle/King County.

  43. 1293

    Love the Sleepy pod. One for my cat and one for Cat Protection Society of Victoria (

  44. 1294

    the air carrier, please! we have a long trip across the world planned. second one goes to the houston humane society ( :)

  45. 1295

    This would be really useful for my cats. I’d give the extra to SAFE Haven For Cats

  46. 1296
    obsidian kitten

    These are such gorgeous carriers! Emma and I would love one, as would our friends at!

  47. 1297

    We like to take our cat with us when we travel and a new carrier would be wonderful. My charity is:

  48. 1298

    Lots more comfortable and less heavy.

    Second to Home for Friendless Animals in Waynetown, IN

  49. 1299

    These are cool – wish they made one for people too! My charity is

  50. 1300

    My cat might actually enjoy the trip to the vet in one of there carriers. What a great design.
    I would share with Green Street Rescue in Philadelphia.

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