Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a ModKat Litter Box!

Wed, Dec 22, 2010

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Here’s a Christmas gift every modern cat will love! It’s the ModKat litter box. Definitely the sleekest looking litter box around, this beautifully designed kitty loo has lots of unique features including rooftop access, an ergonomic scoop, and a re-usable washable liner — all together in an attractive modern design. The ModKat comes in five colors: red, black, white, blue, and yellow.

One lucky winner is going to receive a ModKat litter box, plus a second one will be sent to the charity of their choice. Winner gets to pick the color. This is another great item that the charity could use themselves or raffle as a fundraiser. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to leave the name of your charity. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

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1,141 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a ModKat Litter Box!”

  1. 351
    Renee Lyons

    Still trying to find the right litter box after 1 1/2 years for our 2 cats. This one looks great!

  2. 352
    Sara McH

    I’ve been admiring these for a long time! I wonder how Pais would react?! The other one would go to Tree House Animal Shelter –

  3. 353

    If only human toilets were this stylish ;) I would give one to my local no-kill shelter, Tree House (

  4. 354
    Renee Lyons

    Charity is McKamey Animal Shelter in Chattanooga, TN

  5. 355
    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    You sure have made this an exciting Christmas season! We’d love to try one of these boxes, and give one to, too!

  6. 356

    This would be fabulous in my house!
    my charity is Paws Cat City in Seattle

  7. 357
    Gaye McGill

    This looks like an excellent (efficent and attractive) litter box and the Humane Society of St. Charles,, would love to have the second one.

  8. 358
    Tina Cavaco

    I could use 4 of these!! I would donate the second one to

  9. 359

    great combination of design and function!

    our charity – helen woodward animal center

  10. 360

    Great litterbox and very modern!! Love the entrance on top rather than on the side, my kitties make a mess when they get out so this litter box would be great for them!! I’d donate the 2nd to West End Shelter in Ontario, CA

  11. 361
    Macoe Swett

    My rescue kitties would love this! My friend has one in blue and it’s great. I’m sure the organization I foster for, the Rosebud Society, could use one too. =(^^)=

  12. 362

    Love these litter boxes. The second would go to Greenhill Humane Society in Veneta, Oregon ( where our two wonderful boys had such great starts. Thank you!

  13. 363

    Just bought a white one & don’t mind having one more… love it! =P
    my charity of choice will be the closest SPCA to your company

  14. 364

    I’m an Industrial Designer and I could have kicked myself when I first saw this thing… Why didn’t I think of that?!

    It’s pretty cool. Love it.

  15. 365

    Very unique! Like the colors too…

  16. 366

    Oh, my cats would love this and so would I to better contain the litter. We could really go for a red one and so could the Last Chance Cat Ranch in Lethbridge, AB.

  17. 367
    Jennifer Kessler

    I would so love one of these, they are great!!!

  18. 368
    Tina Page

    I have been wanting one of these litter boxes and I know the Ashtabula County Humane Society could make use of one as well.
    trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

  19. 369

    I so totally need this, I don’t have much space for a litter box so its right in my entrance… Something nicer for guests to see when they come in!
    The second one goes to the University of Montreal Veterinary Faculty animal shelter:

  20. 370

    Wow. Very sleek; something I could actually showcase instead of hide from company. I would like to donate the 2nd to

  21. 371

    Neat! Cats like the “roof” access? I like that it looks all sleek and not like a litter box at all. I’d share with the AZ Animal Welfare League & SPCA

  22. 372

    Our girls would love one of these litter boxes ! Our charity is Miss Kitty’s Cat House in Prescott, Arizona.

  23. 373
  24. 374

    This mod Kat would love to have this uberbox for her kids with the other one heading to Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary in Sacramento, CA!

  25. 375

    Nice!!! Our local no-kill pet shelter is Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley.

  26. 376
    Laura Jane

    I have wanted one of these since I first learned of them a year or so ago.
    So good lookin and prrrrfect for small spaces (where hiding litter box is near impossible).
    Second to go to SF SPCA!

  27. 377

    I would give to The Cat’s Protection – North London Adoption Centre and my cat would love a white one!

  28. 378
  29. 379

    This would be perfect for my kitties! One of them gets a little excited and lifts his butt when he pees from time to time and makes a huge mess! This looks high enough to block it!

  30. 380

    This is a nice piece to have.
    I will give the other one to DFW Humane Society.

  31. 381

    We have some serious litter flingers at that could use one of these!

  32. 382

    I love the blue one, and I’d like one to be donated to Happy Endings in Milwaukee.

  33. 383

    My husband would be so happy if we won a ModKat Litter Box!! Our dog is always trying to get into the litter box for “snacks” (yuck!!), and it’s unattractive and smelly. This box is so much better, and the kitties would love it, too.

    I would be thrilled for the St. Tammany Parish Humane Society of Covington, LA to receive one of the great litter boxes, too.

  34. 384

    Terrific design and so elegant looking! I’d gladly swap out our ugly litter boxes for one of these!!
    Our favorite charity is Seattle Animal Shelter.
    thank you!

  35. 385

    I’ve had a serious lust affair with these and their clever design. So exciting to consider the possibility of owning one for the feline beasties!! And, to give one to the rescue shelter from which they came: Forgotten Angels Rescue in Palmdale, CA (it was a long drive from Venice Beach!)

  36. 386

    Happy Holidays!!!
    Love your site & this litter box!

  37. 387

    I remember when you first posted about these – they are cute, for a ltiterbox!
    Tree House Humane Society would like them too!

  38. 388

    Looks great. My charity is SAFE in Tucson AZ

  39. 389
    Katie Wittman

    We have five cats so we can never have too many litter boxes! I’ve give one to Feline Rescue ( :D

  40. 390

    Neat concept and looks like a space saver as well!

  41. 391

    This is the cat’s pajamas! Totally brilliant.

    The kitties at love well-designed utilites.

  42. 392

    want! the other would go to

  43. 393

    These look so funky – I’ve always wanted to try one!
    I bet the kitties at KAAP would like it as well.

  44. 394

    Super cute litter box for my super cute cat! My cat’s shelter of choice is the Edmonton Humane Society – it’s where I picked him up!

  45. 395

    wonderful! My charity is the local humane society.

  46. 396
    Melanie P

    My charity is Capital Area Humane Society.

  47. 397

    Wow i never thought a litterbox could look good let alone cool! this modbox is so cool, i want it and i need it, would love to win and will donate the 2nd one to Austin Pets Alive

  48. 398

    Love these litterboxs. Top entry is a great design feature. Many wonderful cats have been placed into our family from Happy Tails and I would love to see them get one of these litterboxes.

  49. 399

    Talk about a classy litter box! Looks like it will eliminate a lot of litter from flying all around! Clean and neat. Love it! Great when necessity calls for a litter box to be in an area where others might see it!
    My charity is Paws of Gold in Warsaw NY.

    Thank You!


  50. 400
    Shona is an amazing rescue and adoption organization. im sure they could use a litterbox for thier charges.

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