Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a ModKat Litter Box!

Wed, Dec 22, 2010

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Here’s a Christmas gift every modern cat will love! It’s the ModKat litter box. Definitely the sleekest looking litter box around, this beautifully designed kitty loo has lots of unique features including rooftop access, an ergonomic scoop, and a re-usable washable liner — all together in an attractive modern design. The ModKat comes in five colors: red, black, white, blue, and yellow.

One lucky winner is going to receive a ModKat litter box, plus a second one will be sent to the charity of their choice. Winner gets to pick the color. This is another great item that the charity could use themselves or raffle as a fundraiser. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to leave the name of your charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,141 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a ModKat Litter Box!”

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    Larisa B.

    Wow this litterbox looks pretty neat .. in more than just appearances .. bet it seriously lowers the rain of kitty litter in the air! :) Second would go to Michigan Animal Rescue League … wonderful folks!

  3. 1103

    my cts would love-second chance shelter in killeen

  4. 1104

    Always wanted one of these litter boxes, and I’m sure that everyone over at sphinx project would love one too!!!!!!

  5. 1105

    I’m afraid my cat would like to sleep in this… very chic! :)

    charity: Adote um gatinho (link is in Portuguese)

  6. 1106

    My bathroom resembles the Sahara, thanks to my beloved cat’s OCD post-toileting clean-up habits. The ModKat would be a heavenly addition to our lives.

    Suggested non-profit donation could go to: John Ancrum SPCA in Charleston, SC, which has been serving the animal community since 1940.

  7. 1107

    I wanted to try this litter box! So would the cats at the Austin Humane Society,

  8. 1108
    Ananda Glick

    These are gorgeous and I fell in Love with them the first time you featured them! I absolutely adore them and would Love to win one for me and for Friends of Charlie’s Place <3 they are an amazing charity. I owe them more than I could ever repay them.

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  10. 1110

    I just saved a kitten, so now I have 3 cats. So i could really use another litterbox. second one would go to a no kill animal shelter

  11. 1111
    Tami Berry

    Love it, love the colors!
    Great raffle idea for my charity
    The Humane Society of Tacoma/Pierce County

  12. 1112

    Lovely! I would donate the second one to The Mississauga Humane Society:

  13. 1113

    I looooveee this litter box! Perfect for the urban kitteh.

    I would donate one to Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society or PAWS ( They are Philadelphia’s largest rescue, saving cats from a high-kill city shelter, especially cats that are sick, injured, or too young for adoption. PAWS finds homes for thousands of pets every year!

  14. 1114
    Asch Hawthorn

    My youngest, Duncan, will love this – he likes to play with the clean litter and this will keep him from scattering it all around. Very awesome.

    Charity: Kindred Kitties

  15. 1115

    My cats would LOVE to have one of these for Christmas! I’m so excited about this giveaway. :)

  16. 1116
  17. 1117

    I know quite a few cats that would really enjoy this. I would donate it to the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

  18. 1118

    I’ve admired these ever since you featured them…what was it a year ago already? SAVE in Princeton would be a great recipient for one of these (esp after that big snowstorm yesterday)…

  19. 1119
    Melanie Williamson

    Very nice!

    My charity is:
    FURR-Feline Rescue & Rehome
    P.O. Box 250567
    Little Rock, AR 72225

  20. 1120

    i love these boxes! they would be perfect at keeping our dachshund out of the cats litter! i would use the other to benefit the fort erie spca!

  21. 1121

    Such lovely, mod litter operations — tres chic!

  22. 1122

    My charity is C.A.R.E. in Greater Richmond, VA website:

    Very cool design indeed! My boys – Caesar and Cicero would love this litter box!

  23. 1123

    Wow -I love the design. My rescue buddies would love this!

  24. 1124

    I promised myself I would not enter any competitions til I found something I REALLY REALLY wanted.. This is it! :D

  25. 1125

    My rescue kitty, Oliver would LOVE this. He likes to dig and fling his litter all over the place. All litter boxes should be this stylish!

    Charity doing great work for homeless cats….

  26. 1126

    Finally! A litterbox with style! My rescue cats, Flip and Sweet Pea, would surely look snazzy using this.

  27. 1127

    please, I seriously want this more than any of these posers.

  28. 1128

    Cooler than the eames chair it will sit next to!

  29. 1129

    If I don’t win this litter box, I’ll definitely have to buy one. Great product!

  30. 1130

    Brilliant design, perfect for the fifth wheel. the girls love to travel.
    ASPCA is my charity of choice

  31. 1131

    I absolutely love this litter box!
    empty cages collective in brooklyn would appreciate this very much also!
    pick me!

  32. 1132

    Gorgeous! We already have top-access litter boxes so our cats can co-exist with our small dogs. But ours don’t look nearly this cool! This one would be great to replace the one in my bedroom.

    My daughter is a volunteer with a local rescue that has a neuter/release program for feral cats and places their kittens in homes. Two of our cats came from them and both are total loves! They’d get the second box.

  33. 1133

    This would be perfect for my indoor kitties! I need help keeping the dogs out of their box! The donation would go to southside spca in virginia.

  34. 1134

    This just might be the coolest litter box ever! I’ve been looking at domed cat litters and they’re just big and clumsy. My baby girl kitty Luna would enjoy having her private moments in this nifty cubie! My donation would go the The Animal Welfare League where my Luna adopted me! ^=^ Meow!

  35. 1135

    Mizzz Sylvanas isn’t so fond of the front door on her current box…i hope she’d like this setup better! And I’d send the second one to her previous home, Colony Cats in Dublin, OH. :)

  36. 1136

    As a cat-mom with 2 lovely kitties..I get TONS of litter tracked through my house. This would be an amazing gift and make my life easier as I sweep and vacuum every day! What a great idea, I hope to one day try it! :)

  37. 1137

    We REALLY need about 14 of these :) We are involved in animal rescue and having to clean up litter that is tracked out of the boxes does get very time consuming and these would be great :)

  38. 1138

    This litter box is so cool I know both my rescue kitties would just love one.

  39. 1139

    Nice. Animal Haven in NYC.

  40. 1140

    We bought the red Modkat about six months ago. The color and everything about how it looked was pretty cool. Our senior normal-weight cat took to it right away. Unfortunately, our younger, overweight cat couldn’t use it. It was much too small for him to get in and maneuver around. Within 24 hours I found myself cleaning up “messes” next to the Modkat (placed where the old litter box was). Not one to wait around for another accident to happen, I put an open-tray litter pan out next to the Modkat. The overweight cat would use the tray and the older cat went straight to the Modkat. We kept this up for another week with the same results. I work from home, so I was able to monitor who was using what. We don’t have room for two litter boxes, so the Modkat has to go. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to recoup some of our money by reselling it.

    PS: We replaced the Modkat with Modern Cat Designs litter hider in white and everything is “normal” again.

  41. 1141

    Great design! I would love one of these!
    The Humane Society of NY.

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