Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a ModKat Litter Box!

Wed, Dec 22, 2010

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Here’s a Christmas gift every modern cat will love! It’s the ModKat litter box. Definitely the sleekest looking litter box around, this beautifully designed kitty loo has lots of unique features including rooftop access, an ergonomic scoop, and a re-usable washable liner — all together in an attractive modern design. The ModKat comes in five colors: red, black, white, blue, and yellow.

One lucky winner is going to receive a ModKat litter box, plus a second one will be sent to the charity of their choice. Winner gets to pick the color. This is another great item that the charity could use themselves or raffle as a fundraiser. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to leave the name of your charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,141 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a ModKat Litter Box!”

  1. 201
    Jessica D.

    These are so stunning. I think my local humane society would love to have one donated (

  2. 202


    would be very nice for Ash, as she kicks litter everywhere.

  3. 203

    Oh kitty needs something for Christmas this year. And a brand new clean litter box would be great. 2nd goes to

  4. 204

    these are so stylish!
    Charity: Greater New Haven Cat Project/ New Haven, CT

  5. 205

    This is fantastic! I could really use one of these for one of my cats who has become a one room cat and won’t leave that room anylonger. Houdini would love the blue one. franklin county humane society could benefit from these too.

  6. 206
    Jennifer Amery

    What can I say – Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks great and look a place to hang the scoop ( I’m always losing mine) its great it would certainly save my floor from little spills and accidents how great would that be? My cats would certainly like it. Anyway crossing my fingers on this prize (I need a miracle!!!!)

  7. 207

    Very sleak looking litter box. I would love to give one to my local shelter SW Washington Animal Humane Society!

  8. 208

    Love it. I would give one to

  9. 209

    These are lovely! I’d donate one to Forgotten Felines (Where I got my kitty!) in Huntsville AL
    ( )

  10. 210
    Lisa M

    Best litterbox, EVER <3 My charity of choice is the NYC ASPCA:

  11. 211

    These would be good for kitties that like their privacy, or those that fling litter everywhere.

    The second one should go to Cozy Cat Cottage
    a no kill cat shelter in Powell Ohio.

  12. 212

    Seems like this would be very helpful cutting down on tracking outside of the litter box. I would love to see a donation of one of these boxes go to the Portsmouth, VA SPCA.

  13. 213

    this would be nice so i wouldn’t have to hide the kitty box down in our basement. this would look great in my bathroom. very cool design. i would love to see the Michigan Humane Society in Westland put one to good use also.

  14. 214


    support B.A.R.C. in Brooklyn, New York!

  15. 215

    We’ve just moved into a new place and we’re having so much trouble with the litter boxes we have. We saw this and where going to order it after christmas – maybe we won’t have to!

    If I win I’d like to list, as my charity, Habitat For Humanity Society Of Greater Vancouver:

  16. 216

    I would love to get one of these, so much so, I wouldn’t care what color i got. An extra one for HermitageCatShelter in Tucson AZ

  17. 217

    Miss Lucy and Romeo want one! Our charity is Animal Rescue New Orleans.

  18. 218

    My kitties would love one of these. I would donate the other one to Capital Area Animal Welfare Society –

  19. 219

    OHHHH LOVE THESE! And so do our four cats! And they’d love for their friends at Town & Country Rescue her in Fort Worth to have one too!

  20. 220

    This looks so beautiful, I wouldn’t even need to do an IKEA hack for it. I would like to donate the second one to

  21. 221

    wow i think that’s a great idea. looks great.
    i’d love to get one and give one to “girgurim” in israel if it’s possible…

  22. 222

    Oooh, I’ve had my eye on this one for a while! I would love this since we now just have her litter box under the sink our bathroom, the only good place for it and not a ton of privacy. I would be sharing the second one with the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA

  23. 223

    I was actually thinking about making this a Christmas gift to me, myself, and my kitties!

    Caring Hands Humane Society would love this for their group cats. (

  24. 224
    Charlotte Lapham

    Love all of the bright colors…this little box would fit perfectly in my master bathroom!!! My favorite charity is PAWS Animal Shelter of Kyle , TX

  25. 225

    I’d like to get multiples of this litter box, as they recommend one for each cat. I can’t afford 5 of these so a free one would certainly help!

    I’d share with Little Shelter!

  26. 226
    Jenn R.

    Been coveting these litter boxes for months! I would donate one to, an amazing animal rescue organization here in Los Angeles.

  27. 227
    Jed Barish

    Finally a litter box that I can share with the cats! I will probably just remove my old fashioned toilet and park it on my new red ModKat.

    Or maybe I’ll give both of them to since the have 150 cats and I only have 3. But MY cats are BETTER than their cats. My cats have college degrees and huge bank accounts. Ha! So there.

  28. 228

    I’ve been looking at the “CleverCat” branded top-entry litterboxes… but this SOOOO much sleeker looking. We (Lucy the cat & I) covet this!

    Our favorite local rescue organization is HOPE (Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavour) we would be thrilled to see you contribute one of these to HOPE!

  29. 229

    I waaaaant so much!!!

    I want to share with AUG (

  30. 230
    Meg H.

    Ha! I love the litterbox tag-line!

    My charity is:

  31. 231
    Allyson Lyons

    I’ve always wanted one of these litter boxes!

    And would love to donate to the ASPCA.

  32. 232

    Very sleek for the very necessary! I’d share the second with Animal Ark in Hastings MN, who rescue so many.

  33. 233

    i have always wanted one of these. never seen another litter box so attractive.

  34. 234

    These look like a great idea but I have and am very pleased with my Litter Robots. If I’d win, I’d give both ModKats to

  35. 235

    For the very stylish cat! I would love to share with the kitties at the Irvine Animal Care Center:

  36. 236

    I am so in love with this litter box, just wish it weren’t so expensive! Though I guess that’s (literally) the price you pay for great design.

    This would be a godsend to my two babies, who kick like mules and send litter flying in a 6-foot radius around their current box.

    I’m sure that MaxFund here in Denver would love to have one as much as I would.

  37. 237

    Another super-duper item that would be wonderful for Whiskers Animal Benevolent League’s ( annual auction. It’s a great fundraiser to support all the cats that live at the Whiskers shelter, where I volunteer.

  38. 238

    The Mighty mouse Man would have to jump, but he needs to start exercising again too.

  39. 239

    So cool, and so…sleek! Love the colors, too!

  40. 240
    crystal s

    Very nice!

  41. 241

    I was skeptical about this product but watched a couple of the videos and would like to try one. Also give one to Cat Rescue of Maryland. Thank you!

  42. 242

    I have wanted one of these forever!!! Especially in RED. I would give the other to Friends of Long Beach Animals.

  43. 243

    This is a very smart looking litter box! Im sure the kitties at Chicagoland Animal Rescue would love one.

  44. 244
    R Hicks

    Would love to let my cats try this one out!

    my charity

  45. 245

    We would donate the second ModKat to the Helen Woodward Animal Center That’s where we got both our FurBabies.

  46. 246

    My two new rescues would love to dig around in this litter box!
    I’d share with the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, (

  47. 247
    lindsey hill

    I would love to have a litterbox I wouldn’t have to hide! The charity would be young williams animal shelter in knoxville, tn.

  48. 248

    My kitty loves to kick litter all over the place, so this seems like a good one to keep her from being so messy. If I win I would like the other one to go to the Chippewa Falls Humane Society

  49. 249

    Very upscale. Animal Aid of Southwest Michigan.

  50. 250
    Cece Keeling

    I would love to try this litter box and see if my cats would jump down there….very cool.
    Winona Animal Humane Society, would love to try it too!

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