Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Deluxe Scratcher Package from Mountain Cat Trees!

Thu, Dec 23, 2010

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Today we have the grand finale of the Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon! This prize package is going to make your head spin, plus it’s going to make some kitties very happy! The wonderful folks over at Mountain Cat Trees are offering not just one of their beautiful, eco-friendly scratchers, but THREE! Yes, the winner is going to receive all three styles of Mountain Cat Trees sisal scrachers, plus the same set will be sent to the charity of their choice. That’s a lot of happy scratching cats!

The package includes their Incline Scratcher, Incline Scratcher with Post, and the 30″ tall Vertical Scratching Post. All Mountain Cat Trees scratchers are made with natural poplar, birch, or cedar wood and use natural sisal rope for the scratch surface. All three scratchers have a sturdy, no-tip design and no-slip rubber feet. Handcrafted in Massachusetts, these scratchers and both beautiful and functional.

To enter to win this fabulous scratcher package, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the lucky charity that will receive their own scratcher package. This giveaway includes shipping to the lower 48 states. Others may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

**Please note: comments will be approved later in the day today because I’m actually out doing a little holiday shopping, but don’t worry, all comments will be approved!

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996 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Deluxe Scratcher Package from Mountain Cat Trees!”

  1. 51
    Lyn Wingfield

    Rikki’s Refuge in Orange, VA would win a scratcher package of these wonderful scratching posts.

  2. 52

    Those look awesome – maybe would keep my one cat from tearing apart the woodwork.

    Second set would go to D’Arcy’s ARC (

  3. 53

    I would give to the Tri County Humane Society:

  4. 54

    Our cats will have to scratch it out for who gets to use these first! Also the cats at -Animal Welfare Leagure of Arlington (Arlington, VA)

  5. 55

    Oh yes please!!! I have four kitties with claws and they love to claw up everything! If I win I would Like for the other set to go to Save Our Strays of Birmingham, AL

  6. 56

    The charity I’d love to give to would be Animal Haven!

  7. 57
    Tina Page

    Ah, Mooch the cat would dig this! And the seconds would go to the Ashtabula County Human Society! Thanks!

  8. 58
    Julie L.

    This is great! Winning these could save my furniture! I’d give the second set to the Cleveland APL (

  9. 59
  10. 60

    These are very nice! I would donate to

  11. 61
    Heather Hamilton

    With six cats I cannot every have enough places to scratch and with cats of all shapes and sizes these would be great.

    The Berkeley County Humane Society relies on donations for 92% of their operating budget so I know that they would really use these for all of the wonderful kitties that the have.

  12. 62

    What a very generous thing to do. Cat lovers are the best and I wish you all a happy holiday!
    Nothin’ like a good scratch. Charity of choice is Alley Cats org and I know those little kitties would love a treat.

  13. 63

    My cat would love these! The second would go to Best Friends Animal Society:

  14. 64

    Hello, what a fantastic package. I’d donate the second to Best Friends Animal Society:

  15. 65

    my cat could really use a scratcher! second goes to cozy cat cottage, Columbus, Ohio

  16. 66

    My fingers are crossed ever so tightly…
    My charity is ~
    Thanks very much!

  17. 67

    I am almost certainly picking up two rescue kittens on Sunday, to join my already furry menagerie. This would be awesome for them! I’m sure the cats at Buddy Dog would also really love this!

  18. 68

    The girls are in need of a new scratching post….the second would go to Thanks for all the amazing products!

  19. 69

    so great. The kitties at Cat Haven Inc. in Baton Rouge would love these

  20. 70

    i love these for my babies. the other set would go to the ASPCA

  21. 71
    Robert Barbour

    Great products and the eco friendly idea is fantastic.

    My no-kill rescue is “All About Animals”, Phoenix, Arizona.

    Happy Holidays!

  22. 72
    addrienne mertens

    how generous! lehigh county humane society could use the second set! thanx

  23. 73

    yes yes yes! these are wonderful. i would donate the second one to Animal talk Rescue in Seattle ( where I got my beloved Tibby last year. THANK YOU

  24. 74

    Oh my kitties would love these and I’m sure so would those at North Shore Animal League

  25. 75

    Wow, my kitties would be thrilled! We’d give the additional one to Greenhill Humane Society (

  26. 76

    My cats would love this, they love sisal and angled scratchers! so would the kitties at Best Friends (

  27. 77

    My 3 cats really need these scratching posts! If I win I would love to send the second set to our local PAWS.

  28. 78

    I love the neutral design and colors! So would Peanut!

    The other would go to Friends of the Shelter in Clifton, NJ:

  29. 79

    Ohh my kitteh would love one of these!

    If I win I would like one to the charity (in Brazil)

  30. 80
    karin c.

    We three cats of Orient are so lucky if they win these scratching posts!
    My Siamese cats would be happy scratchers if they had these Mountain Cat Trees. My favorite local charity is Lisa’s Angel Rescue.

  31. 81

    I have plenty of scratching posts, so would give sets to Feline Rescue of Northern California and to the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter.

  32. 82

    Oh my, such a fabulous prize indeed! My new cat of two months will definitely enjoy a new post or two or three. Then he doesn’t have to share with the resident cat. Of course the no kill shelter, would definitely appreciate a set too!

  33. 83

    My Duchess could use 3 posts! My charity is Thanks for all the prizes you have given away!

  34. 84
    Kathy C

    My kitties would think they were in heaven!! I would give the extra set to Happy Tails in Sacramento :)

  35. 85
    Linda Roycroft

    This is a great packacge that all my kitties would love! I’d love for SAFE Haven for Cats in Raleigh NC to win one =^..^=

  36. 86

    Yay, more scratchy stuff for kitty. 2nd one will go to

  37. 87

    Nice! And my charity, the Hawaiian Humane Society, would appreciate this too! :)

  38. 88

    What a great set of scratchers. My kitties, along with the feral & abused kitties at, will certainly spend happy hours with them.

  39. 89

    Oh, these are just lovely. I would send the extra set to the Washington Area Rescue League (

  40. 90

    Nice combo. Different sizes and shapes would make my cats happy.

  41. 91


    My big guys needs some new action…and the others, or more likely, all of them will go to where I work, Caboodle Cat Ranch! The indoor-only kids need skritch places, too!

  42. 92

    Maybe this would keep my tabbies from clawing up the sofa! My second one would go to FurKids, a cage-free, no-kill shelter in Atlanta, where we adopted our little guys.

  43. 93

    We can always use a new scratch post in our house BUT this is even more important at our local humane society.

  44. 94

    my cats LOVE these – it took them 6 years to claw through the one we have – we’re ready for more!

    Save-A-Pet has over 150 cats in their main room – they REALLY need them!

    Grayslake, IL

  45. 95
    D. Taunton

    These are terrific – my foster cats would love them. I’d donate the second set to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC.

  46. 96

    I have 11 cats and I know they would adore these! I would donate the second batch to the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary:

  47. 97

    wow!! my kitties would LOVE these and Crash’s Landing could certainly use them!!

  48. 98

    My scratching posts are worn out! I could use these! And I’m sure Mass Humane would love them too.

  49. 99

    Oooh – kitty heaven! would love this as well!

  50. 100
    Sarah L

    The jute cat scratchers are very popular in our house–so popular that they’re all pretty ragged. One of these would enhance the decor and replace one of the ragged ones. And I know all three girls would use it and use it. And the other would go to Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, CA.

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