Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Deluxe Scratcher Package from Mountain Cat Trees!

Thu, Dec 23, 2010

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Today we have the grand finale of the Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon! This prize package is going to make your head spin, plus it’s going to make some kitties very happy! The wonderful folks over at Mountain Cat Trees are offering not just one of their beautiful, eco-friendly scratchers, but THREE! Yes, the winner is going to receive all three styles of Mountain Cat Trees sisal scrachers, plus the same set will be sent to the charity of their choice. That’s a lot of happy scratching cats!

The package includes their Incline Scratcher, Incline Scratcher with Post, and the 30″ tall Vertical Scratching Post. All Mountain Cat Trees scratchers are made with natural poplar, birch, or cedar wood and use natural sisal rope for the scratch surface. All three scratchers have a sturdy, no-tip design and no-slip rubber feet. Handcrafted in Massachusetts, these scratchers and both beautiful and functional.

To enter to win this fabulous scratcher package, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the lucky charity that will receive their own scratcher package. This giveaway includes shipping to the lower 48 states. Others may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

**Please note: comments will be approved later in the day today because I’m actually out doing a little holiday shopping, but don’t worry, all comments will be approved!

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996 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Deluxe Scratcher Package from Mountain Cat Trees!”

  1. 901

    Fun and eco-friendly!! My charity is Vancouver – BC SPCS

  2. 902

    I would LOVE to win the scratchers, and would probably donate all of them to LAPCATS, where I have volunteered for nearly 6 years. We’ve placed over 800 shelter cats–and a few dogs–into forever loving homes. LAPCATS is an all-volunteer group the takes shelter kitties from the Sacramento County Animal Care and showcases them in the Elk Grove PetSmart Adoption Center.

  3. 903

    so much scratching fun for kitties! The kitties at PAWS on Bainbridge Island, WA would love this!!!

  4. 904

    We could always use a scratcher– waiting to see if the kitten leaves the sofa alone! MCSPCA will gladly use the other one!

  5. 905

    I would donate the second package to the Edmonton Humane Society

  6. 906

    Love it! My charity is ‘The Blue Cross Animal Society’ in Wonga Park, Victoria – Australia

  7. 907

    My cats are the scratchenest! They would love this and so would Miss Kitty’s Cat House

  8. 908

    Oh HI!

    My charity is Gatil Magatos Vianna – Foz do IguaƧu – Brasil (

  9. 909

    Happy holidays!!!

    My charity of choice:

  10. 910
    Janet Melvin

    Cool products for cool cats! My indoor guy, Wally, has destroyed his other scratcher….these would be great. My charity for donation is Pet Smart Charities in Phoenix, Arizona. Love your mod cat goodies!

  11. 911
    Dee S

    Fantastic! And my local animal charity is

  12. 912

    I’d donate the second set to Puffy Paws Haven.

  13. 913

    My cats can always use another scratcher. And 3 is even better. 2nd set to the Animal Coalition in Clearlake, CA. They have just rescued a dog who was abandoned and starving. She is so bad it has left her blind and deaf. They can use all help for both cats and dogs.

  14. 914

    Great gift! Maybe my girls would stop torture the wall ^^

    Second one would go to

  15. 915

    All the prizes you have offered are so wonderful and would make any feline heart happy! I would like to donate the second set to Kitten Rescue, Westwood, CA at

  16. 916

    charity: Santa Barbara Humane Society

  17. 917

    Just what we need, sturdy new scratching posts. What a wonderful Christmas gift they would make. Charity is

  18. 918
    Leigh K

    My kitties are in desperate need of a new scratcher. I would like to donate the other to Mild Cats (ASU).

  19. 919
    Larisa B.

    The charity to get my scratchers would be Guardian Angel Animal Rescue based in Southeast Michigan, from whom I adopted my own furry angel, Teddy :D

  20. 920
    Carole Simpson

    Would save my sofas! Donate to Cats Protection League UK

  21. 921
    deb santa fe

    These scrathers look great, and they just had to get rid of some toys at the local animal shelter due to an illness that was there, so they definitely need items!

  22. 922

    This trio of scratchers covers all bases: vertical, horizontal, and angled. Beautifully made!

    They would be much appreciated at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary:

  23. 923
    Courtney W.

    My munchkins don’t have claws so I’d give both scratchers to

  24. 924
    Courtney W.

    I just posted a response and meant to type

  25. 925

    My cats would love these, and so would the cats at

  26. 926
    Mario & Ruby

    Time for new scratch posts and one set for

  27. 927

    We’d love these! I’d give the others to

  28. 928

    Lovely and simple scratching posts. Some kitties will be very happy.

  29. 929
    Lisa V

    My charity is pet Rescue by Judy in Orlando, FL (

  30. 930

    These scratchers are so beautiful! My charity is the Stray Connection in Knoxville.

  31. 931
    melanie atwood

    great for all mine and visiting cats they could put it to use but I AM SURE ALOT OF PEOPLE COULD PUT MANY OF THE PRODUCTS YOU FEATURE TO GOOD USE

  32. 932

    My new cat needs a new scratching post!

    The other would go to The John A Bukowski Shelter for Animals in Bloomfield, NJ.

  33. 933

    Love these scratchers! My kitty would split her prize with the Winnipeg Humane Society –

  34. 934

    Three?? How generous!! My charity would the League of Animal Welfare:

  35. 935

    Makes it even better that the sratchers are eco-friendly,I’m sure that Q and the cats and kittens from the Grand Rapids Michigan Humane Society would have fun with this.

  36. 936

    throwing a hail mary comments pass for

  37. 937

    Our cats would love these, as would the cats at the Austin Humane Society,

  38. 938

    I know this may seem strange but when we rescued Bookie Boo she was at the vet with her sister and they declawed front paw nails. They never came back for her only her sister to leave her in a room with barking dogs and she was so lonely and frightened. To this day she is a lil shell shocked. The point . Bookie still used scratching polls and actually the couch. I think she does not know her claws are gone. So she keeps scratching. Love this scratcher think it is awesome and if she wins She says Meowy Christmas and thanks a bunch.

  39. 939

    Not sure if I’m too late for this, but we would LOVE this package! My charity of choice would be the Burnaby BC SPCA @

  40. 940

    My little luna bella could definitely use these. So could the cats at

  41. 941

    One of our little ones would get much use from these and so would the cats at

  42. 942

    This would get a lot of use in our house and at

  43. 943

    We would love these. Our charity is the Hazleton Animal Shelter

  44. 944

    Wow this is awesome and can entertain a few kitties not just one.
    I support second chance pet adoptions in Raleigh nc

  45. 945
    peggy w

    Just makes my cats want to scratch!
    The York SPCA in PA. would love to have these.

  46. 946
    Jen M.

    My moderncats would LOVE these! If I win this, I’ll send the 2nd one to The Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County ( They do good work for kitties in my county!

  47. 947

    my three cats would love these. My Charity is my local aspca

  48. 948
  49. 949

    My Sophie cat loves to scratch, this would be great! I would give the other to the Oregon Humane Society:

  50. 950

    My kitties need these scratchers more than they know! Spooky, Eddy, And Speedo have claws that make fast work of anything knee-level or below, including my knees at times … Therefore, we’d like the folks at Mountain Cat Trees to put us on the list for your 3 eco-friendly scrathers and share this bonus with Delaware Humane Society, please. “Ho, ho, ho” and thank you, all!

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